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Title: WindowBlinds 7
Purpose: Desktop
Developer: Stardock
Year: 2010
Platform: PC
Version: 7.1.273
Translation: Not required
Tablet: Present + here (new tablet)
ATTENTION NEW TABLET No glitches tablet updated
System requirements: Windows XP, Vista, Seven-32,
Installation Instructions: The following steps are required!!Exactly in the order indicated below!!!!
1.Installing WindowBlinds 7
2.Reboot is mandatory!
3.After restarting, run the program.
4.Install trialreset for WindowBlinds 7
Description: WindowBlinds is a program for changing the graphical interface of Windows, through the installation of visual design themes. Visual design styles in WindowBlinds are able to provide animation, sound, alpha transparency of the Taskbar, changeable icons on the Toolbar.
Changes the settings of the graphical interface (GUI) of the operating system and adds some useful options to the GUI - for example, placing new buttons in windows to control the most frequently used applications (including the media player).

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One of the features of the Windows interface cannot be overlooked is Windows Glass - translucent headers and framing of windows with different colors with the effect of transparent glass, which is inherent in the new Windows Aero theme.
WindowBlinds works on the basis of skins - visual styles and themes that allow you to change the appearance of many Windows parameters. For example, it allows you to change the appearance of icons on the toolbar, the appearance of buttons and the Start menu, the borders of menus and dialogs, the taskbar and window titles.
WindowsBlinds has full support for Windows 7, and according to the developers, it does not reduce system performance when using modern video cards.
WindowsBlinds can work with improved animation and has a new skin customization utility, such as fonts and colors. Although changing the interface is often perceived only as something pleasant to the eye, Brad Wardell, executive director of Stardock, states that changing the look of Windows can also increase the productivity of the user.
WindowBlinds is a program that was developed for the Windows system, it allows users to change the appearance of the system interface. By changing the appearance, we mean changing the title of windows, the Start menu, various buttons, sliders for scrolling pages and any other element of the Windows interface. These changes are also implemented into programs that are running on your computer.WindowBlinds changes the appearance using skins (or visual styles) that can be made by anyone using a free program called SkinStudio ( ). There are thousands of these visual styles that are available for download from sites such as: , , , and everywhere else.WindowBlinds works with Windows Vista and Windows XP operating systems. There is also a special modification of the program – WindowBlinds Classic. It was developed for Windows 2000 and earlier systems.WindowBlinds uses skins that change the appearance of any element at your own discretion. Unlike Windows, the program also changes other applications that are not considered to support various themes and skins. You may have noticed that by applying a theme in Windows, some programs still remain unchanged. This is due to the fact that they do not support these very themes. WindowBlinds can change the appearance of even such programs.Another advantage of WindowBlinds is that it uses DirectX acceleration. This allows you to move windows, change their size faster than in normal Windows.WindowBlinds not only can change the basic look of Windows XP, but also the program adds support for alpha blending technology. This means that some interface elements will look like glass, that is, you will be able to see what will be behind them. For example, you will be able to observe your desktop through the title window, the buttons will also become transparent, and the corners of the windows will no longer be "jagged". And all this became possible thanks to alpha blending. WindowBlinds uses a skin that makes XP look like Vista. Companies like Alienware, among many others, use WindowBlinds to create special skins for desktops. This skin from the "Star Wars" theme was supplied with computers from Alienware. Take a look at how unique and elegant the header windows and other parts of the interface are. This program allows companies to create their own unique brand, offering users to see and experience something new and interesting. There are thousands of different skins for WindowBlinds on the web. Most of them are made by the users themselves. Some users try to make Windows look like other operating systems. WindowBlinds allows users to change toolbar icons in Explorer and Internet Explorer Users can change the animation when performing various actions (such as copying) Downloaded the skin, but don't like the color? No problem, WindowBlinds supports changing the color options for advanced users, the program can also offer something for advanced users. If you don't care about appearance, WindowBlinds can be used as a pretty powerful productivity tool. The program can be configured so that the application window is minimized by right-clicking on its header. You can also use skins that have additional features, for example: buttons for minimizing windows and the "always on top of other windows" button. Users can bind a separate skin to a separate application (or vice versa, force WindowBlinds to completely ignore some applications). If you have a special application that works better with a specific skin, you can install it using WindowBlinds. WindowBlinds can also replace desktop wallpapers.Users can force the program to change the wallpaper automatically at different times of the day. Moreover, you can make your own collection of desktop wallpapers by collecting them from all over your computer. This makes WindowBlinds a more convenient solution for managing images than a standard image viewer.
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