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Program version: 1.35.04
Official website: WinContig
Interface language: Russian, English, and others
Treatment: not required
Type of medicine: not required
System requirements:
Windows XP | Vista | 7 | 8 | 8.1
WinContig is an easy-to-use standalone defragmenter program that does not create any additional folders on the computer and does not make entries in the Windows registry. Its purpose is to quickly defragment files without having to defragment the entire disk. In addition, WinContig allows you to group files in profiles, and also supports optional command-line parameters with which you can control the behavior of the program.--

Additional information:

WinContig is a standalone application that does not require any installation or additional DLL libraries. You just need to unpack the contents of the distribution ZIP archive to any folder on the disk - and the program is ready for use.
WinContig is distributed as a freeware product for both personal and commercial use.

WinContig version history:

New in version 1.35.04:
WinContig may fail in automatic mode on some Windows XP environments. Fixed. Many thanks-John Connor-for his continuous and valuable help.
When using /CLOSEIFOK, WinContig cannot close the main window. Fixed.
Added Portuguese (European) language module.
New in version 1.35.03:
On some special partitions, the placement of data on the disk could be determined incorrectly. Fixed.
New in version 1.35.02:
When using the /CLOSE key, the main WinContig window could remain open. Fixed.
Added Turkish localization.
New in version 1.35.01a:
Fixed problems with text colors when using the Windows color theme with a black or dark background and white or light text.
New in version 1.35.01:
Fixed a memory leak that could crash in some situations. Thanks to Henri Luhtala, who reported this.
New in version 1.35:
Increased the speed of defragmentation.
New in version 1.30:
Internal optimization and code cleaning.
New in version 1.20b:
Updated Korean localization.
New in version 1.20a:
Updated French, Spanish and Georgian language modules.
New in version 1.20:
Added the ability to show system and status icons next to each element.
Improved definition of SSD drives.
New in version 1.15a:
Updated Afrikaans and Vietnamese language modules.
New in version 1.15:
[At the request of users] Added the ability to analyze/defragment only the elements selected in the upper panel of the main window.
[At the request of users] Added a list of recently used profiles.
New in version 1.10:
Defragmentation of files on volumes with the FAT16 file system could lead to failure. Fixed.
Fixed a crash that could sometimes occur immediately after pressing the defragmentation button.
New in version 1.05.03:
Two or more consecutive defragmentations could cause a crash. Fixed. Many thanks to Marc Corbeil, who pointed out this error.
Added Georgian localization.
New in version 1.05.02:
If the /PROF: key was used, WinContig could not find the specified profile. Fixed.
New in version 1.05.01:
If the /NOGUI key was used, WinContig could report incorrect return codes when exiting. Fixed.
New in version 1.05:
Fixed a bug that could cause analysis/defragmentation to fail.
Added new command line keys.
New in version 1.00:
Fixed a leak of GDI resources that could lead to image corruption on the screen. Thanks to Marc Klenotic, who reported this error.
Individual elements in the Russian-language module were loaded incorrectly. Fixed. We thank Dmitry Erokhin, who reported this error.
Loading the Swedish language module could cause a crash. Fixed. Thanks to Peter Runesson, who reported this error.
Improved disk checking.
Improved deletion of temporary files.
Improved filtering of elements.
Solid-state (SSD) drives are automatically excluded from analysis/defragmentation.
Now WinContig in Windows 7 environment shows the progress of the operation on its button in the taskbar.
A number of small graphical improvements.
New in version 1.00 RC2:
Fixed a bug that could cause a crash. We thank Tom Marriott for his constant and valuable help.
Added a true 64-bit version of WinContig.
A number of small graphical improvements.
Minor bugs have been fixed.
New in version 1.00 RC1:
Added drag and drop support for Windows Vista and Windows 7.
Added the ability to color highlight elements depending on their status.
Improved integration with Windows 7.
Now WinContig has return codes when using the /NOGUI key.
Minor bugs have been fixed.
New in version 0.90:
Now it is possible to exclude these elements from analysis/defragmentation by masks and sizes.
Added the ability to transfer the path to a file/folder to the program from the command line.
Improved overall performance.
New in version 0.80:
Now WinContig supports 120 DPI screen resolution.
Added the ability to manually select files for defragmentation.
Added the ability to exclude specified files/folders from analysis/defragmentation.
Minor bugs have been fixed.
New in version 0.78:
In rare situations, WinContig could enter an infinite loop. Fixed.
Fixed some graphics-related issues in Windows 2000.
Added the ability to delete temporary files before defragmentation.
Added the ability to set the priority class of program execution.
Now you can defragment only the most fragmented files.
Added new command line keys.
New in version 0.77:
Added more information about files.
Now the analysis report can be disabled.
Now you can save the analysis report in a text file.
Added the ability to hide columns.
Improved defragmentation engine.
Minor bugs have been fixed.
New in version 0.76:
Fixed some bugs when using WinContig in Windows 2000 environment.
New in version 0.75:
Added compatibility with Windows Vista.
The method of adding folders has been changed.
Now it is possible to add the root folder of the volume.
Now you can change the sequence of columns by dragging them.
Accelerated folder analysis.
Now the interface language is switched "on the fly".
Some code optimizations.
New in version 0.70:
WinContig now supports files and folders with Unicode names.
The archive with the distribution package includes language files. You can choose your preferred language from the graphical shell of the program.
New in version 0.65:
Sometimes WinContig could not defragment very large files. Fixed.
Now the settings are stored in an external file.
New in version 0.60:
Accelerated file analysis.
Now you can choose a defragmentation strategy - a quick (Quick) or an effective (Smart) method.
New in version 0.50:
The first public version of the program.

Frequently asked questions about WinContig:

Answers to questions frequently asked by WinContig users.
Q. Is it safe to use WinContig?
O. Defragmentation and analysis are based on the library functions of the interface in the OS kernel mode. Thus, defragmentation is safe and does not carry the risk of data loss.
Q. Is it possible to run WinContig from a batch file or on a schedule?
A. WinContig understands command-line keys that allow you to control the behavior of the program. Thanks to this, WinContig can be called from batch files or use the Windows Scheduler to run the program on a schedule.
Q. Does WinContig use the SysInternals Contig utility when performing analysis/defragmentation?
A. No way. WinContig is not a graphical shell for the Sysinternals Contig utility, nor is the Contig utility built into WinContig.
B. WinContig is a freeware program. Can I use WinContig at work?
A. Of course. The WinContig program is free for both personal and commercial use.
Q. What is the difference between fast (Quick) and efficient (Smart) defragmentation?
A. WinContig supports two different defragmentation methods. When choosing the fast method, WinContig looks for the first available free area of sufficient volume on the disk to defragment the file and uses it. This method of defragmentation is suitable for those who regularly defragment disks with a regular Windows tool. When choosing an effective method, WinContig tries to find a free area on the disk, the volume of which best corresponds to the size of the defragmented file. If the free area, which is large enough to write a fully defragmented file, cannot be detected, WinContig tries to reduce the number of fragments of such a file.
Q. I can't choose any other interface language other than Italian. Why?
A. You probably broke the folder structure when unpacking files from the archive . Check if there is a WContig in the folder where you extracted the, Lang subfolder. If you don't have such a folder, create it, move all files with the .lng extension to it, delete the WinContig.ini file (if there is one) and run WinContig.

About Portable:

The portable program is provided by the developer, works without installation on a computer.
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