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-[li]Name: AntiWinBlock
√ Purpose: LiveCD, DVD, USB
√ Platform: PC
√ Developer: Joker-2013
√ Year: 2014
√ Version: 2.7.9
√ Interface language: Russian
√ Tablet: Everything is cured-System requirements:
√ RAM (RAM) 1 gig or more
√ Windows infected with viruses.
√ With the ability to download from CD or USB.-Description:
AntiWinBlock is a simple solution for removing ransomware banners, viruses and Windows login password.
The functions of backup and recovery of partitions and disks, work with disk partitions, recovery of deleted data are also available. It will help in restoring the system, both for a beginner and an advanced user.
The disk contains the best programs for fighting viruses: AntiSMS, AntlWInLocker, UVs, Dr.Web, AVZ....-

√ AntiWinBlock - has two shells:

From under your system and bootable Win7 PE

√ Additional information:

Keyboard shortcuts:
Ctr+Shift+~ Launching Process Killer (alternative to Windows Task Manager)
PrintScreen/SysRq - take a screenshot (screenshot)
About AntiWinLocker ...
The Lite version is located on the disk, but it is possible to use the PRO version
from a USB stick or ZALMAN.
At startup, the search script searches in the root of all disks for the folder: AWLCD
and if it finds it, it launches the program.
(convenient if you have a media with a PRO version or a newer version of the program)
You can also use the PRO version with Zalman,
you can even sew a key into the image.
About Dr.Web...
The build of Dr.Web 6 Portable Scanner by HA3APET v8 is used
Added a message interface and a startup menu.
The only "external" program used in WinPE
That is, it is not embedded in the "kernel" and is not located when loading WinPE on disk X:
The search script searches for the program at the root of all disks and if it finds it, it launches it.
In WinPE, use either selective or full validation.
Since fast checks only X: boot disk.
UserFolder - a folder for adding your own programs to the build, without repacking the kernel
STEP 1 Copy the program files to the UserFolder folder
STEP 2 Write the PATH to the executable file in the configuration file. (Program launch)
Is prescribed by standard means of Total Commander (there is a video instruction)
(right click on the UserFolder shortcut - Edit the child menu)
STEP 3 Edit the path. Instead Of The Drive Letter:AWBLUserFolder entering a variable
How it works:
When Total Commander is launched, a search script starts that searches for the UserFolder folder
on all disks and, when found, prescribes a variable
A variable is also prescribed to run AVZ and Process Explorer
Attention: After launching Total Commander, the script needs time to check all disks for the
presence of the UserFolder folder. The duration of the search depends on the number of partitions and disks.
Also, if a disk is inserted into the drive, it takes time to start and scan it.
If you click on the UserFolder shortcut immediately after starting TC, the message "The program will not start" may appear"
just wait until the script processes all the disks and connects the folder.
A little bit about Total Commander ...
The labels are written in the configuration files with the extension *.bar
There are two files in the UserFolderBars folder. In the is the settings of the ways to run user programs.
If the UserFolder folder is renamed to UserFolder! it will have priority in the launch.
What is it for? If you are using a disk or image and need to connect your programs from a USB flash drive. (in the root of any disk, create an AWBL folder and copy the UserFolder folder into it, renaming it to UserFolder! and edit)

√ The composition of AntiWinBlock:

