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Title: Dr.Web Security Space &Anti-Virus (2016) PC
Developer: Dr.Web
Year: 2016
Platform: PC
Version: v.
Interface language: Russian
Tablet: Is present
System requirements:
Windows 10/8/7/Vista (64-bit) and Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP SP2 (32-bit).
Dr.Web is a solution for providing comprehensive and comprehensive protection against Internet threats for Windows from Doctor Web. The latest version of Dr.Web protects against a wide range of current malware, protects files, documents and data from damage. Performs a full on-the-fly scan of any traffic. Improves the security of Internet surfing in search engines Yandex, Google, Yahoo!, Rambler, Bing and much more.

Advantages and capabilities of Dr.Web Security Space:

* The optimal solution to a set of problems for protecting a computer running Windows.
* Real-time protection.
* Protection against exploit attacks through zero-day vulnerabilities.
* Installation and ability to work on an already infected PC and exceptional virus resistance.
* Effective identification and cleaning of the system from all types of threats.
* Thanks to the use of the capabilities of multiprocessor systems, high scanning speed is achieved across all ports.
* Saving data and protecting it from Trojan damage.
* A completely new algorithm for creating and storing backups of important files using the "Data Protection from corruption" component. Minimal load on the system during the creation of backups - with any amount of data!
* A full check of archives of any degree of nesting is carried out.
* Spam filtering and all types of unsolicited messages, no need to configure antispam.
* Secure Internet surfing in search engines Yandex, Google, Yahoo!, Rambler, Bing.
* The possibility of filtering out unsafe content by the search engines themselves, thanks to the activation of the "Safe Search" functionality in search engines.
* By filtering traffic in instant messages, a high degree of secure communication is maintained.
* Maximum protection of children and adolescents from unwanted content and the dark side of the Internet.
* The ability to block unauthorized use of the computer and removable devices.
* Dr.Web Cloud Cloud service — the ability to check URLs on the servers of the Doctor Web company.
* Cloud service for reputational verification of processes for malware.
* Prevention of leaks of important information, protection against unauthorized access from outside, blocking suspicious connections at the application and package level.
* Remote management of Dr.Web, within the same network, on other PCs, even without installing the Dr.Web Control Center.

New features of Dr.Web 11.0 for Windows:

Improved technology of non-signature (behavioral) blocking of Dr.Web Process Heuristic in the preventive protection system of Dr.Web will protect against attacks using zero-day vulnerabilities
New technology Dr.Web ShellGuard closes the way to the computer for exploits — malware attempting to exploit vulnerabilities, including those not yet known to anyone except the criminals (the so-called vulnerability zero-day), with the aim of obtaining control of the affected application or the operating system in General.
Dr. Web ShellGuard protects the most common application installed on almost all computers running Windows:
• all popular Internet browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Yandex.Browser, Google Chrome, Vivaldi Browser);
* MS Office applications, including the latest MS Office 2016;
* system applications;
* applications using java, flash and PDF technologies;
* media players.
Thanks to the new Dr.Web ShellGuard technology, today the Dr.Web Process Heuristic behavioral analyzer in the Dr.Web preventive protection system is able to:
* protect critical parts of the system from modifications by malware;
* identify and stop malicious, suspicious or unreliable scripts and processes;
* recognize unwanted changes to user files by monitoring the operation of all processes in the system in search of actions characteristic of malware processes (for example, the actions of encryption Trojans), preventing malicious objects from infiltrating the processes of other programs;
* detect and neutralize the latest threats not yet known to the Dr.Web virus database: ransomware Trojans (cryptographers), injectors, remotely controlled malicious objects (distributed for organizing botnets and espionage), as well as virus packers.
Intelligent cloud system for updating algorithms of non-signature blocking Dr.Web ShellGuard
The advantage of Dr.Web ShellGuard technology is that, analyzing potentially dangerous actions, the protection system relies not only on the knowledge stored on the computer, but also on the data of the Dr.Web Cloud reputation cloud, in which it is collected:
* data on algorithms of programs with malicious intentions;
* information about obviously "clean" files;
* information about compromised digital signatures of well-known software developers;
* information about digital signatures of advertising/potentially dangerous software;
* algorithms for protecting certain applications.
The cloud system includes means of obtaining information about the work of Dr.Web on the protected PC, including the latest threats detected, which allows you to quickly respond to the shortcomings identified in the system and update the rules stored locally on the computer. A huge advantage of Dr.Web ShellGuard is that this technology protects even without PC access to the Internet or enabling Dr.Web Cloud.
The algorithm of the system
• When an attempt to exploit a vulnerability is detected by malicious code, Dr.Web forcibly terminates the process of the attacked program. No antivirus actions are performed on the application files, including moving to quarantine.
• As an information note, the user sees a notification about the suppression of an attempt of a malicious action, which does not need to be responded to.
• An entry about the suppression of the attack is created in the Dr.Web event log.
* The cloud-based knowledge base of the system immediately receives an incident notification. If necessary, the specialists of Doctor Web will immediately respond to it, for example, by improving the control algorithm.
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