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PDF Eraser || Platform: PC || Version: 1.5.0 DC 30.03.16
Language: only Russian || Activation Pro: Registered || Year: 2016

PDF Eraser
- a program for removing text, images, logos and other objects from PDF documents. Users can use the program to remove even the original content from the PDF file, and further add their own text and images.
It has the function of cropping pages of PDF files. It can also flip scanned document pages to the correct position in 2 mouse clicks.--

System requirements:

Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 (32/64- bit)
It is necessary to have Microsoft Visual C++ in the system, in case of their absence there will be a notification in the launch window, install the necessary one.


Upload the file to an empty folder, any name, you can run the program without administrator rights. Lossless compression is applied, after starting, give a minute, the program adapts to the PC.
If unnecessary, delete the shared folder - the program will be deleted from the PC.

Tools/features of the program:

* Removing unwanted text from PDF.
* Remove unwanted images from PDF.
* Add your own text to PDF.
* Add your own images to PDF.
* Rotate the pages of the document to the desired position.
* Removing unnecessary pages from the document.

About the program, text from the web:

PDF Eraser Pro is used to remove various objects from PDF files: images, logos or text. It is possible to cut one or
more pages from the file. Interestingly, although the program is called PDF Eraser, but nevertheless it allows you to add your own text to a PDF file,
as well as your own images. There is, of course, the possibility of rotating the text of a single page or all pages at once to the left or right by 90 or 180 degrees.
Working with the program is very simple: first, you cut out some pages, if necessary, and save this file. The name of the new file will have the addition _Deleted.
After that, you will perform some actions on the received file: delete the text and/or images and, if necessary, add your own texts and
images. The program is very simple and convenient, you get used to it literally right away.
Please note that at first only 2 buttons are available: Open and Cut. This means that first you need to cut some pages from the PDF file,
and then perform some actions on the file with the cut pages.
First, the table of contents of the PDF file (see on the right) will be presented as a list. If it is more convenient for you, then you can present the table of contents in the form of thumbnails:
To delete text or images, there are 3 erasers: small, medium and large. Choosing the right eraser for us:
Adding Text
Click the button 'Add text ' and in the window that appears, simply enter the text we need:
Naturally, it is possible to choose a color, font and its size.
Adding Images
Click the button 'Add image '. A cursor appears with the inscription 'Add Image ', click on it and open the file of the image being added:
We place the inserted image in the right place, and also just adjust its size with the mouse.
Deleting an inserted object
At the bottom right you can see all the inserted objects. If we need to delete an object, then we stand on the line with this object and click the Delete button.;:
Rotate a page or an entire PDF document
It is possible to rotate both a separate page to the left or right by 90 or 180 degrees, and the entire document:
Click to enlarge
- Page or document rotation
Deleting Pages
In principle, I should have told you about this at the very beginning, but that's how it turned out for me. To delete some pages, click on the button 'Cut '.
The 'Page Cutter&#039 window appears;:
In this window, you can drag the file we need with the mouse or click on the window and upload the file.
Select the pages that we want to cut, and click the Delete Selected button.;:
In the same file window, we save the file with the cut pages (Save button). The received and saved file will have the same name as the original one,
but with the addition of _Deleted. That is, its name will already be: [Name of the original PDF file]_deleted. It is over this file that you need to perform some actions.
It remains for us to save the processed file. In the menu 'File ' select 'Save PDF

Portable Features:

The portable version of the program is made in VirtualBox with Windows 7x32 on VMware ThinApp 5.2.0 Build 3231342 Portable by KpoJIuK - using a standard Windows notepad.
" Treatment ": Files were replaced, Russification, registration was carried out (if the key falls off on the way, enter it from a text file), unnecessary details in the portable version were removed.

Hidden text

Below is a link to virustotal, some little-known components find the program suspicious, an undesirable object, packaging and other formulations.
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