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Name: Windows OpenPack (Education)
Purpose: Education and science
Developer: Official website address:
Year: 2011
Platform: PC (x86 & x64)
Version: 10.10
Interface language: Russian, Ukrainian, English
Tablet: not required
Description: Opensource(PDF) is not only Linux, as many people used to think.
PDF can knock on your door even if you have Windows on your computer.
Windows OpenPack (Education) is a specialized free software supplement (PDF) designed to help in education and organization of the educational process for Windows OS. It includes programs for use in educational institutions (schools, institutes), as well as scientific work. Programs are free functional analogues of expensive software.
The vast majority of the programs included in the collection have a Russian-language interface, are easy to learn and use. 90% of the programs presented on the disk are also available for Linux platforms.
Using Windows OpenPack (Education) with officially purchased Windows, you gain:
- a wide selection of free software for education;
- legal protection;
- economic benefits.
The supplement includes a package of educational programs for students in junior, secondary and higher educational institutions, as well as educational process management and control programs for managers and teachers.
The disk contains more than 50 applications. Of these:
- educational games for children from 2 years old (development of memory, attention);
- programs for studying algebra, geometry, physics, chemistry, geography, astronomy, etc.;
- creating class schedules and distributing the load on teachers;
- visual development environments for programming languages in C++, C#, Mono, Pascal, Java;
and also:
- graphical simulators of computer networks;
- work with electronic maps (GIS);
- a package of applied mathematical programs that provides a powerful environment for engineering (technical) and scientific calculations;
- development of electronic circuits and design of printed circuit boards;
- hearing training program.
The disk is dominated by OpenSource programs, but there are also free ones.
The disk includes programs for 32-bit and 64-bit platforms.

More information about the content on the discs:

Anki - a program for memorizing foreign words
gns3 - graphical simulator of computer networks
KDEedu - educational applications from the KDE kit
Klavaro - keyboard simulator
Kumir - Language Implementation
Marble - Table Globe
GCompris is an educational game for children from 2 to 10 years old
Tux, of Math Command! - a game for the development of arithmetic skills in children
TuxTyping - a game that teaches typing, with Tux in the main role
Draw with Tux! - drawing program for children
Celestia - Exploring the universe in a detailed space simulator
Mnemosyne - Memory tutor program
Pauker - a shared map based on a training program
GeoGebra - dynamic geometric environment
fityk - Free Peak Analyzer
Gabedit QC-GUI - Graphical user interface for Ab Initio packages
GNU Octave - graphical shell for Octave
Merkaator - a program for working with electronic cards
Quantum GIS - Geographic Information System
QtiPilot - data analysis and visualization
Scilab - OpenSource analog of MathLab
Udav - data visualization based on MathGL
Unipro UGENE - SOFTWARE for the work of a molecular biologist
wxMaxima - graphical interface for the Maxima computer algebra system
RasMol - Viewing macro-molecules and preparing to publish their images
Stellarium - Planetarium
BKChem - Editor of chemical schemes and reactions
xdrawchem Chemistry Editor - Editor of chemical schemes and reactions
Bluefish Editor - powerful HTML editor
BOUML - UML2 is a toolbox for defining and generating code
Code::Blocks IDE - integrated development environment
codelite is a powerful and lightweight C/C++ IDE
Eagle - PCB Design Package
Eclipse - Advanced Tool Platform and Java IDE
FlameRobin - graphical database administration environment for Firebird DBMS
Geany - fast and easy development environment
GNUSim8085 - Intel 8085 processor emulator
Glade Interface Designer - User interface designer for creating GNOME applications
Intellij IDEA - IDE for Java by JetBrains
KBasic - open-source Visual Basic
KiCad - development of electronic circuits and printed circuit boards
KompoZer - complete Web Authoring System
Lazarus - Free Pascal (Delphi) graphical and console application development environment
MonoDevelop - development environment
NetBeans IDE 6.7.1 - Extended Java IDE
Poedit - Gettext catalog editor
QDevelop is a development environment entirely dedicated to Qt4
TheIDE - ultimate++ cross-platform environment for rapid application development in C++
REAL Studio 2010 - is a cross-platform RAD tool
USBProg - Firmware Tool for USBProg Hardware
Schedule Generator - creating schedules for educational institutions
Phun - 2D sandbox!
Childsplay - a set of educational games for young children
PySyCache - Teach children to work with a mouse
GNU Solfege - hearing training program
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