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Name: AirSlax 5.3 PRO [En/En]
Type of publication: Type - license, portable, etc.
Purpose: Purpose - graphics, educational, music, etc.
Year: 2015
Platform: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8, 8.1. /Linux
Version: 5.3 PRO
Interface language: English + Russian
Tablet: Not required
System requirements: Memory: 512 MB
Disk space: 2Gb
Platform: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8, 8.1. /Linux
Kernel: 3.17.4
Architecture: i486 (x32)
System:Porteus v. 3.1
Installation instructions: After the download is complete, right-click on an empty place on the screen (or press Alt+F1), and select Airo from the menu)
Choosing a wireless adapter to work with - if you have one wireless adapter, press 1 and Enter, if two or more, select the desired one from the list.
Program menu:
###1) Scan - Scan the ether
###2) Choice - Choose a goal
###3) Interception - Interception of the target
###4) Client - Disable Client
###5) Selection - WPA Password Selection
###6) Save - Save the result
###7) WEP - WEP Password Selection
### ----------------------
###8) Scan WPS - Scan WPS
###9) WPS Selection - WPS PIN Selection
### ----------------------
### 10) Automatic. - Auto-pickup and interception
1) Scan - Scan the ether
Scans all wifi channels, saves information about all visible access points and clients connected to them (client information is needed to speed up the interception process).
The top part of the list is access points, the bottom part is clients connected to access points.
in the list of clients, the first column is the MAC address of the point to which the client is connected (it coincides with the MAC in the list of access points)
give the program time to accumulate more information.
Close this window and move on to the next item.
2) Choice - Choose a goal
We select an access point for the attack and one of the clients connected to it.
3) Interception - Interception of the target
We intercept packets going to / from the selected access point, wait for the handshake to appear (the inscription "WPA HANDSHAKE" should appear in the upper right corner of the window)
Do not close this window before the next step!
4) Client - Disable Client
since the handshake takes place only when the client connects to the access point, we help the client disconnect from the access point so that he can then reconnect to it and give us a handshake, item 3 "Interception" must be started at the same time.
if the handshake does not appear the first time, try several times (but give the client 30-120 seconds to try to connect)
if it does not work with this client, you can choose another point client to disconnect.
you can also choose p."Disable all" - not as effective as with one client, but sometimes it works.
if nothing helps to knock the client out of the network, but you really want to catch a handshake, you can leave the interception running until the client connects to the access point itself.
You can set the number of deauthentication (client disconnection) packets to be sent from 1 to 25.
after carrying out p.4, you can try to carry out p.5 "Hacking", because "Interception" does not always clearly determine the appearance of a handshake, especially if the signal of the access point or the client is not very good.
5) Selection - WPA password selection
When the handshake is caught, you can proceed to selecting a password using the dictionary (a small dictionary is included, you can use your dictionary, put it in the porteusdict folder on the USB flash drive)
In case of successful selection, the inscription KEY FOUND will appear! [ password ] (the password will be displayed in square brackets instead of "password"). If the password is not selected, the inscription Passphrase not in dictionary will appear.
Hashcat (GPU) - WPA password selection using a video card (AMD or NVIDIA), which allows you to increase the speed of selection by tens or hundreds of times.
6) Save - Save the result
Save the result of the interception for further work with it in a separate folder
(the dumpresult folder is on the flash drive) the file will be named after the access point with the extension.cap and will be cleared of excess garbage accumulated during the interception process.
7) WEP - WEP password selection
Hacking networks with WEP encryption. It is necessary to execute the first three points of the program, leave item 3 Interception running and launch item 7 WEP. Hacking WEP takes an average of 5-10 minutes. Dictionaries are not needed for it. With a successful attack, the password is selected in 100% of cases.
8) Scan WPS - Scan WPS
Search for access points that support authorization via the WPS protocol.
9) WPS Selection - WPS PIN selection
Select an access point from the list and select the PIN code. You can set a starting PIN, the program will suggest using a PIN code generated based on the MAC address of the point as a starting PIN (in about 30% of cases, the PIN code coincides with the proposed one).You can specify the first numbers of the code. Reaver does not work in this version. We select Bully!
The selection process is long, from 2-3 hours to several days, Depends on the "compliance" of the access point, but allows you to open passwords of any complexity.
The vulnerability has been known for a long time. Many manufacturers of access points have released new firmware with fixes, so this method does not work on access points with new firmware, or requires too much time for selection.
10) Automatic. - Auto-pickup and interception
Automatic search, interception of handshakes of WPA networks, selection of passwords for WEP networks.
Try not to abuse this function, because it is pretty much littering the air.
1. Copy the contents of the AirSlax5.3pr0 folder to the root of the flash drive, the file system on the flash drive must be FAT16 or FAT32,
2. Go to the boot folder and run the installer (There are versions for Windows and Linux). After that, the flash drive will become bootable.
3. It will boot from a USB flash drive.
Description: This program is designed for scanning and further use of Wi-Fi networks. Its capabilities: at startup, it scans all possible channels of the ether, finds and intercepts the target, disconnects the client and, analyzing the data, selects a password, saves the results. Moreover, the utility makes it possible to hack networks with both encryption methods - WEP and WPA. In addition, it is able to find access points with authorization via the WPS protocol and pick up a Pin code. This version is actually a Live USB/CD with an operating system on a Linux kernel.
Reaver does not work in this version. Picking up Bully!
ATTENTION!!! Do not run the installer on the hard drive - after that, your computer will most likely stop booting from it (the hard drive).
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