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FlashFXP || Platform: PC || Version: 5.0.0
Language: Russian, etc ||Tablet: Present || 2015

FlashFXP - FlashFXP is an FTP client that supports any type of connection, knows how to work through a firewall and supports SSL/TSL secure connection protocols. Use FlashFXP to publish and maintain the website. Upload and download files such as documents, photos, videos, music and more! Transfer or backup of local and remote files, as well as (FXP) transfer from server to server. The program can import lists of sites from many popular FTP clients. There is a convenient function - a list of pending tasks, which will allow you to resume an unfinished download at any time. The program has the ability to automate downloads using command line parameters. The program allows you to make and organize data transfer not only between a local computer, but also two remote FTP servers. Using FlashFXP, it is very convenient to download files that are located in different folders or even on different FTP servers. All files that need to be downloaded can be queued. The program will remember their location, connect to the server at the start of the download, go to the desired folder and start downloading.--

Additional information:

The undoubted advantage of supporting the FXP standard is that end users who want to copy files from one FTP server to another are no longer subject to the bandwidth limitation of their own Internet connection. There is no need to download a file for yourself to then put it on another FTP server. Thus, the file transfer time will depend only on the connection speed between two remote FTP servers, which in most cases is obviously higher than the user's.
This manager has many useful functions, for example, competent drafting of rules will allow you to get rid of routine clicking on the buttons "replace", "skip", etc. Also in this program, the user will be comfortable with the directory synchronization function. There is a filter system that allows you to automate exceptions by file types in the download queue. In general, those who are more or less familiar with FTP clients will not have the slightest difficulty understanding this program. In addition, the program has a multilingual interface, including support for the Russian language.
The user interface contains two panels. It is similar to Total Commander. By default, the left panel is designed to browse files on the computer, and the right panel displays the contents of the remote site. Each of them can work in both positions. To change the mode, press the button. There is a third panel at the bottom, where FTP server messages and status information are shown.
The program has functions for resuming incomplete downloads, synchronizing folders and organizing tasks according to a schedule. FlashFXP compares directories based on user-selected criteria. The application also supports FTP server search.
After uploading folders to the server, it is often necessary to set access rights to them. For FlashFXP, this is a simple task. You need to right-click on the server folder, and then specify its properties (access rights). The program supports sending RAW commands to the server. Using the plug-in for Internet Explorer, you can access the site through the program interface.

Key особенности:

* High performance of file transfer via FTP protocol
* On-the-fly compression (MODE Z)
* Adjustable speed limit
* FEAT and stat -L support reduces overhead and improves compatibility
* Caching of remote server folders
* New improved performance when using multiple small file transfers
* Active and passive transmission mode
* Proxy (HTTP, SOCKS 4/5, FTP)
• Server-to-Server File Transfer (FXP)
• New SFTP client
* Firewall support
* Fully recursive file transfer
* Internal server identification
* New Integrated File transfer scheduling system
Tools for Webmasters
* Easy file management
* Setting file access rights recursively
* Remote file editing and automatic upload when saving
* Edit multiple deleted files at the same time
* System of selective transfer rules
* Ability to change the default editor
* Extensive command line options
• Secure FTP (FTPS) SSL / TLS
• SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP)
* Password protection of the application
* Reliable root Certification Authority checks using Windows certificate storage
* Clear Channel Command (CCC) SSL/TLS FTP connection support
* S/Key password encryption
* Windows Explorer-like interface
* Drag and drop
* Visually compare the contents of the folder
* Multilingual interface
* Highlighting files
* Multi-Proxy Manager with the ability to request a password
* Bookmarks for folders
* Basic planning system
* Windows 7 JumpList support for connection history and site pinning
* Automatic and manual time zone support
* Automatic resume of downloads
* Transfer rules depending on the size
* Automatic ASCII/Binary selection
• Anti-Idle keeps active connections
* Rollback to resume file download to prevent transmission distortion
* File transfer of any size, there is no 2gb/4gb limit on file size

Scope of application:

FlashFXP has gained particular popularity among gamers for uploading files via FTP on Sony PS3 and PS Vita consoles due to superior speed and stability compared to the standard FileZilla included with Total Commander. And, of course, it is indispensable for system administrators serving forums and websites, FTP file storage and similar relics.

Treatment procedure:

Run the installer of the stationary or portable version of the program you need:
FlashFXP50_3805_Setup.exe - stationary version of the program
FlashFXP50_3805_Portable.exe - portable version of the program
After installation, do not run the program, and if you have, then close it.
From the "Crack" folder, copy the file FlashFXP.exe to the folder with the installed program or portable version, agreeing to a replacement. By default, the program is installed in the following path:
C:Program FilesFlashFXP 5FlashFXP.exe
When you first start the program, you will see a window with the terms of use, press the "Enter Code" button;:

In the next window, click the "From File" button;:

Point to the ffxpkey.dat file, which is located in the "Keyfile" folder;
Confirm your registration. The program will restart into a fully functional version!
The original translation into Russian in the program is made with minor grammatical errors, so I attach the corrected version. To upload a language file to the program, select the menu "Options ->Language -> Import" in the program..." and point to the alternative language file Russian_alternate.dlf, which is attached in the folder "Russian alternate lang". Select the "Options -> Language" menu again in the program and mark the added language with a polka dot Russian alternate

Portable version:

The portable version of the program from the developer is unpacked to the location you specify and is intended for use from USB flash drives and other portable media. It does not add anything to the applet "add/remove program" and is fully configured to work from the installation location (does not interact with registry settings or other FlashFXP installation). It is completely identical to the full version of the program. Does not require administrator rights.


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