Plop Boot Manager is a universal loader. Especially useful for those who can't boot from USB.
Memtest 5.01 - Memory diagnostics.
DOS-utilities HDD DaRTs - Utilities for hard disk diagnostics.
PC-Check v6.21 is a professional tool for computer diagnostics and testing.
Volkov NTFSdos v1.5 Rus is the Russian equivalent of the CIA Commander program. Allows you to reset user passwords, edit the registry, access files and folders on the NTFS/FAT32 hard disk.
QuickTech Professional v5.8 is a professional-level diagnostic program for those who want to quickly check and investigate the main system components, functions and peripherals.
Video Memory stress Test v1.21 is a video memory testing program.
Kon-Boot 1.1/2.0/2.1/2.2/2.3/2.4 - A program to bypass the Windows password.
AutoRuns 12.0 Rus is a program for monitoring the automatic loading of various applications.
Process Explorer v15.40rus is an advanced task manager.
AVZ is an antivirus utility designed to detect and remove SpyWare and AdWare modules.
Windows Unlocker 2.0 is a program for unlocking the system from blockers that requires sending SMS, as well as having other useful functions.
Windows Repair (All In One) is an all-in-one repair tool that allows you to fix a large number of known Windows problems, including registry errors and file permissions, as well as problems related to the Internet Explorer web browser, Windows Update updates, Windows Firewall and much more.
AntiSMS Tool is a program for quick treatment of blockers and Trojans.
AntlWInLocker 4.13 - Unlocking the operating system infected with Trojan viruses. WinLock.
Universal Virus Sniffer 3.82 - Detects and destroys unknown viruses.
Dr.Web Scanner Portable - In case of detection of malicious objects, it will cure the computer.
ElcomSoft System Recovery 3.0 - Password reset, editing Windows accounts.
Total Commander 8.51a is the most powerful and stable file manager for Windows.
*** Programs included in Total Commander:
CMOS De-Animator v2.1 is a small utility that allows you to clear CMOS RAM.
CMOS Manager v1.2 - Backup, restore, reset BIOS settings.
Active@ Password Changer 5.0 Rus - Reset passwords of Windows users, including 8 and 8.1
Reset Windows Password v2.1 Rus - Reset Windows user passwords.
UserManager v1.0.1.4056 - Editing account properties, resetting passwords.
NTPWEdit is a password editing program for Windows family systems.
WindowsGate - Bypassing account password verification on the guest system.
Razblocker - Unblocking registry settings.
LockOFF - Unlocking registry settings.
WinLekar - Elimination of the consequences of virus attacks.
FAV - Fixing the system after viruses.
Auto Runs is a startup manager.
Startup Manager 2.0 is a startup manager.
VHORemover - Removing toolbars.
Piriform Defraggler - defragmenter of the entire hard disk or individual files
BlueScreenView v1.51 - Scans crash dump files and displays information about all failures.
Bios Beep Codes v0.1 - Description of BIOS audio signals
KeyboardTest v2.2- Keyboard Test
LSPFix Winsock 2 is a recovery utility.
Random's System Information Tool - allows you to track changes that have occurred over a certain period.
Services RE - Configuring service services.
ExplorerXP is a file manager with advanced features.
Scanner - A program for analyzing the contents of hard drives
RegFromApp is a utility for analyzing registry changes
Unlocker - Allows you to unlock files in use
WinSnap is a utility for capturing images displayed on a computer monitor (PrtScr/SysRq snapshot)
Process Killer v1.4.2 is an advanced task manager. (starts: Ctr+Shift+~)
HostsFileReader - Restoring, editing the HOST File.
TestDisk is a data recovery utility.
AutoruOff - Setting up autorun.
Panda USB Vaccine is designed to block malicious codes that spread through USB devices.
Anti Autorun 7 is a program to protect your removable media from autorun viruses.
Autorun Killer Ak47 - Deletes the autorun.inf file on all disks. It starts with Total Commander .
MultiBoot - Bootloader Recovery
BootSectGui - Graphical shell of the utility BootSect.exe
BOOTICE - Editing the boot sector.
WinNTSetup3 is a universal solution for installing almost any system from under WinPE
ImDisk - Creating and mounting a virtual drive from a disk image
Driver Export PE - Allows you to create a backup copy of Windows drivers
AltDesk v1.9 - Launching inactive windows
Opera - Internet Browser
FABS AutoBackup 4 Tech - Creating backups of user data
Symantec Ghost - Backup partitions and disks.
Ghost Explorer - View archives created by the GHOST program.
Acronis True Image Home 2013 - Backup partitions and disks.
MiniTool Power Data Recovery TECH 6.8 Rus - Data Recovery Tool
MiniTool Partition Wizard SERVER 8.1.1 Rus - A program for working with hard disk partitions
MSDaRT v7.0 x86 - A set of utilities for Windows resuscitation
Restoring the system from Windows XP checkpoints.
Restoring Windows 7 (x32)
LAN (Network Card) Drivers
HDD and USB3.0 drivers (hard drives and flash drives)
***DOS-utilites HDD DaRTs
Volkov Commander is a file manager running on Windows and MS-DOS.
Victoria - The program is designed for testing, diagnostics and maintenance of IDE and Serial ATA hard drives.
MHDD is the most popular free program for low-level diagnostics of hard drives.
HDAT2 is a program for testing and diagnosing disks. The main advantage over MHDD and Victoria: support for almost all drives with ATA/ATAPI/SATA, SSD, SCSI and USB interfaces.
VIVARD is a powerful and easy-to-use program for HDD diagnostics.
HDD Regenerator is a unique program that allows you to regenerate physically damaged railways.
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