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LameXP || Platform: PC || Version: 4.11.1700
Language: Russian and others ||Tablet: Not required || Year: 2015

LameXP is a graphical user interface for various audio encoders: it allows you to convert your audio files from one audio format to another in the simplest way. Despite its name, which was relevant at the time, the program now supports a wide range of output formats, including MP3, Ogg Vorbis, Opus, AAC/MP4, FLAC, AC-3 and Wave Audio. The number of supported input formats is even greater! Since all encoders / decoders are already built in (with one exception), the program works "out of the box", including in a portable version, which can also be run from USB devices. LameXP is designed for batch processing of data. This means that you can convert a huge number of audio files, for example, a full album or even an entire music collection. The program takes full advantage of the capabilities of modern multi-core processors and provides excellent sound quality using the latest versions of encoders.--


About meta tags and post-processing:

LameXP provides full support for meta information, including the cover. Therefore, when converting audio files, any existing meta-information will be preserved to the maximum extent possible. There is an easy-to-use meta tag editor for adding new meta information or editing existing ones. LameXP provides full Unicode support in meta information and file names. Thanks to our translators, the LameXP interface is available in many languages. Last but not least, LameXP supports post-processing, including sample rate conversion, normalization (gain control), tone adjustment, and down-mixing.

Supported Formats:

Output Formats (Encoders)
Currently the following output formats (audio encoders) are supported by LameXP:
Ogg Vorbis by, using the OggEnc2/libvorbis encoder with aoTuV [built-in]
Opus Interactive Audio Codec by and Mozilla, using the Opus-Tools [built-in]
MPEG Audio-Layer III (MP3), using the LAME encoder [built-in]
Advanced Audio Coding (AAC), using Nero AAC or QAAC encoder [separate download]
Free Lossless Audio Codec (FLAC) [built-in]
ATSC A/52 (aka "AC-3"), using the Aften encoder [built-in]
Monkey's Audio (APE), lossless audio compression [built-in]
DCA, using the DCA Enc encoder software (still experimental) [built-in]
Uncompressed PCM / Waveform Audio File (WAV/RIFF)
Input Formats (Decoders)
Currently the following input formats (audio decoders) are supported by LameXP:
AC-3 (ATSC A/52), using Valib decoder [built-in]
Advanced Audio Coding (AAC), using FAAD decoder [built-in]
Apple Lossless (ALAC) [built-in]
Apple/SGI AIFF [built-in]
Avisynth, audio only [requires Avisynth 2.5.x to be installed]
Digital Theater System, using Valib decoder [built-in]
Free Lossless Audio Codec (FLAC) [built-in]
Microsoft ADPCM [built-in]
Monkey's Audio (APE) [built-in]
MPEG Audio-Layer I (MP1), using mpg123 decoder [built-in]
MPEG Audio-Layer II (MP2), using mpg123 decoder [built-in]
MPEG Audio-Layer III (MP3), using mpg123 decoder [built-in]
Musepack [built-in]
Opus Audio Codec [built-in]
Shorten [built-in]
Speex [built-in]
Sun/NeXT Au [built-in]
The True Audio (TTA) [built-in]
Uncompressed PCM / Waveform Audio File (WAV/RIFF) [built-in]
WavPack Hybrid Lossless Audio [built-in]
Windows Media Audio (WMA), using wma2wav [built-in]

About portable version:

Provided by the developer, works without installation. Can work with USB media.

What's new:

Upgraded build environment to Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 with Update-4
Starting with this version, LameXP is based on the MUtilities library + massive code clean-up
Added support for the DynamicAudioNormalizer normalization filter
Updated Qt runtime libraries to v4.8.7 snapshot-5 (2015-03-25), compiled with MSVC 12.0
Updated MediaInfo to v0.7.72 (2015-01-07), compiled with ICL 15.0 and MSVC 12.0
Updated SoX to v14.4.2-Final (2015-02-22), compiled with ICL 15.0 and MSVC 12.0
Updated Opus libraries to v1.1.x and Opus-Tools v0.1.9 to latest Git Master (2015-03-26)
Updated mpg123 decoder to v1.22.0 (2015-02-24), compiled with GCC 4.9.2
Updated Vorbis encoder to OggEnc v2.87 (2014-07-03), using libvorbis v1.3.4 and aoTuV b6.03_2014
Updated Vorbis decoder to OggDec v1.10.1 (2015-03-19), using libVorbis v1.3.5
Updated FLAC encoder/decoder to v1.3.1 (2014-11-26), compiled with ICL 15.0 and MSVC 12.0
Updated GnuPG to v1.4.18 (2014-06-30), compiled with GCC 4.9.1
Updated QAAC add-in to the latest to QAAC v2.44, including a fix for the --artwork option
Fixed potential crash in Cue Sheet importer (occurred when all input files were missing)
Fixed a severe performance bottleneck, especially with a large number of parallel instances
Fixed a very rare problem that, occasionally, prevented the TEMP folder from being removed
The limit for the maximum number of parallel instances has been increased to 32
Experimental support for Windows 10 Technical Preview
Updated language files (big thank-you to all contributors !!!)
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