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Year of release: February 22, 2016
Version: 3.71
Platform: (32-bit & 64-bit)
Interface language: English + Russian
Table: Not required

- a free and very convenient program for renaming many files and folders at once. By configuring renaming methods, names can be manipulated in various ways. The program is easy to set up batch jobs using various methods for a large number of files.
The program offers 12 different methods for changing names, attributes and timestamps of files at a time, and also allows you to build new file names by adding, deleting, replacing, changing the case or giving files new names based on known information about the file.
New names are created in a few mouse clicks: you need to select a method, click on the standard tags in the desired sequence - all tags and their sequence will be displayed in the New Name window.
When renaming, files can be copied or moved to new locations based on the information in the files.

Additional information:

Image files
This renaming utility is a great tool for organizing a mass of digital photos for both professionals and beginners. Thumbnail mode allows you to display thumbnails directly in the file list, giving you maximum control over the renaming process. With this program you can rename all your photos.
GPS data
If your image files contain GPS data, you can add the name of the city and country where the picture was taken. Coordinates are used to search for a city, country, and state name from a database containing more than 90,000 cities around the world.
Music files
MP3 and other music files often have mixed names and contain strange characters. With Advanced Renamer, you can change the names of your favorite music files into more appropriate names using the built-in ID3 functions.
Video files
Did you want the codec or resolution of the video file to be specified in the name? From video tags, you can add various information about video and audio content along with names.

Functions of your choice:
¦ Unicode Support
/ Preview of new names in real time
/ Tags of the main renaming
/ Renaming based on MP3/ID3 information
¦ Using regular expressions and group characters
/ Renaming images with EXIF support
/ Displaying thumbnails of images
/ Rename using tags from video
/ Rename using imported series data
¦ Using GPS information from image files
/ Support for both: files and folders
/ Cancel the previous renaming of the batch
¦ Multiple renaming methods
¦ Using multiple methods at once
/ Batch modes: rename, copy, move
/ Creating custom methods with java
/ The ability to swap parts of the file name separated by a separator (for example: season number and episode name for a TV show).
/ Setting file timestamps and file Attributes
/ Import CSV files (Advanced Renamer has always been able to save a list of files as a CSV file).

Renaming methods:
¦ New name with tags
/ Change to a random file name
/ Delete / Delete part of the file name
/ Delete the name template from the file
/ Replace part of the file name
/ Add / paste text to the file name
/ Moving part of the file name
¦ New names based on the list of names
/ Changing file attributes
/ Changing the file timestamp
/ Arrange file names
/ Renumbering
¦ Permutation
/ Custom Renaming Scripts

More usage examples
* Change the case of the file name to upper or lower case, or change the case of the first letter in each word.
* Replacing part of the file name based on the search pattern.
* Change the read-only file attribute.
* Adding an increasing number of zeros to file names.
* Changing file extensions.
* Clearing file names and removing spaces and underscores.
* Adding a prefix or suffix to file names.
* Copy or move files to other folders. New folder names can be constructed from file tags or templates.
* Return the original names to the names if the renaming of the party goes wrong.
* Organization of music files based on ID3 tags.
* Using EXIF information to sort image files and organize them into folders.
* Save batch presets for later use or share them with friends and colleagues.
* Using wildcards and Perl regular expressions to replace parts of file and folder names.
* Adding a date to the file name for jpg/jpeg files from digital cameras.
* Changing existing numbers in file names.
* Trimming unwanted characters at the beginning and/or end of the file name.
* Adding GPS coordinates or reverse geocoding coordinates to add the city name to the file name.
* Classify video files using video tags.
* Random selection of file names to use in digital frames.
* Extract metadata from image files in raw camera formats: like Canon RAW, Nikon RAW, Sony RAW, FujiFilm RAW or Pentax RAW.
* Renaming TV shows based on seasons, episodes, and other details.

Changes in Advanced Renamer 3.71

+ New name collision rule: ignore. Ignores the package for one file — the target object already exists
* Batch mode and output folder values are not saved in batch files by the list method. These values are optional for the command line (arenc.exe )
* Fixed CSV import: Would get new names wrong when one or more files were missing


Unpack the archive into a folder with a previously installed version, agreeing to replace the old ones. All settings and renaming history will be saved.

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