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Ace Player HD || Platform: PC || Version: 2.2.6
Language: only Russian || Tablet: Not required || Year: 2015

Ace Player HD Portable
- in this case, part of: Ace Stream Media - a powerful multimedia center capable of playing videos and audio over the BitTorrent protocol.
Thanks to this application, you can watch music and videos on your PC online. Ace Stream Media in Russian is capable of showing videos online in Full HD quality in various formats without braking and long waiting for a file to be uploaded. This program uses the same protocols as in the Torrent network. In the program menu, you can create accounts yourself, take into account the volume of downloaded and distributed files, limit (highly undesirable) the volume for distribution. Thanks to the flexibility of settings, you can easily increase the speed of Ace Stream Media.-Portable version of the program. No installation required in the system !!! Works from removable media.-

System requirements:

• 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10, 32/ 64bit


Launch: open the ace_player file. You can run it without Administrator rights.
Delete: Delete the shared folder with the program.

Options and Settings:

To configure TS, use the menu "Options" / "Options". To open the options menu, hover the cursor over the "Torrent Stream" icon, which is located in the system tray (when the program is running) and right-click and select "Options" / "Options".
Ace Stream Media (Torrent Stream) in the tray
TS Engine Options:
Ace Stream Media Options
"Turn on the playback of entertainment videos during pre-buffering" - this option will help you pleasantly pass the waiting time for pre-buffering by starting the playback of announcements of new films and other entertainment content during this time interval. Attention! These are not advertising impressions and the rewind function will be available for them if you want to skip them or disable them when you see that the pre-buffering has already been completed. And most importantly, in no case will these impressions increase the pre-buffering time for you for a second, and at the same time you are helping the Ace Stream project with this!!!
"Start playback only at sufficient speed" - if the download speed is lower than the bitrate of the file being played, then playback will begin when the volume of the generated cache and the download speed allow the file to be played without interruptions for buffering.
"Automatically limit the download speed" - in automatic mode, the download speed will not exceed the bitrate rate with a surcharge factor of 1.3 (bitrate x 1.3).
"VOD buffer, with" - Buffer size in seconds for VOD. When buffering for a long time, you need to increase the buffer size. The optimal value is 10 seconds for high-speed Internet lines and 20-40 seconds for slow lines.
"Buffer Live, with" - Buffer size in seconds for VOD. When buffering for a long time, you need to increase the buffer size. The optimal value is 10 seconds for high-speed Internet lines and 20-40 seconds for slow lines.
"Disk Cache Size– - Allows you to assign the maximum amount of disk space that you are ready to allocate for temporary caching of multimedia data. If the cache volume limit is reached, the files from it will be partially deleted, freeing up space for caching the file being played.
"Maximum download speed" - sets a limit on the download speed of multimedia data from other users.
"Maximum return rate" - sets a limit on the speed of streaming of multimedia data to other users.
"Cache Folder" - indicates the folder directory used for temporary caching of multimedia data.
"Login/Password" – fields for entering user data in the Ace Stream system. Used to activate additional functions.
Attention! For the entire time of testing the portal "Torrent TV", the login and Password must be set to "test" (in lowercase letters)!
Advanced TS Options
Advanced Ace Stream Media Options
"Port" is the port for Ace Stream operation.
"Total maximum number of connections" - leave by default - "200".
"Maximum number of connections per stream" - leave the default value - "50".
TS Player is configured in accordance with the settings of the original program, namely the VLC player. For more information, see the VideoLAN developer's website.
Most of the TS Player settings are synchronized with the TS P2P Multimedia Plug-in settings. This means, for example, that if you want to enable hardware acceleration support for web players, then you just need to set this setting in the desktop version of the player, and it will also work for web players.

About Ace Stream:

Features that are available to Ace Stream users:
1. AVoD (Audio and Video on Demand)
Online playback of video and audio content, via the BitTorrent protocol.
Note: There is no longer a need to pre-download huge files to watch Full HD videos or listen to audio in Lossless formats! Ace Stream allows you to enjoy online playback of the best audio-visual quality content, in all the most popular and widespread formats.
Playback can be carried out through convenient transport files and URI schemes, both in desktop players / applications, and directly in web players on any sites that have support for Ace Stream technology.
Supported transport files and URI schemes/protocols:
Files: .torrent, .acestream, .tstream.
URI schemes: magnet links (temporarily not supported), acestream links (similar to magnet), Content ID - search and launch of a video/audio stream, via the content identifier in the Ace Stream system.
2. Live Stream ("live"/streaming)
Creating and viewing live broadcasts via P2P networks.
The new innovative "Live Stream" function allows you to carry out high-quality live broadcasts on the Internet in Full HD format, without the need to maintain a fleet of servers and attract expensive standard CDN operators.
Note: Creating Live broadcasts, watching them, as well as sharing live broadcasts are now becoming as accessible and convenient as using regular torrent files and magnet links, and even much easier!
3. Turning BitTorrent Trackers into online movie theaters
Ace Stream-based solutions and products allow you to launch online video and audio content playback on any site containing links to torrent files in one click, without the need to download torrent files and without the tedious waiting for the content itself to download.
Note: This feature is provided by the TS Magic Player product and/or through various integrations of various applications and Internet services, through the Ace Stream API, including through the integration of BitTorrent trackers with the Torrent Stream system (Torrent Stream is a content legalization system in peer—to-peer networks).
4. BitTorrent accelerator (HTTP stream accelerator)
Playing video clips on popular video hosting sites, with support for the BitTorrent protocol (for example, on YouTube).
When playing videos, each user receives a video stream not only from one of the remote video hosting servers, but also additionally from all users who watch or have already viewed this video.
Using the "BitTorrent accelerator" you help other people, and others help you, and everyone teaches the video stream at maximum speed!
Note: It will work on all video hosting sites that have Ace Stream technology enabled, or by using extensions to web browsers (example of such an extension: P2P YouTube).
5. The ability to use any players and media centers for online content playback
Ace Stream users are not limited to any one player and can use any players and media centers that support Ace Stream technology to play content.
Note: The technology is supported through the use of the Ace Stream API and can be implemented directly in the player or media center itself, or through various additional products (for example: through plug-ins /extensions to players and media centers).
6. Convenient system for publishing, sharing and receiving audiovisual information
There is no longer a need to use various file storage, video hosting and other web services to demonstrate recorded video or to create your own live broadcast on the Internet. You no longer need to upload video files anywhere and tire your friends, relatives, etc. with hours of waiting. people until they can watch it. A couple of clicks and in a few seconds your video and audio files, as well as your live broadcasts, will be available to other Ace Stream users for online playback.
Note: All publications, exchange and receipt of audiovisual information are carried out in a decentralized manner, through the BitTorrent protocol!
You will have the opportunity to:
Publish http links and acestream links (analogous to magnet links) or content IDs (Content ID) and share them in any way convenient for you.
Post web players with their broadcasts/impressions on the pages of websites (social networks, forums, blogs, etc.)
Create personal channels with live broadcast in a P2P network.
Personalize the look of the web player and player pages for each of your releases or live broadcasts, creating an individual thematic design for them and expanding them with social components.
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