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Media Player Classic || Platform: PC || Version: 1.4.4 Build 286
Language: Russian and others ||Tablet: Not required || Year: 2015
Official website address:

Media Player Classic - BE is a universal audio and video file player for the Windows operating system. This project has its own independent development based on the original code "Media Player Classic" and "Media Player Classic - Home Cinema", with its own innovations and optimization.
The player has an impressive set of audio-video filters, which allows it to play almost all existing media file formats.--

What Standalone Filters are needed for:

Standalone Filters are external decoders that are already included in the MPC-BE executable files in the installer/portable variants. Accordingly, when using only the player, there is absolutely no need for them. But other programs may need them.

Additional information:

Playback of VCDs, SVCDs and DVDs without installing additional codecs.
AudioCD playback.
Playback of Real Media and QuickTime (if the appropriate codecs are installed in the system)
Playback of files of any formats that support DirectShow, for example, DivX, XviD, H.264.
Playback and capture of video from TV tuners.
Playback of Macromedia Flash videos, if an ActiveX plugin is installed, with the ability to rewind.
Arbitrary movement and scaling of the image.
Support for WinLIRC and uICE management systems.
Command line support.
The ability to configure hotkeys.
Saving a decoded stream (e.g. MPEG2 from protected DVDs).
Watching movies in a resolution other than the current one.
The ability to play a second audio track (in any supported format).
Playback of corrupted AVI files
Support for all modern multimedia file formats, among them: WAV, WMA, MP3, OGG, SND, AU, AIF, AIFC, AIFF, MIDI, MPEG,
Subtitle support.
Excellent playback quality.
Supports all modern multimedia file formats, among them: WAV, WMA, MP3, OGG, SND, AU, AIF, AIFC, AIFF, MIDI, MPEG, MPG, MP2, VOB, AC3, DTS, ASX, M3U, PLS, WAX, ASF, WM, WMA, WMV, AVI, CDA, JPEG, JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, D2V, MP4, SWF, MOV, QT, FLV and others.
Integrated set of codecs (no external codecs are required to play most formats).
Hardware decoding of the popular H.264 format on the latest generation of video cards.
Support for hotkeys.
Support for various types of subtitles.
Correct operation with two monitors.
Support for working with QuickTime and RealVideo formats.
User-friendly interface.
Many other features and features.

Log of key changes:

