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Program version: 3.4.9 Build 414
Official website: Yandex
Interface language: Russian
Treatment: not required
System requirements:
[li]Windows XP/Vista/7/8 (32-bit & 64-bit)
Description: Punto Switcher - automatic keyboard layout switch. Russian Russian keyboard layout Sometimes you forget to switch the keyboard layout from Russian to English and get, for example, "Tsstvschtsy" instead of "Windows" and, conversely, without switching the keyboard layout from English to Russian, you get "Hjccbz" instead of "Russia". Now you can just forget about the keyboard switch, switching will be done AUTOMATICALLY! The program works using the principle of impossibility of combinations of some letters for Russian and English languages. In Russian, for example, a word cannot begin with the letter "B".--Version without ads.--

Additional information:

Punto Switcher monitors which letters are typed on the keyboard and, if the program sees an invalid combination, for example, "More" ("More"), after pressing the space bar, Enter or Tab, the layout automatically switches. We used a dictionary of several million words in order to identify impossible combinations.
The Punto Switcher program includes a diary - Punto Diary. The diary is designed to help you save and organize meaningful text that is usually sprayed across conferences, letters, chats. Punto Dairy has the ability to search through the entire text that a person typed during a week, month, year. A journalist can make an article out of this, a writer can make a book, or you can leaf through your diary and remember what you did last spring. Punto Diary can be useful for quoting a forgotten chat conversation, restoring text after a program crash, etc.

Program features:

[li]creating and editing your own custom dictionary;
[li]correction of accidental CapsLock pressing;
[li]canceling switching and correcting typed text by pressing Break. For example, you want to turn the "we" you just typed into "vs— - click Break;
[li]switch prevention and correction. For example, you type the password in Latin letters and do not want the layout to switch. Press the right arrow (the —> key) and the layout will not switch, and the typed text will be corrected.;
[li]beep for typos;
[li]correction of the first two uppercase letters, for example in the case of: Russia - Russia.
[li]setting up the way to switch layouts;
[li]autocorrect. Now you can create abbreviations that will unfold. For example, you write - "SNP", and these three letters turn into the phrase: "Best wishes". Also, you can put the name of your company in the autocorrect, for example, SKK - "Samara Cable Company". [/li][/li][/li][/li][/li][/li][/li][/li]

What's new in this version:

[li]A new feature is the conversion of numbers into text. It will be useful for those who work with financial documents.
[li]Improved program stability.
[li]The list of hotkeys for searching through Yandex services has expanded.
[li]Based on the exceptions sent by users, the switching and transliteration rules have been updated. [/li][/li][/li][/li]

Features of RePack'a:

Type: installation.
Languages: Russian.
Cut out: EULA.
Command line keys:
[li]Silent installation: /S
[li]It is also possible to choose a directory for installation: After all the keys, you need to add /D=%path%
Example: файл_установки.ехе /S /D=C: Program
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