Ultimate Source SDK SP4 + SSDK Patch-1.2-Final (2010) PC

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Title: Ultimate Source SDK SP4 + SSDK Patch-1.2-Final
Developer: Valve Corporation
Year: 2010
Platform: PC
Version: SDK SP4+Patch-1.2-Final
Interface language: Russian
Tablet: Not required
Description: This assembly is an improvement of CSM SourceSDK RC2 and is positioned,
as a common mapping platform for all Source Engine games (HL2+EP1/2, Portal, CS:S, Day of Defeat Source,
Team Fortress 2, Left 4 Dead, etc.).
The assembly was tested by me along and across, both with unpacked and GCF versions of games,
and all its pros, cons and possible bugs are written below.
The latest version also fixes most of the bugs found by users in the previous version.]
Assembly Features: - Full support for unpacked and GCF content (pirated/licensed);
- Working with engines:
Episode One (Protocol 7)
Episode Two (Protocol 14)
Team Fortress 2 (Protocol 15)
Left 4 Dead (Protocol 37);
- The ability to select the desired engine during installation;
- Full independence from Steam;
- Independent configuration for each engine;
- The build has all the resources needed for fully autonomous operation (i.e. without any content at all);
- The ability to run games from the SourceSDK folder on different engines independently of each other
(a universal engine switching system is used, directly from the launcher);
- Launching the mod from the launcher;
- Russian-language interface of the launch system and games with switching to English;
- Most of the tools and utilities are located in the folder ..BinTools to avoid file duplication
(most tools, with the exception of compilers, did not need to put them in the Bin%enginedir%Bin folder);
- The ability to update SDK engines and applications
(there is nothing superfluous in Bin%Enginedir% folders now, except for files from the original SDK from Valve);
- The latest versions of most utilities (vtfedit, GCFScape, kHED, TCG, etc.).
Assembly disadvantages: * When starting the game, you need to specify their -appid (including when compiling to Hammer in "Expert" mode).
The appid for each game can be viewed when launching the "Run Mod" from the lunchbox or inside the "Start Mod."bat",
for example, to run CS:S - hl2.exe -game cstrike -appid 240.
* Incorrect paths when creating a mod from the Create Mod menu
(an alternative is to edit the paths manually via a file GameConfig.txt ).
* In some places, the RevEmu emulator is unstable (in TF2/DoD:S).
warning: * When compiling maps of a large area (from 7000x7000) and with a large number of brush faces, if you have less than 3GB of RAM, in the Hummer settings on the Game Configurations tab, increase the value of "Default Lightmap Scale" from "4" to "16" (already included in the patch).
* In Hammer (GCF only), when compiling a map in Expert mode, you must enter the AppID of the game: in the $game_exe parameters, add the line -appid [appid number of the game].
In the usual, simplified ("Normal") AppID mode does not need to be entered (only for Orange Box, for Episode One -appid must be entered).
When working with decompressed versions (if CacheEnabled=False), AppID is not entered anywhere.
* If you make maps under TF2 or DOD:S, then when compiling the map, you should also add "+sv_lan 1" (added by default) to the game launch ("$game_exe" or the line "Additional game parameters" in Hammer.e).
* If in TF2/CS:S when loading a compiled map, the game freezes or displays a message like "Steam Validation rejected!"Turn off SteamClient emulation in RevEmu settings.
* Support for unpacked content does not involve the use of ancient unpacked versions of games.
This means high-quality more or less recent versions unpacked from GCF archives.
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