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Name: AntiCollector Base Updater
Purpose: Reference
Developer: TOPER
Year: 2015
Platform: PC
Version: 2.7
Interface language: Russian only
Tablet: Not required
System requirements:
~ Minimal
~ Operating System: Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8/8.1
~ Architecture: x86/x64
~ Internet access: 10 kb/s
Short description:
A program for downloading a database of collector phone numbers from the Anti-Collector program.Russia is Paid
To use the database of collection agency numbers in your "blacklist", install an anti-collector.Russia is not required.
The program does not require installation in the system! It also works from a USB flash drive.
The program for downloading the database of collector phone numbers from the program Anti-collector.Russia Paid for insertion into Root Call SMS Manager or its analogues.
This database can be used in other programs with a "blacklist".", maybe even on apples, but I am a Root Call SMS Manager user.
I must say right away that the program has nothing to do with Google and its Google Play.
Please note that the database of numbers is taken from the Russian version of the program, for example, for Ukraine, the version of the anti-collector is different (collector numbers are naturally also).
Outdated versions of the program are no longer supported, new databases will not be filled in for them.
All updated and up-to-date databases will be available only for version 2.5 and higher.
Using the program is very simple :
- Run the program
- Click on "Check the update of the database of numbers"
- Select the circle "Removed jamb numbers" or "All rooms”
- If there is a new version of the database, click on "Download a new database of numbers"
- Also, if there is no update, you can download the previous anti-collection database
When downloading "Removed the jamb numbers”, all phones are listed as +7xxxxxxxxxx, other letter numbers and numbers greater than or less than 10 characters (not counting +7) are missing.
When downloading “All numbers”, in the list there are alphabetic numbers and numbers +7xxxxxxxxxxxxxx, there are also numbers like +12345, +587 or +Vostok (the base fully corresponds to the original)
The program is distributed freely, without any restrictions.
Its operation requires Internet access of only 10 kb/s.
Works under Win XP, Win Vista, Win 7, Win 8/8.1

Report on VirusTotal
Russian interface: Yes
Changes in v2.7:
→ Fixed a critical bug when when launching the program from the tray (under some conditions), the main window did not expand from the panel
→ Added a context menu to the right mouse on the tray icon
→ Cleaning the registry from previous entries of old versions of the program (so as not to clog your registry)
→ Fixed minor bugs
→ The weight of the program has been slightly reduced
→ Improved the stability of the application as a whole
Changes in v2.6:
→ Fixed a bug when some people had Run-time Error 13;
→ Optimized code
→ Slightly changed animation in dialog boxes
→ Clearing registry entries from old versions of Anticollctor Base Updater (so as not to clog the registry)
Changes in v2.3:
→ Added the settings menu:
.... Easy animation of the tray icon
.... Changing the animation color depending on the current program conditions
.... Additional option to download the database automatically on a schedule if there is an update of the databases on the server
.... The ability to download both databases in automatic mode - the corrected and the original.
.... Set the time to check, done 1 time per day, as databases are updated not more than 1 time per 24 hours (one comp threshes days without a break, a very handy thing)
.... Select download at the start of the program-default (fixed base or full version of original)
→ In the upper left corner of the current time of the scan job, provided that you have installed the checkbox to automatically check for updates
→ If the program is in the tray, different information will be displayed when the cursor is hovered, depending on the conditions
→ Implemented a time shift in the absence of the Internet or in case of server problems:
~ Let's say the check schedule is at 17:43. The server did not respond to the program or your provider reboots the equipment. The program will add +1 hour to your report.
~ That is, the next check will be at 18:43 and so on. I note that the shift works only until the program itself is restarted, your schedule does not change from the shift and will be again 17:43
~ If there was a time shift, then in the upper left corner the numbers 18:43 will turn red, so that you would know about the connection error, the tray will show +1h or +2h, etc.
~ I note that when switching from one day to another, the task time is reset (when the check is triggered) to the one set in the settings
Tray icons:
..... The tray icon will have a green rim - the current task for checking on a schedule is working
..... The tray icon will have a red rim - an Internet error or the server did not respond, a time shift has triggered
..... The tray icon will be completely yellow - there is no database update
..... The tray icon will be completely green - there is an update of the databases or the download was successful
→ Program Optimization
→ Fixed a lot of bugs
→ Minor improvements
Full compatibility with Windows XP
On Win 7 and Win 8, if startup does not work with Windows, create a shortcut for the program and tick "Run as administrator" in the shortcut.
Or immediately right-click on the program, in the context menu "Run as administrator" and check the box in the program settings for startup.
It is also possible to block the Run registry branch (startup) by various antiviruses, in this case, add the program to the antivirus exceptions. My DrWeb 10.0 is not drizzling on this score.
An important addition!
Before installing the "Startup" checkbox, place the program where it will always lie.
Otherwise, when moving the file, the registry entry will not correspond to the actual path to the file!

I would not recommend downloading databases from sources other than AntiCollector Base Updater.
There is no guarantee that the databases have not been corrected by other people and any phones have not been replaced there, including with malicious intent.
As for the databases downloaded in AntiCollector Base Updater, then full compliance with the original from AntiCollector is guaranteed.Russia is Paid
Unless, of course, the download option "Removed jamb numbers" is selected, because when processing databases with a special converter written by me,
the computer automatically deletes unformatted numbers for this download option.
However, it's up to you, of course, which version of the database to use. Personally, I use the corrected database without jambs and letter numbers.
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