Total Commander 8.51a RuneBit Edition 3.0 Final (2015) PC

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Year/Release Date: 2015
Version: 8.51a Build
Build Version: 3.0 Final
Developer: Christian Ghisler
Build author: RuneBit
Developer's website:
Bit depth: 32bit, 64bit
Interface language: Russian, English
Tabletka: Cured
System Requirements: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8,1/10
A functional, portable build of Total Commander'a with good plugins that extend functionality and very useful portable software. The ideas are taken from different builds, including Podarok Edition. There is nothing superfluous, no cumbersome offices and Photoshop in the assembly! Only the necessary plugins and utilities for system administrators / advanced users for various situations.
Additional information
All portable programs run on the installed original OS (I can't vouch for the builds), the launch of most programs in the Windows PE environment depends on the Windows PE build, but as a rule all programs work there as well.
On each panel of icons at the end there is a Help with the icon i, describing the programs and their purpose, it is recommended to read for those who are studying such software for the first time.

List of plugins:

Akelpad 4.9.2 as an editor for F4
AIMP Portable 3.60 for internal associations with music files
MPC-BE 1.4.3 for internal associations with video files
Fastone Viewer for internal associations with graphic files
WCX plugins
Catalog Maker
CHMDir 0.41
CopyTree 1.2
SFF Image Unpacker
Game Archive UnPacker PRO
IMA Plugin V2.01
WDX plugins
APK 1.1
AudioInfo 1.4
DirSizeCalc 2.21
Permissions 1.11
ShellDetails 1.24
Exif 1.0
xPDFSearch 1.11
WFX plugins
Android ADB 7.6
DiskInternals Reader
FSNetShare 0.11b
Httpbrowser 1.04
NetMon 1.0
RedDetect 16.03.2013
System Events Ex
MTP wdplug 1.2
WLX plugins
HTMLView 1.2.6
ICLView 23.9.2013.0
Imagine 1.0.9
LinkInfo 1.52
Multimedia Player
List of portable programs in the order of their placement on the panels

Main panel

Unlocker 1.9.2 unlock the used file UNDER the CURSOR and delete
Kalkules 1.9 is a powerful and at the same time, simple-looking calculator that can work with brackets, roots, degrees, etc., a lot of settings.
OSK 2.0 is a primitive on-screen keyboard, if there is no real one
TrueCrypt 7.1 creating, mounting encrypted containers like Daemon Tools, only as a virtual hard disk partition, not a CD/DVD,
designed to store personal information (documents, photos, videos, audio recordings, etc.) under a password without archiving/compression/decompression.
KeePass 1.28 password manager. Allows you to create a database with logins and passwords under the master password. Convenient copying of data to the clipboard
ClearAfterMe 1.37 clearing the log of recently opened documents, works only for the standard Start menu.
Clear Last Activity cmd file to clear the list of recently opened files
CCleaner Free 5.03.5128 cleaner cache, history, temporary files. Use carefully, silently configured for optimal cleaning without affecting specific places.
Attention!!! It is highly not recommended to use it during background installation of programs and games when the Temp folder is actively used!
Proccess Hacker 2.33 is an alternative task manager with a peculiar interface, as well as detailed information in the process properties, monitoring network and disk activity.
Uninstall Tool is a useful replacement for the standard uninstaller with the function of searching for the remaining traces of the program after the uninstall.
Displays a list of the remaining files and registry keys, after which you can delete everything with one click or choose what to leave.
USB Disk Eject - safely removing USB devices from the system

