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Title: Picture Cutout Guide 3.0.3
Publication Type: License
Purpose: Graphics
Developer: [url=http://tintguide.com/ru/picturecutout.html ]tintguide.com [/url]
Year: 2013
Platform: PC
Interface language: Russian
Tablet: Present (patch)
System requirements: Windows XP / Vista / 7
Installation instructions: Install, patch and use.
Description: Picture Cutout Guide is a program for separating objects from the background and conducting photomontage. Separates objects from an arbitrary background and transfers them to other photos. Allows you to apply effects to the background - fill with a choice of color, shading and blurring with a choice of intensity. The program includes animated examples of photo processing: program features; specifying the boundaries of objects; simple background cleaning; background effects; complex background cleaning; photomontage.
To create avatars and photomontage, it is often necessary to cut an object (a person, an animal, a car, etc.) from one image and move it to another. The difficulty is usually the separation of the object from the background, often performed by quite complex programs that require detailed study and special skills. The Picture Cutout Guide program will give you the opportunity to creatively approach your photos and make a photo montage without special training.
In order to separate an object from the background, you will need to specify the approximate border of the object being separated. The size of the tool can be changed (with the mouse wheel or slider). This allows you to specify the border of large parts with a wide brush, and small parts with a narrow one. After clicking the "separate" button, the program highlights the exact border. If there are errors, you can manually narrow the approximate border in the right place and repeat the separation. Next, you can apply effects to the background, save the cut object, and then overlay it on any other image. At the same time, the object can be rotated, its size and proportions can be changed, reflected vertically and horizontally.
Some features:
✔ Picture Cutout Guide allows you to add effects to the background.
✔ You can darken, blur, fill the background with color or make it monochrome.
✔ Blurring and darkening will allow you to focus on the main object, remove rough areas or unwanted noise, and give an interesting photo effect.
✔ The degree of darkening and blurring are changed by sliders, which makes it possible to quickly select the desired values.
✔ Fill with color and monochrome can be done with any color from the palette offered in the program.
✔ Also, you can swap the object and the background, in which case you can apply all the effects to the main object.
✔ The functions of rotation and resizing of the cut object can be applied with imagination
►► The program stores all the objects you cut out, which you can quickly apply at any time during photo editing. Picture Cutout Guide has a user-friendly interface, the ability to go back any number of steps. All the features of the program are shown in demo examples, which will allow you to quickly master the program and start working on your photos.
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