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-- Program Name: Your Uninstaller! PRO
Program version: 7.5.2014.03
The latest version of the program: 7.5.2014.03
Official website address: ursoft
Interface language: Russian, English, and others
Treatment: ready serial number
System requirements:
[img] [/img]
Your Uninstaller provides a solution to the tasks of uninstalling applications installed on your computer. Highlights the newly installed "software" and automatically cleans the registry keys and files remaining after deletion. Garbage collection, however, is not limited to applications alone. You can also request a list of automatically downloaded programs and the context menu of Internet Explorer. Can show the corresponding application icons. There is an application search function by keyword. Automatically detects faulty registry keys and completely deletes them with your permission. It is possible to manually delete entries about installed programs from the system registry. It has a pleasant and user-friendly user interface, and the program also has a Russian-language interface.--

Additional information:

The program has a well-designed and organized interface. There is a useful feature for users who are faced with a HotBar problem. Sometimes, even if the application has been uninstalled, the toolbar remains in your Internet Explorer, Your Uninstaller! can get rid of any part of the HotBar. The program also removes spyware known as Ad-ware from the registry, exports a list of installed programs to print, and much more. It allows not only to replace the standard uninstaller, but also significantly expand the possibilities for removing programs and obtaining information about installed software. When scanning the system, it automatically detects "abandoned" files and erroneous registry keys left over from seemingly deleted programs. In addition to performing the main function, it allows you to manage programs that run when the system boots.

Key features:

Complete removal of installed applications
Deep scan of the registry and hard drives for incorrect entries and unnecessary files
Removing programs that cannot be removed via standard program removal
Removing screensavers (in the PRO version)
Removing traces of Internet activity
Creating a backup copy of the system registry and restoring it
Managing registration keys
Built-in hard disk cleaner that allows you to find and delete unnecessary files on your hard drives (in the PRO version)
Built-in Internet Explorer context menu cleaner (in the PRO version)
Built-in program autorun manager (in the PRO version)
Correction or removal of incorrect shortcuts on the desktop and in the Start menu;
Getting detailed information about installed applications
Creating a backup and restoring information about installed applications
Removal by simply dragging the application icon into the program window
List of installed applications with original program icons
Powerful search function for programs for their subsequent removal
Automatic detection of incorrectly installed programs and their removal in one mouse click
The fast startup speed of this program is 5-10 times faster than the standard Windows XP program removal manager
Exporting a list of programs to a file or to print
And many other possibilities...

Features of the Russifier:

Eliminates "krakozyabry" and translates almost everything that is not translated in standard Russification.
Installation instructions: before installing the Russifier, be sure to close the program and its tray icon!
Follow the instructions of the installation wizard.
The advantages of this russifier:
* Based on the updated Russian translation from diim (dated 21.07.2013)
• Significantly expanded and improved, every line has been thoroughly checked
* Fixed many errors and inaccuracies in the original russifier
* Almost all words and windows have been translated, with rare exceptions
* Complete absence of "krakozyabrov", no registry edits are required!
* The Russian code page has been changed to the correct one in the program resources
* Added hotkeys on the Alt key, as in the English translation
* Thoroughly tested under the virtual machine in all operating modes of the program
* The Russifier was made qualitatively and conscientiously, "for myself"
• Does not make any changes to the exe file and program code!
To the attention of users not from Russia! If you have a format other than Russian (Russia) selected in the "Control Panel" - "Language and regional standards", then after installing the Russifier rename the urmain.RUS file in the installed program folder as follows: urmain.UKR - for Ukrainian, urmain.BEL - for Belarusian, urmain.KKZ - for Kazakh, etc.
This russifier fits the version of the file "urmain.exe" with a digital signature dated April 8, 2013.
Russian translation: diim & Klevest © 2013
July 21, 2013

Treatment procedure:

1. Install the program (at the end of the installation, uncheck the checkbox "Check for updates"), do not run.
2. Install YU_7.4.2013.02_RUS.msi, Russify.
3. Register the program with a ready-made serial number.

Features of RePack by D!akov:

Type: installation.
Languages: Russian | English.
Cut out: other languages, help.
Treatment: carried out.
Command Line Keys:
Silent installation of the Russian version: /S / R
Silent installation of the English version: /S/E
It is also possible to select a directory for installation:After all the keys, you need to add /D=%path% Example: файл_установки.ехе /S/R /D=C: Program

Features of RePack by KpoJIuK:

Free license:Giveawayoftheday
Type: Installation
Languages: English, Russian [Klevest], Ukrainian [m028]
Treatment: performed by [key-GAOTD]
Cut out: help, other localizations, advertising modules
Command Line Keys:
Silent installation of the Russian version: /S /RU
Silent installation of the English version: /S/EN
Silent installation of the Ukrainian version: /S /UA
Do not create shortcuts in the Start menu: /NS
Do not create shortcuts on the desktop: /ND
Installation location selection: /D=way
The key /D=PATH should be specified most recently
For example: Your.Uninstaller.PRO.v7.5.2014.3.exe /S /RU /D=C:MyProgram
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