System and network tools

Autoruns 13.0.1 a complete list of programs to run when booting the OS, on the first tab All in one, the other tabs by filters.
OpenedFilesView 1.58 list of all files opened in the system and by which processes these files were opened
DirectoryMonitor allows you to log a given folder/partition for changes, new files in real time
ProcMon 3.10 monitor registry activity, files by filter. Filters are set by the last buttons on the program panel.
FileTypesMan 1.72 list-editor of program associations with extensions
KnowExtensionPro 2008-09 database of known file extensions
ShellBagsView 1.16 log of visited directories on the computer
JumpListView 1.03 log of open files on the computer
LastActivityView 1.08 log of running programs on the computer
ProdKey 1.70 viewing license keys of installed Office, Windows, SQL Server, other
IPNetInfo 1.61 IP address information
WhoIs 2.21 website information
KillWatcher 1.52 viewing connected computers to share on this computer over a local network.
NetSetMan creating multiple local network profiles (different IP, etc.) and quickly applying them to the same network card.
LanScope scans the IP addresses of computers in the local network, displays the shares on computers.
Radmin Viewer 3.5 remote control of a computer over a network, if the Radmin Server program is installed on it.
Terminal is a system program for remote connection to a terminal server for clients.
AVZ 4.43 is a utility for administrators, searching for viruses if there is no antivirus.
TDSKiller scans your computer for Trojans and rootkits if there is no antivirus.
RansomHide 0.6.24 SMS code database for the WinLock virus blocker, runs with Windows PE.
KidoKiller 3.4.13 is a highly targeted utility for quick removal of the Kido virus.
runauto... cmd file for quick removal of the runauto virus...
AntiDust 1.0 removes various bars, such as Yandex Bar, Mail.Ru, etc.

Disk utilities and working with files

CheckDiskGui 3.0 is a program for checking partitions for logical errors. Attention! The section should not be used,
therefore, the system partition (C:) it is worth checking only with the Live environment (Windows PE).
Partition Assistant 5.6 is a utility for creating, deleting, and moving partitions on a hard disk (similar to Acronis). Knows how to finish
work after reboot, if required. It is highly not recommended to perform operations with the system partition
when the main OS is running, only from Windows PE.
Norton Ghost 32 11.5.1 creates images of the system, as well as other partitions. Attention! The section should not be used,
therefore, the system and other terminals that are used in the work should be backed up from the Windows PE environment.
Ghost Explorer 11.5.1 is a GHO image viewer (Norton Ghost) that can extract any files from an image. The program also
it has the function to embed files, but it is highly not recommended to do this, because the image needs to be resaved
with the Compile command, which not everyone notices, otherwise the image will be corrupted!
R-Drive 4.7 is an alternative program for creating an image of partitions, as well as the entire media.
BurnAware 7.8 is a program for creating and burning CD/DVD images, low speed is recommended for recording.
UltraISO 9.6.2 editing, mounting, and burning CD/DVD images.
Folder2Iso 1.5 quick creation of an ISO image from files in the specified folder.
Clone Remover 3.9 search and delete similar and identical files. The registration window appears in the middle of the work, you need to enter the key from
an automatically opened text file. After finding similar/identical files, look carefully
the path to the file, so as not to delete the desired file instead of the clone.
ResHacker removing icons and sounds from exe and dll files
HxD binary File Editor (HEX)
ReNamer 5.50 is a very useful program for renaming a large number of files according to the rules. Replacing one character, deleting
unwanted characters or completely words, replacing spaces with underscores, or others. symbols. All this is set
in the program as a rule. The files are specified first, then the rule. In order to avoid the loss of the original names, do the operations
with copies (copy the necessary files to another partition or folder) if you are working with the program for the first time!
Recuva 1.51.1063 is a lightweight program for quick and easy recovery of deleted files, if there was no overwriting in their place. Recovery
it should always be done on another partition or media.
R-Studio 7.5.156292 is a powerful program for recovering deleted/lost files or their fragments. It is convenient because you can create an accurate, sector-by-sector
the image of the media, such as a USB flash drive, and work with the image so as not to expose the information on the original media to accidental overwriting due to
third-party programs (antiviruses, etc.). It is strictly recommended to work with the image!
TestDisk 6.14 is a utility for finding and restoring accidentally/mistakenly deleted partitions on a hard disk, if the information was not written again to the same place.
It is strongly recommended to treat this utility with caution and read the manual in the program folder (Total CommanderProgrammTestDisk), the mht file.
Victoria 4.47 scans hard drives for slow and damaged sectors (bad). The main hard disk should be scanned from the Windows PE environment.
The remaining hard drives, if any, can be scanned from the main OS only if there is a complete absence of program activity on this hard drive (including antivirus).
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