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Title: GridinSoft CHM Editor [v3.1.0] RePack by Manshet
Purpose: Office
Developer: GridinSoft
Year: 2016
Platform: PC
Version: 3.1.0
Interface language: Russian, English, and others
Tablet: Not required
System requirements:
Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1
CHM Editor is a tool that allows you to create, edit and translate ebooks and help files in CHM format. It will be convenient for simple users to simply read a CHM file in a foreign language, as well as save it in translation or replace the original help files with a translated version. To do this, you do not need to have any knowledge, you pressed the button and after a couple of seconds you are already reading in your native language. CHM Editor allows you to translate any CHM file into many languages using one of the available translation services. The most amazing thing is that the translation will be performed while preserving all HTML tags and the structure of the document.

About translation to CHM Editor:

Sometimes the program may have a help file in a language unknown to you. This may lead to some problems in using this product. CHM Editor will perfectly cope with this task! Just one click of the mouse and you will receive a translated document with saved formatting. You can choose any of the Internet services that the program works with for translation. Dozens of languages are available for translation.
CHM Editor is the best solution for those who work with software documentation, who have difficulties translating help files into other languages, for professional translators or for those who collect a collection of e-books. Such a program is simply necessary for everyone!
The most amazing thing is that the translation will be performed with the preservation of all HTML tags and the structure of the document - Have you ever dreamed of such a powerful function? The features of CHM Editor are the best choice both for the average computer user when he needs to read CHM help in a foreign language, and for professional translators who get the opportunity to translate CHM files as an ordinary document without any knowledge of HTML.

Microsoft Compiled HTML Help .CHM:

Microsoft Compiled HTML Help is a proprietary format for help files developed by Microsoft. The format was first used in the release of Windows 98. It contains a set of HTML pages, may also include content with links to pages, a subject index, as well as a base for full-text search on page content. All incoming in .CHM files are compressed by the LZX algorithm. Most often, this format is used to create help files for programs. In addition, the CHM format is also used to create e-books.
The advantage of the format:
The file size is smaller than that of regular HTML - automatic compression (archiving) of the content when compiling a chm file (which significantly reduces the size of the materials used).
All formatting features available for Web pages are used (all the features available in HTML and CSS), i.e. you can insert pictures, gif and flash animations, hyperlinks to the help pages and websites on the Internet, make links to external files, use HTML code, DHTML, ActiveX controls, audio and video, you can apply any formatting to the text.
The search capability is an instant full-text search across the entire help content!
The ability to create a "Favorites" tab (the user will be able to make "bookmarks", remember the help pages that are relevant to him, so that he can find them in an instant).
The ability to create an "Index" (a list of keywords that you can assign to different help sections)
The ability to view the set .chm files as one, with a common content and a subject index
Until recently, editing CHM files was not an easy and time-consuming task. Users had to use special programs (compilers) that did not have a clear graphical interface and with which it was not easy to learn how to work.

Features of RePack'a:

Type: Installation
Activation: Completed
Silent installation: /VERYSILENT
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