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Title: Everything
Publication type: Portable
Purpose: Quick file search on PC
Developer: voidtools.com
Year: 2014
Platform: PC
Interface language:
Tablet: Not required
System requirements:
Windows XP / Vista /
7 / 8.x (x86/x64)

Description: Everything is a search engine for Windows. Everything allows you to instantly find files and/or folders by their names. For the results found, the basic file operations are applicable, which are usually available from the context menu of Windows Explorer. Please note that Everything does not use indexing of file contents when working, so the search takes place by name and instantly, in real time. By default, Everything is configured to output all the contents of your disks in alphabetical order at once and filter out inconsistencies as you enter the query (hence the name Everything means Everything), but it is more convenient to set the option in the settings to "Hide results with an empty search bar" in this case, the data in the window will appear as the query is typed. The program can be used immediately after launch without configuring anything, but it has many settings, as well as supports search syntaxes, regular expressions and command line parameters. There are options to install Everything as a Windows service, integration into the context menu of Windows Explorer, network management from a remote computer and search on a network drive and FTP--

First launch of Everything:

After launching Everything, it will quickly index all your files, it may take at most a minute, later it will not be necessary, since a database file will be created next to the executable file.
To speed up the search and indexing on the system disk, the program needs to be added to the exceptions of your antivirus and proactive protection, as well as run as an administrator, there is a corresponding option in the menu, but it may not work when any system protection is enabled, in this case, use the file properties and shortcut properties.
By default, all volumes are included in the database, and all folders and files on disks are displayed in the search results list, but this can be changed in the settings.
The program is fully Russified, and the settings are easy to understand and allow you to customize both the search and the appearance according to your preferences.

About the portable version:

The portable version is provided by the developer and does not require installation into the system, i.e. it can be run from anywhere, including from removable media.
The distribution contains two executable files for x32 and x64 bit systems, language files are located next to the executable files, after the first launch, a database and a settings file will appear in the program folder.
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