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Name: LuckyPatcher
Publication type: Free
Purpose: Optimizer
Developer: ChelpuS
Year: 2014
Platform: Android
Version: 5.3.2
Interface language: Russian
Pill: She is
System requirements: ROOT rights are required.
Description: Optimizer for most programs and games.
Some games and programs have a standard code for interacting with Google Market, but at the same time they have very strong tools to protect the program from modification. This program scans your device for all installed programs, sorts them for the possibility and impossibility of a patch, and places applications in which a patch can be useful at the top of the list. You can apply a patch to it, and if it works, then you will have a fully registered program. In extreme versions, the ability to block annoying ads in applications has been added, but it does not work everywhere and always. Before applying the patch, it is recommended to make a backup of the application!--

Detailed description of functions:

Functions for applications:--...Removing license verification (Automatic mode): designed to obtain an always valid (correct) license from Google Market. We are all well aware of the situation when some maniacal developer restricts us from using the purchased application without the Internet, which is logical, for example, for a browser or Internet radio player, but does not apply at all to a simple player, solitaire klondike or something similar to them. So how to make them work without the Internet? That's why this function exists in the patcher. Of course, it does not guarantee success, but most often the developer communicates quite trivially with Google Market, which gives us a chance for some success when applying an automatic patch to the application. When the patch finishes its work, it will show the percentage of luck, if it is not 0, then you can try to launch the application and see the results (sometimes if the percentage of luck is too small, the Internet is needed when launching the application for a positive result).--...Removing the license check (Manual mode): so, in automatic mode you failed, then you have one more chance - this is manual mode (Manual). In this mode, the target application will be scanned for all objects similar to the license object, the problem is that similar objects can be tables of colors, permissions, keystrokes, anything... And out of this abundance of objects, it is necessary to find a single one that is a license. How to do it? When you apply the manual mode, a dialog will be displayed in which you immediately need to click the "Backup" button to save a copy of the original state. Now select object number 1 and press the "~Patch~" button, and now launch with the "Launch" button; and we look at whether the license request has disappeared, if it asks to repeat the license request, click repeat with the Internet turned on (most often, when patching the wrong object, the application will be wildly buggy), if nothing happened with this object and the application did not become licensed, click in the patch dialog "Restore" to return everything to its original untouched state and select another object and repeat the procedure... and so on until we achieve what we want. After finding out the number of the object, you can tell it to others so that they do not have to sort it out. (most often you need the Internet turned on for a positive result)--...Custom patch! (Custom patch): this is a patch written for a specific application, the result of which can be anything - it depends on the author of the patch. Applications that have such a patch are marked in yellow and with a long tap there is a menu item "Custom patch!". Custom patches are located in the /sdcard/Luckypatcher/ folder and have the *.txt extension. If you want to apply someone's custom patch for some application, you just need to download such a text file and copy it to the folder /sdcard/Luckypatcher/ and the next time Luckypatcher is launched, this application will light up yellow and you can apply this patch by clicking on the Patch for this program!".--...Commit Changes->Commit Changes: it fixes the state of the application at the moment (the exception is a custom patch that changes the library), for example: you have been suffering for a long time with the removal of the license in manual mode and would not like to lose the result with the next update of the dalvik-cache system, then this is for you, click "Fix changes-"Fix changes", and this state will be fixed for always.--...Commit changes->Delete commit (to update the application): this may be necessary when you start installing a new version for an application with fixed changes, Google Play or Android OS will swear to you that there is not enough free space or memory to install, but this is not the case. This is due to a fix file, and to install a new version, it must be deleted. This is what this function does.--...Patch on reboot (Patch on reboot!): Using this function, you can add a specific patch to the Bootlist. This function will be useful to you if for some reason the "Commit changes" function does not work for you-"Commit changes". For example, it is needed if a custom patch changes the application library, because "Fix the changes" fixes only changes in the dalvik-cache, leaving the modified library in the old state and in the old place, where it can be replaced by the original system at any time, depriving you of the changes made during the patch. To somehow protect yourself from this, you need to click "Patch on reboot->Custom patch". Then your library will be patched every time the device is rebooted. If, for some unknown reasons, it does not work, "Fix the changes" and on applications with an automatically deleted license or advertising, then you can add them to the patch when you reboot.--Luckypatcher Settings:
...Bootlist (bootlist!): located in the application settings, when selected, a list of all applications that Luckypatcher patches when the device boots will be displayed. The status bar for the application contains the types of patches that are applied to it when the device is loaded, to remove the application from startup, you just need to tap on it.--...Problem solving->Update Busybox: - for those with a crooked root, it can sometimes help... link to the market to update Busybox (version 1.19.2 is needed).--…Problem solving->Cleaning of all fixes and res.copies: - as I already wrote, the application to which they applied "Fix the changes" has problems installing the apk of the new version. But if you have already deleted the old version of the application, and the memory shortage error remains, you can no longer tap on it and delete the fix. To do this, this option is made, it will remove all the fixes from all applications and make installation possible, at the same time it will clean the backups from the dalvik cache.--...Problem solving->Cleaning the dalvik-cache and rebooting: - simply erases the entire dalvik-cache for user applications and reboots the device so that the garbage is all from there to crash at once:)--Other:
...Star: it means that the application is fixed, when you delete the commit, the star goes out, but there may be inaccuracies in its operation.

Solving various problems with Luckypatcher:

Problem: the patcher writes to you that your root is incorrect, although other applications requiring root rights work for you without problems: Luckypatcher uses root slightly "deeper" and therefore all sorts of flaws in your root may interfere with the correct operation of the patch.-Solution: first, try installing Titanium Backup, at the first start it will check your root rights, and if something goes wrong, it will ask you to fix it or not. Click Yes (correct). If this does not help, then you need to update busybox. Alternatively, this can be done from here . You can get to this link by selecting in Luckypatcher "Problem Solving->Busybox Update".
As another solution to the problem, I can advise you to install at: . It helped some people.--Problem: I treated the Luckypatcher application, now I want to buy it, but it says in the market that the application has already been purchased, what should I do?-Solution: Only creating a new account and buying on its behalf will help, some people even reinstalled the firmware on the device - it doesn't help.
Another option: you need to install the old version of the market (1.x) and buy what you want.
If it didn't help, then we read here The purchase of paid programs in the Market--Problem: I am trying to install a new version of the application, and they write to me in response that there is not enough space to install, although this is not the case, there is plenty of it.-
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