Android-x86 KitKat 4.4 [x86] 1xCD (2014) PC

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Android for desktop, subnoot, netbook, laptop, tablet- - Name: ANDROID - x86
Platform: PC (x86)
Developer: Android-x86
Year: 2014
Version: KitKat 4.4
Interface language: Russian
Tablet: Not required- System requirements:
Computer, laptop, netbook, x86 tablet (ARM processors are not supported!)- Description:
Chih-Wei Huang has introduced an unofficial port of Android, Google's mobile operating system, for computers based on Intel and AMD processors with x86 architecture.
Android-x86 4.4 is the first stable release in the 4.4 branch. It is based on the original Android 4.4.2 (KitKat-MR1) and includes x86-specific code, allowing you to run the OS seamlessly on the appropriate hardware, including laptops and tablets.-

√ Main features:

FFMPEG integration to support more multimedia files, thanks to which HD and FullHD video playback in applications has also become available;
the latest stable Linux 3.10.52 LTS kernel is used;
hardware acceleration for AMD Radeon and Intel chipsets (PowerVR is not supported);
the OS installer has been improved, the text version supports ext3/ext2/NTFS/FAT32 file systems;
KitKat-style launcher;
Support multi-touch, audio, WiFi, Bluetooth, G-sensor, camera and Huawei 3G modem;
emulation of an SD card as internal memory;
support for up to 8 users in the system and Ethernet network (DHCP only).

√ FAQ entry:

Write to a USB stick


UltraISO "Open file" android-x86 4.4 r1.iso ."Bootstrap" - "Burn a Hard Disk image".
The flash drive must be connected in advance - FAT or FAT32, it can be formatted.

directgrub Record

DirectGrub - GUI for creating a bootable USB stick based on GRUB with ISO loading
Creates a bootable USB media that emulates ISO booting.
It is useful for installing Windows XP on netbooks or on a PC where, for some reason, there is no CD/DVD drive.
Select the ISO image from which we want to download from a USB flash drive
In the list of disks on your PC, specify the USB flash drive.
Let's go.
It's all done.
We insert the USB flash drive into the desired PC and specify in the BIOS or BootMenu the boot with a USB flash drive.
After loading, we see a menu of several items, the most important for us is the first
Instructions for installing Android on a USB flash drive.
You will need:
1) A 4 GB flash drive (Android will take 2.3 GB. A flash drive for 2 GB is not enough)
2) DirectGRUB
3) The Android distribution itself is X86
Keep in mind that the flash drive will be cleared.
Instruction manual:
1) Insert the USB flash drive and run DirectGRUB.
2) Select a USB flash drive from the list and press the button.

3) A window will pop up. Click Yes.
At this stage, the flash drive will be cleaned and prepared for download. It remains to put Android on it
4) Run the "installer" of the Android-X86 distribution, select our USB flash drive and click "OK";

5) After 1-5 minutes, the distribution kit will be placed on a USB flash drive.
That's it! :)
On the flash drive you will see the Android folder and the BOOTMGR file.
You cannot rename or delete them.
After booting from the USB stick, you will see a menu.

√ Checksums:

CRC32: 320F1E81
MD5: D582E02B4505D0D37F152C383C118A26
SHA-1: DCE96B2FF7E81CC7C2A884F6028F114CA3133C20
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