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Title: RuneBit Flash 3.0 Final - multi-boot flash drive with Windows PE and utilities
Publication Type: Portable
Purpose: Recovery, copying of information, system administration
Developer: RuneBit
Year: 2015
Platform: PC
Version: 3.0 Final
Interface language: English, Russian
Pill: Cured
System requirements: A more or less modern computer/laptop that can boot from USB.
Description: The image of a multi-bootable USB flash drive, without unnecessary garbage, exclusively for work /emergency situations. It was going for itself.

Installation Instructions

The flash drive must be 2GB or more!
1. Launch Rufus.exe - select the flash drive in the list "Device", select create a bootable disk "DD-image ",
click the disk button next to it, in the extension (where the DD-image *.img) we put VHD Image *.vhd, find and select the RuneBit image, OK, click start.
We are waiting for it to be extracted to the flash drive, depending on the speed of the flash drive, it may be several minutes.
2. Launch PartAssist.exe, in the list of disks we find a USB flash drive (by letter or volume), right-click on the menu to "Change the size of the partition",
in the window that appears, pull the right edge of the markup all the way to the right so that in the field "unoccupied space" it was 0.00KB, click OK, at the top left "Apply", then click "Go ".
We are waiting for the section to change.
That's it, the flash drive is ready.
If you need to convert FAT32 to NTFS (if it suddenly does not load from a FAT32 flash drive), in Partition Assistant, after expanding the partition, select extended in the context menu, convert to NTFS.
To remind you, all this information is present in the distribution in the files Readme.txt and Install.txt


Windows 7 PE - for working with 9X/XP/7 and above killed systems, for pulling out important files, restoring partitions, checking for errors, bad from the PE environment.
Windows XPE is the same, but less functional for older computers with 256 RAM
SLAX Linux is, just in case, a lightweight Linux that can access the Internet even from USB modems to search for the necessary information
Acronis Disk Director 2015 - for editing partitions on HDD
Acronis True Image 2015 - for backups and rollbacks
Acronis Disk Director 2009 - if the 2015 version does not start
Acronis True Image 2009 - if the 2015 version does not start
Acronis Universal Restore 2015 - ATTENTION!!! RESET THE DRIVERS OF THE REAL SYSTEM!!! If you have deployed the Acronis image to another machine and the system does not start (blue screen)
NORTON GHOST 11.5.1 - creating and rolling back partition images, DOS version with SATA support. If it doesn't see your media, try Norton Ghost from under Windows PE
MHDD- checking hard drives for bad (attention, with new laptops and computers, it is better to use Victoria from the flash drive menu in a Windows PE environment!)
DOS + Volkov Commander - pure DOS with commander for bios firmware, video bios, etc.
MemTest - test of RAM for errors in exclusive MS-DOS mode, so that nothing interferes


AIDA64 - list of computer components
Check Disk GUI - checking partitions for errors (attention, the partition should not be used, i.e. do not run files from it before checking)
Fastone Viewer - convenient viewing of photos on sections, you may need to selectively copy data
Norton Ghost - creating and rolling back partition images (the author uses it, but who doesn't like it, use Acronis with multiloading)
Partition Assistant - partition editor
Password Changer - removing user passwords from installed Windows
Power Off - the utility is left in order to set the time to turn off/restart the computer, if required
Reset Windows Password - alternative Windows password reset
R-Studio - a program for recovering deleted files
TestDisk is a utility for restoring deleted/damaged partitions (ATTENTION!!! Only for VERY EXPERIENCED users, google the manual)
Total Commander - for convenient work with files
Victoria - SMART test, as well as a test of the surface of the drives for bad
WinNT Setup - installing Windows from the distibute to the HDD (it is recommended to format the partition if you do not have important data there and put it clean)


Check Disk GUI - see above
Norton Ghost - see above
Partition Assistant - see above
Remote Regedit is a registry editor for Windows XP installed in case of an emergency for experienced users, to save data from the registry, etc.
Total Commander - see above



File checksums: PartAssist.exe
CRC32: 9E0B9574
MD5: 2858DB89BFF25A33949A929EB0798E4A
SHA-1: F1CA08FA639126BA802F4D20D50E270263B5BC66
File checksums: Rufus.exe
MD5: B3D8190E1B90AA01904354BF82B248DE
SHA-1: 1DD5E47A7D8C49131340F7D6FE006298F82850FB
File checksums: RuneBitFlash 3.0 Final.vhd
CRC32: 3F96BC76
MD5: 122AA43FA73F6393E6AC220495E51612
SHA-1: 0E560C600413F9801E4BCCF717F69C8AF44CA8CE

Update history:

This is the latest version, the assembly of further versions has been discontinued.
+ Updated Total Commander RuneBit Edition to version 3.0 Final
+ Added Norton Ghost 11.5.1 with SATA support to the multi-boot menu
+ Added Acronis True Image 2009 to run on older motherboards
+ Added Acronis Disk Director 2009 to run on older motherboards
+ Updated Total Commander RuneBit Edition to version 2.5
+ Updated Total Commander RuneBit Edition to version 2.2
+ Minor fixes
+ Added shortcuts to START for those who are used to starting from there
+ Acronis Universal Restore 2015 has been added (ATTENTION!!! RESETS THE DRIVERS!!! Run ONLY for restored systems on another machine!)
+ Updated PartAssist to more responsive
+ Updated Total Commander RuneBit Edition to version 2.0
+ Updated SLAX Linux to version 7.0.8
+ Updated AIDA64 in Windows 7 PE image
+ Updated FSViewer in Windows 7 PE image
+ Minor fixes
+ New installation method
+ Updated Total Commander RuneBit Edition to version 1.7
+ Updated MemTest
+ Minor fixes
+ Acronis products have been updated
+ Fixed a problem with the mouse in Acronis products on some configurations
+ Updated Total Commander RuneBit Edition (see changes in the corresponding distribution)
The release can be checked on VirtualBox by creating a new virtual machine with 1GB+ RAM and adding a vhd file from the distribution.
However, all changes will affect the file directly, so I recommend making a copy and working with it in a virtual machine.
The VHD image opens as an archive in Total Commander RuneBit Edition read-only.

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