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Moku Hanga |/ Year: 2015 ||Platform: PC // Version: 1.22 |/ Language: Russian ||Cured

The art of Moku Hanga is a Japanese method of wood engraving. This application will add exoticism to your drawing, thanks to the chiseled outlines and excellent color selections. Creating a masterpiece is quite simple. By selecting the desired image, you begin your journey (or editing). It is important to choose the right color scheme and make clear contours. Using the slider, you can adjust the smoothness and width. The initial templates and the corresponding relief are already available. For example, different fibers, rice paper, wood printing and others. You can adjust the color and choose the print style. The color saturation may consist of the initial colors or suggested by the application. If you really like a certain style, it will not be difficult to save it. Unlike other similar tools and effects, the program does not change the photo itself, it simply uses the image as the original, from which it automatically draws a new image using the appropriate brushes and styles. At the same time, you can observe the work of the program as if it were the work of a real artist. The only thing that should be noted is that painting is different from photography, so various random pictures and their processing will not lead to a satisfactory result. The resolution of the finished image does not depend on the resolution of the original and may exceed it several times. One of the advantages of the program is that the finished images will look like paintings even in a small resolution. An impressive set of brushes, paper textures, oil and watercolor paints, and much more will allow you to realize your creative ideas! Thanks to the extensive support for various file formats, you can continue working on projects started in other graphics programs.--

Key features:

* Best in class
* Automatic - the program draws a picture for you
* Real artists inspired by techniques
* The result does not depend on the resolution of the input image
* Will add an unconventional look to your photos
* Universal output
• Easy-to-use interface
* Comprehensive assistance
* A large number of presets

About the program:

The program is portable - does not require installation in the System!
The first launch from the Administrator.
Opened-closed, restarted -working.
Good luck :)
The language is Russian (from kaktustv).
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