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Title: Autodesk Revit 2015 x64 (English/Russian) ISO image
Purpose: CAD
Developer: Autodesk Inc.
Year: 2014
Platform: PC
Version: 2015 Build 20140322_1515(x64)
Interface language: English, Russian
Tablet: Patch keygen
System requirements: _
Installation instructions: in the Crack folder there are detailed instructions for installation and activation
Description: The software product Autodesk Revit, based on building information modeling (BIM) technology, is designed for the design, construction and operation management of high-quality, energy-saving buildings. Autodesk Revit is a full-featured solution that combines the capabilities of architectural design, engineering systems and building structures, as well as construction modeling (Autodesk Revit Architecture, Autodesk Revit MEP and Autodesk Revit Structure).

New and improved features of Revit 2015

Calculations and analysis
Improved analytical model of structures
Displaying widgets of the local coordinate system along the supporting analytical elements in the view.
Calculation of energy consumption using building elements
Automatic creation of accurate analytical models of energy consumption.
Analytical model of structures
The formation of an analytical model of structures and its management.
Energy Analysis for Revit
Support for environmentally sound design.
Structural Analysis for Revit
The function of performing static calculations in the cloud is available.
IFC Binding
Linking the IFC file to the current project.
Checking intersections
Checking the Revit model for spatial collisions between elements.
The results of the work of several users can be stored in a single storage file.
Revit Server
Work on common models is carried out over WAN.
Integration with Vault
Integration helps to optimize data management.
Integration with Autodesk 360
Access to integrated Autodesk 360 resources.
IFC Certification
The Revit program is certified by buildingSMART International.
Two-way communication with various settlement programs
The model can be automatically updated based on the results of the analysis.
Trimming/lengthening multiple elements
Cropping/lengthening can be applied to multiple elements using a selection frame.
Adjusting the order of family parameters
Saving the specified order of parameters.
Reinforcement for parts
Adding reinforcement to concrete elements
Representation for rebar sets
Different representations of reinforcement for reinforcing bars in different types.
Cross-section properties of load-bearing structures
The cross-section shape contains additional parameters for load-bearing elements
Methods for calculating the pressure drop
Calculation of pressure drop for air ducts and pipelines using the Haland equation or the Kolbrook formula.
Hints for family parameters
Setting up Revit MEP hints, description of parameters and their use.
Accuracy of determining a realistic model
Creating realistic models for the transition to manufacturing.
Code parameters by classifier
File location UniformatClassifications.txt you can change and update.
Improvements in working with fixed elements
Deleting pinned items only at your direction. Now you can avoid accidentally deleting pinned elements.
Temporary View Templates
The properties of the views may change temporarily.
Autodesk Exchange
Autodesk Exchange provides access to new features.
Parametric components
A graphical system for designing and describing forms.
Bidirectional associativity
One of the main advantages of the program is to take into account the slightest changes.
Tools for conceptual design
Creating sketches and models of any shape.
Color schemes of rooms on the plans of electrical systems/HVAC
Visual transmission of the project idea.
Components of pipeline and electrical systems
Revit allows access to components of electrical systems.
Systems Browser
It is possible to highlight in the view the system with which the work is being carried out.
Improvements in engineering systems
Among the improved features of the product can be noted the creation of custom sizes of air ducts and pipelines.
Creating inclined pipes
The productivity of working with pipeline systems has been improved.
Modeling using various materials
Modeling of building structures is carried out using real materials.
Invisible lines (improved)
Using natural shadows and invisible lines allows you to display elements that are behind or in front of other objects.
Improvements in working with changes
Delete changes and create sketches of your own forms of marking clouds.
Improvements in labeling
The ability to move stamps to maintain consistency in the project.
Improved specifications/statements of materials
Improvements to the specification in the "Parameters", "Filter" and "Summary" sections.
Images in specifications
Creating specifications with images to demonstrate graphical information for elements.
Parameters of key marks
The dialog box for changing key marks contains only one path.
References to species
Now, after creating a link to the view, the corresponding view is changed.
Recurring views
Changes to the default naming parameters of duplicate views
Armature numbering
Automatic numbering of fittings.
Improved annotation features for multiple reinforcing bars
Use annotations for multiple rebar bars for detailed information on rebar sets.
Brands of air ducts or threaded
pipelines Marking of air ducts or pipelines with numerical values along the entire length.
Construction modeling
Disclosure of the design concept embedded in the model.
Even more effective interaction with the participants of the distributed project team.
Statements of materials
Detailed definition of the need for materials.
Support for DWG, DWF, DXF and DGN formats
Working with data received from customers and subcontractors.
Marking when placing/by category
Labeling of components is already available when they are placed.
Panel Specifications
The load indicators are displayed in the specification.
Interaction with external databases
The information can be exported to any ODBC-compatible database.
Drawings of nodes
Creating drawings of nodes on 3D model views.
Smoothing improvements
Enabling view smoothing.
Sketch lines
The Sketch Lines tool allows you to give the drawing the appearance of a hand-drawn sketch.
Improvements to the ray tracing interface
Distortion-free visualization in ray tracing mode.
Displaced views
Creating node views in drawings.
Visualization of projects
The ability to perform an almost photorealistic visualization of the model.
Cloud rendering allows designers to reduce costs.

Distribution Information

The source material for creating the assembly is the original ESD distributions.
Added the ability to install English and/or Russian libraries without an Internet connection (the added libraries are shown in the screenshots)
Updated the Autodesk Application Manager component.
Technical improvements have been made that relieve the end user of a number of problems when installing the program.
The distribution has been converted to an optimized ISO image.

Product key



Autodesk_Revit_2015_EN_RU_x64.iso - 7.08 GB (7,610,836,992 bytes)
CRC32: 67716802
MD5: 0F5679EDE198DF59CADA8E21D30DEF40
SHA-1: 7BF404C0298519965C03E55315E3FA883BF18E08

Using offline help

If you want to permanently use local (offline) help instead of Autodesk Help, edit the Revit.ini file by setting the UseHelpServer parameter to 0 in the Documentation section.
We are looking for the Revit.ini file in C:Users:user_name:AppData:Roaming:Autodesk:Revit:Autodesk Revit 2015.
After saving the changes in the Revit.ini file, run the program again to view the results.
Installation of the update available at the time of release Update Release 1 is not required.
There were discrepancies with the released builds in Autodesk - UR1 is intended for updating the 20140223_1515(x64) build, whereas the distributed build is based on the 20140322_1515(x64) build, where the update has already been enabled. They began to take an example from MS...
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