Hotspot Shield VPN 5.20.21 Elite Edition (2016) PC

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Title: Hotspot Shield VPN 5.20.21 Elite Edition (2016) PC
Developer: AnchorFree, Inc.
Year: 2016
Platform: PC
Version: v.5.20.21
Interface language: Russian, English, etc.
Tablet: patch
System requirements:
Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
Hotspot Shield VPN is the most complete solution to internet security problems. Protects your sessions in the web browser, detects and blocks malware, preserves privacy, provides access to blocked sites. Hotspot Shield makes web browsing safe by protecting your (wired or wireless) connection at home and in public places. Hotspot Shield free proxy protects personal data by encrypting any received and transmitted data (purchases, form data, downloads) using HTTPS.
Hotspot Shiled also preserves online privacy by blocking third parties' access to personal data. If you do not log in to third-party sites, you browse the web anonymously while you are connected to Hotspot Shield. We like the freedom of communication, research and organization that the Internet provides. The Hotstpot Shield VPN client provides access to all information on the network, free and secure. Web browsing, personal data, passwords, credit card details and any other data are protected with Hotstpot Shield. A regular antivirus protects your computer, but not your network connection. Therefore, Anchorfree is happy to offer Hotspot Shield. Our application makes your internet connection secure, confidential and anonymous.

100% VPN Security

Hotspot Shield creates a VPN (Virtual Private Network) between your laptop or phone and our gateway to the Internet. This secure tunnel prevents intruders, hackers and providers from monitoring web browsing, instant messaging, downloads, credit card details and any other data that you transmit or receive over the network.

The main advantages of Hotstpot Shield:

* Protection of web browsing, data transmission, online shopping and personal information on the network using HTTPS encryption.
* Protection against identity theft in the network.
* Hiding the IP address to protect privacy, providing anonymous access to the network.
* Access to all information without censorship, bypassing filters.
* Protection against listening to network connections - Wi-Fi access points, hotels, airports and company offices.
* VPN client works in wireless and wired networks and provides an unlimited amount of data.

Main Features:

* Access to any website - is access to YouTube or Facebook blocked at school or at work? When using Hotspot Shield VPN app, you can unblock YouTube, Facebook or any other sites from anywhere in the world.
* Protect your IP address - The VPN client allows you to protect your IP address so that you can visit websites anonymously and prevent hackers and spammers from monitoring your online activities.
* Anonymous work with the Internet - By creating an encrypted tunnel between your computer and Hotspot Shield servers, the VPN client allows you to browse the web anonymously without being tracked or spying.
* Protect yourself from spies and hackers when using public WiFi networks in hotels, airports and offices with WiFi security function.
* Protect your web sessions - Protect your data, online shopping and personal information online with HTTPS encryption.
* Protect your devices from malicious attacks - the latest version of Hotspot Shield offers full protection against malware.
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