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Title: Movie Collector Pro
Purpose: cataloger
Year: 2014
Platform: PC
Version: Cobalt.4 Build 3 RePack by MV Club
Interface language: Russian / Multilingual
Tablet: integrated
System requirements: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 (x32 / x64)
A small program for all fans of collecting downloaded movies and TV series - cataloger Movie Collector Pro. You can easily make not only the top of your favorite movies or music shows, but also organize all your films with personal notes.
Everything happens very simply. You create a new database, enter information about your movies, or search for it in the huge online database Movie Collector Connect and other resources (IMDb, Amazon ...), choose the appropriate one from the found ones and save it. Then, you can make additional notes and upload all the necessary information about the film, starting with the actors and a summary of the plot and ending with a list of audio tracks /subtitles/ formats, etc. Naturally, you can fill in these fields yourself, and not just draw from third-party sources.
It's the same with TV shows. You can easily work with multiseasons, distributing them across disks. In order not to get confused in the twists and turns of a particular show, you are given the opportunity to download all the information about the series, however, in English - all the same work of third-party resources, or add it yourself. With Russian-language sources of film information (Kinopoisk,, Movie poster...) the program, alas, is not friendly.
After that, all you have to do is fill in the fields like "Viewed - yes/no" and "My rating". Naturally, if the program could not find your disk (for example, you have a licensed Russian edition at your disposal - with Russian dubbing, other selection of bonuses, etc.), you can edit any information downloaded from the Internet quite calmly.
Additional functions will allow you to monitor the state of your collection (this is especially important for real DVD collectors) - mark the movie as "expected" (i.e. the one that is not in the collection yet, but I would really like to have), or "at the box office" (films that you have loaned to friends, relatives, etc.), assess the condition of the physical medium, etc.

Key features of the program:

* Search for information about the movie (actors, director, cover, trailer, etc.) in the Internet Movie Database and other online databases.
* Search and sort by any criteria
* HTML catalog generation
• High speed operation
• High quality of the result
* Nice and user-friendly interface

Main functions of the program:

Adding movies to the database
* Cataloging DVD/Blu-ray discs by name
* Cataloging DVD/Blu-Ray discs by barcode
* Cataloging of video files by automatic scanning of hard drives and other media
* Batch addition (using a Search query)
• Automatic acquisition of data for movies and TV series from an online database
* Automatic receipt of covers and IMDb links for actors and directors
* Automatic receipt of links to trailers (YouTube) with the ability to view directly in the main window of the program
* Search for additional covers and posters online using Google search
* Full Unicode support
Viewing your movie collection:
• In the form of covers / in the form of a list / special 3D mode - Cover Flow
* Grouping movies by folders
* Manage your collection and list 'Expected'
* Statistics: histograms and pie charts
* Search the database using customizable filters
* Movie Collector Settings:
- Templates and styles for Descriptions
- View of the main window
- Configurable fonts and sizes
- Selection of list columns
- Sorting/ordering the list of movies
Database management and editing
* Editing movie entries
* Editing multiple movies in one go
* Rental management
* Autocapitalization and automatic sorting of names
* Managing substitution lists
* Setting default fields
* Assigning field names / defining custom fields
Exporting and sharing a movie list:
* Free cloud service CLZ Cloud
* Export data to CLZ Movies mobile apps for iPhone, iPad and Android
* Placing your database on the Internet using a CLZ Cloud account
* Watch and play your movies in Windows Media Center (or using third-party players)
* Customizable list printing
* Export to HTML pages
* Export to CSV, XML
* Network support

Version changes:

Version Cobalt.4 build 3 (released on February 25, 2014):
• Fixed:
- When using Add Movies Automatically, the Format data from the online database wasn't applied.
Version Cobalt.4 build 2 (released on February 24, 2014):
• Improved Find Backdrop screen
- The Find Backdrop screen now allows you to modify the search terms, so that you can tweak the search and get better results from Google Images.
• Fixed:
- Several Access Violations in the main screen.
- Templates: Disc entries were always showing even when there's was only 1 disc.
- Editing in main screen: mouse wheel scrolling in drop down lists didn't work.
Version Cobalt.4 build 1 (released on February 19, 2014):
• Multi-format support
- The Format field is now a multi-value checkbox-list field, allowing you to select multiple formats for movies. (e.g. select Blu-Ray Disc and DVD for those multi-disc releases that have multiples version of the same movie in one box.)
- On top of that, you can now also set the Format at the Disc level, so that you can indicate which disc is the Blu-Ray one and which disc is the DVD.
- Of course, the Cobalt and Metro templates fully support multiple formats, showing multiple format icons at the top and new format indicators for each disc.
• New Cobalt Compact template for Preview panel of Add Movies Automatically screen
- The new Cobalt Compact template has been especially designed for the task at hand: selecting the correct movie and edition from the search results.
Clearly showing the identifying movie information near the top (Title, Year, IMDb link, Director, Cast).
An "edition block" at the top right, with Format, Barcode and edition name.
- Toggle between Front and Back with the "flip" icon that appears when hovering over the cover image.
- Responsive design makes the template usable and good looking, whatever the width of your Preview panel is.
- Available in both Light and Dark styles.
• Improved layout of Edit Movie screen
- The fields of the Edition tab has been split into two tabs:
- The Edition tab holds the new multi-value Format box, plus other package and release related fields.
- The new Edition Specs. tab now contains all fields related to the technical properties of the disc, like audio, screen-ratios, subtitles, layers, etc...
• Improved Check for Updates screen
- Clearer link to Updates Page on the website, to find out what is new.
- Now always shows the Expiration Date of your Update Plan and how many days of updates you have left.
• Improved Check for Updates screen
- In Read Only mode the entire toolbar was hidden.
- Add Automatically: Reporting errors to Core could lead to "Movie not found".

Features of RePack'a:

* Type: installation (Russian language of the installer)
* Treatment: carried out (Crack by TE)
* Added Russian interface language (MV Club)
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