Fixed working with RGB555 videos.
Fixed calculation of TimeStamp for subtitles.
Reduced memory consumption.
Fixed subtitle processing (too long subtitles could be displayed with a significant delay).
Fixed working with RGB555 videos.
We are correcting the incorrectly filled biSize parameter of the BITMAPINFOHEADER structure after mkvmerge v7.7.0 for RGB8 and RGB565 formats.
MP4Splitter (Bento4)
Fixed playback of files in which different tracks have the same TrackID.
Added support for 'R10k' and 'R10g'.
Added output of information about DTS-HD tracks.
Fixed the processing of the "Stop" command.
Improved work with MPEG Audio.
Added HEVC DXVA decoder (thanks to the author of LAV for his code), 10bit decoding only works with EVR Custom/Sync.
Updated the list of Nvidia and Intel video cards with 4k hardware decoding support.
A small adjustment in the calculation of timestamps.
Fixed hanging after "pause", the inclusion of H.264 DXVA and "stop".
Fixed a crash in H.264 DXVA 2.0 mode when closing a file.
Fixed a crash when decoding VC1 on Intel in DXVA mode on some files.
Fixed the display of the latest frames for the DXVA 2.0 decoder.
Corrected the calculation of timestamps.
If the video parameters were determined inaccurately, then after decoding the first frame, we update the parameters to the current ones and make a reconstruction of the output pin.
We no longer use the Nvidia graphics card table with 4k decoding support. Now to support 4k decoding, you need to install the driver v320.18 (v9.18.13.2018) or newer.
The video decoder for uncompressed formats now works in converter mode.
Added support for r210, R10k, R10g, YVU9, IYUV, UYVY, YUY2, NV12, YV12, YV16, YV24.
Fixed an erroneous connection to the PCM stream.
Optimization of verification of SPDIF/Bitstream output support.
Fixed playback of some BINK audio.
Fixed incorrect (accelerated) playback on WinXP.
Adjusted the calculation of timestamps.
To decode DTS, we use libdcadec. Added support for DTS 96/24 and DTS-HD MA decoding.
We reduce the sound frequency if it is more than 192000 Hz.
Added correction of timestamps taking into account the operation of the resampler.
We allow the connection of XySubFilter AutoLoader (it is needed to connect XySubFilter).
MPC Audio Renderer (WASAPI)
Fixed the A/V synchronization mechanism.
Fixed a crash provided that timestamps (rtstart and rtStop) the input sample matches.
Fixed incorrect display of VobSub subtitles during accelerated playback.
Fixed working with the subtitle queue.
Corrected font size compensation for anamorphic video.
Correction of falling on some subtitles.
The automatic loading of external subtitles has been corrected.
We update the frame in pause mode after disabling shaders.
Optimized shader compilation.
Added XySubFilter support.
The output of renderer statistics has been corrected and supplemented.
Removed shader bilinear interpolation.
For video cards with ps_3_0 and higher support, when the image size is less than 50%, we use simple pixel averaging.
A more correct choice of mixer format for EVR-custom.
Optimization of subtitle output.
Fixed the choice of video buffer format on Intel cards.
Fixed support for input formats.
Updating statistics (Ctrl+J) on pause.
Fixed opening the BD structure from favorites after renaming.
Fixed hanging when calling "Reload subtitles".
Fixed checking for updates.
Fixed playback of animated GIF files.
Correction of the output of the current value of the rotation angle.
The "Reset to default renderer settings" command has been removed.
Removed support for the QuickTime and RealMedia frameworks.
The transition from the expanded window to the full screen and back has been improved.
Added the ability to select a specific subtitle renderer.
Fixed opening .bdmv files.
Fixed opening of HLS links that specify a relative path.
Added the ability to display the menu by pressing the Alt key.
Improved fps acquisition using MediaInfo for auto-switching frequencies.
The "Rename" button in Bookmarks has been renamed to "Edit" with the output of a dialog box in which the ability to edit the path has been added.
Fixed color adjustment at extreme values.
The settings panel "EVR Sync Settings" has been renamed to "Frame synchronization".
The advanced renderer settings have been redesigned and moved to the settings panel of "Video" and "Frame synchronization".
Fixed opening of some .m3u playlists.
Fixed auto-loading of subtitles when opening files from a network path (the path starts with "").
Improved the mechanism of working with Drag'n'Drop.
The opening of Youtube links has been restored and improved. Now it is not necessary to have the prefixes http, https and www.
Added a caching mechanism for saving to an .ini file (thanks to the MPC-HC team for the code and idea).
Setting up saving to .ini file will be "unavailable" if there is no permission to write to the directory.
The logic of applying file association settings and the Explorer context menu has been improved.
Fixed information output for RGB8 and RGB565. Do not change the case when displaying FourCC.
Correctly restore the sound after playing ShockwaveGraph on Vista and newer systems.
Added the "Auto fit factor" option.
We do not remember the state of the full screen if the "rememberwindowpos" and "rememberwindowsize" options were active.
Dutch and Chinese (Traditional) translations (by beter)
Ukrainian translation (by arestarh1986)
Japanese translation (by Socket774)
German translation (by Klaus1189)
Chinese (Simplified) translation (by beter and insolo)
Italian translation (by Lord Maius)
Updated libraries:
jsoncpp 1.0.0-212 git-gc1e834a
MediaInfo 0.7.72+ svn rev.6720
ffmpeg git-g399e314
... and much more.

About Portable:

The portable version works without installation on a computer.
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