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Title: igo Primo v2.
Type of publication: Type - license, portable, etc.
Purpose: navigation
Developer: http://www.igonavigation.com /
Year: 2014
Platform: Android
Interface language: RUS,Multi
Tablet: Not required, cured
System requirements: Operating system: Android 2.2+
Processor: 800MHz
Memory: 256MB
Installation instructions: In the distribution of the image:
The image was created because of the zip files that are included in the content.
Unpack the image on the computer using the PowerISO program or similar.
Installing the program:
[li] copy the iGO folder to the root of the memory card (sdcard/igo)
[li] install iGO.v.
[li] copy the VocalizerEx folder to your phone's memory card
[li] install vocalizer_1.0.2.3f.apk from the Voice Engine folder
[li] in the device Settings -> Language and Keyboard -> Speech Synthesis -> select VocalizerEx TTS
[li] run the program, go through the initial settings.
The distribution also includes a program for quick satellite search, a program for updating radars.
Installing cards:
All cards of Europe, including Russia, are in the distribution.
Copy the necessary maps to the iGO->content -> map folder
Description: A new version of GPS navigation from iGO, the market leader in providing software applications for PDAs, smartphones and communicators with a navigation module (PNA and PDA and others with them). Despite the fact that the functionality of the software has been improved by an order of magnitude, the menu has been redesigned, new skins and support voices have been added, the Yoke is still easily accessible for using the navigation system. With an intuitive interface and quick response, One or two taps on the gadgets screen will allow you to get to any of the numerous functions of the application, completely without distracting from the road, for example.
Separately, it is worth noting that map sets supplied by several leading GPS developers of maps and atlases have been added to the kit. They are not only one of the most detailed, but also visually more adapted for human perception when driving a car. Yes, and what a sin to conceal, beautiful, that is, that is. And the accuracy of maps, say from the same Tele-Atlas, is out of competition.
Almost immediately after the release of the first version of IGO, the program gained huge popularity among outdoor enthusiasts and motorists around the world. At the same time, manufacturers have never stopped there and constantly improved their brainchild. iGO has become synonymous with GPS navigation for PNA and PDA. iGO Primo currently has no competitor in the quality of GPS positioning. The interface itself is very pleasing to the eye, while the information is easily read even while driving.
And again, with the release of the next build, the user received more than 40 new functionality and hundreds of improvements in the engine and, in addition, an innovative interface that made a new breakthrough in the history of IGO.
* Feature ("Driver Alerts") duplicating prohibiting and warning road signs
* Realistically displayed intersections and interchanges and impressive three-dimensional navigation, for the first time on the market with iGO 9.6 Primo.
* The calculation of the optimal route, taking into account the time of day, has been thoroughly revised.
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