Linux GamePack 14.12 [i386, amd64] (2014) 2*DVD5

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- Title: Linux GamePack
Version: 14.12
Platform: PC
Architecture: 32 bit (x32, x86, i386) and 64 bit (x64, amd64, x86-64)
System requirements: most modern desktops Linux distributions
Interface language: Russian / English
Table: Not required
Year: 2014
Type of publication: L
Publisher: UALinux
Genre: Collection
Package format: binary (regular installer or archive)
Linux GamePack is a collection of 35 games not included in the main UALinux game repository.
Disks contain only games and do not contain the operating system itself, so to work with the disk, you need a pre-installed Linux system.
Games of various genres:
- travel and battles in outer space;
- tactical MMORPG and classic RPG;
- baseball and paintball simulators;
- games in the genre of fantasy and science fiction;
All games are presented in binary form and use their own regular installers for installation or are supplied as an archive, which allows you to install them on any modern Linux system without any problems. (Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, Slackware, Mandriva, Gentoo and others).
To view a brief description and illustration of fragments of the game, you need to run the file located at the root of the DVD.For more information, please visit UALinux

Contents of Disk 1

✔Beyond the Red Line - space battle simulator
✔Celetania - Space MMOG
Dangerous Insects - the struggle of plants and insects
✔Digital Paintball 2 - paintball simulator
✔Eschalon: Book I,II, III - a role-playing game in the style of classic RPG
✔Flipout is a 3D arkanoid puzzle game with a unique gameplay
✔Full Metal Soccer - Tank teams are fighting a football battle
✔Gish - a unique arcade/adventure game with puzzle elements
✔Linball - a small 2D simulator of the game "Pinball"
✔Lix is a dynamic puzzle game in the Lemmings game genre
✔Mutant Factions - a multiplayer online shooter with a top view
✔Nothing to hide - Anti-stealth game
✔Other-Life - fantasy online MMORPG in the style of "old school";
✔Penumbra - a series of computer games in the genre of survival horror
✔Savage 2: A Tortured Soul - a fantasy and science fiction game
✔Sokobano - 3D version of the classic Sokoban game
✔StarMade - a space three-dimensional game of the genre "Minecraft"

Contents of Disk 2

✔Amnesia: The Dark Descent - a promising horror
✔Blocks That Matter is a puzzle game with a unique gameplay
✔Build A World is a sandbox game in which you can create your own world!
✔Caster - third-person shooter
✔Digital Paintball 3 - paintball simulator
✔Grappling Hook is a first-person action-adventure platformer
✔Greedy Car Thieves — Greedy Car Thieves
✔Haunt: The Real Slender - scary psychological horror
✔Head over Heels - arcade adventures in an isometric projection
✔Mad Skills Motocross - Motorcycle racing
✔Mystic Mine is an exciting, casual, mini-game!
✔New Supaplex - two-dimensional platformer
✔Offworld - shooter and flight simulator in one person
✔Out Of The Park Baseball - Baseball simulator
✔PlaneShift - MMORPG 3D Fantasy style game
✔The Clockwork Man - a game in the genre of "hidden object"
✔Towns - urban planning simulator with elements of a role-playing game
✔X2: The Threat - a space simulator with elements of trading

md5 sum:

b638fd7b44afc7630562301a956477eb linux-gamepack-14.12_d1.iso
65a0d85d37d3b3543db4f28d2beb6370 linux-gamepack-14.12_d2.iso
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