Ieshua's Live DVD/USB 2.09 (Windows 2003 SP1) (2014) PC

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--[li]Title: Ieshua's Live-DVD/USB
Purpose: LiveCD, DVD, USB
Developer: Ieshua
Year: 2014
Platform: PC (x86 /x64)
Version: 2.09 (12.01.2014)
Interface language: Russian
Tablet: Not required--System requirements:
Normal loading
√ 96Mb RAM + swap file
√ WIM download - 384Mb RAM + swap file
Recommended requirements:
√ Normal load - 256Mb of RAM
√ WIM download - 512Mb RAM--Description:
The disk is a stripped-down version of Windows 2003 SP1, which is loaded from a DVD, flash drive or network.
The main purpose of the Ieshua's Live disk is to check the system for viruses, work with the NTFS file system, change disk partitions, restore data, restore or change access passwords to Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 (partial support for Vista and Server 2008), backup data, save data over the network from non-booting systems, etc.-

Work with disk:

- Standard Explorer and BsExplorer for ERD Commander are used as a shell.
- The loader performs automatic detection of HAL and kernel.
- When downloading, the Programs.wim image is searched and connected from the last logical disk on which the image was found. The free space of the logical disk and the file attribute are also checked.
- The possibility of a full WIM download is determined automatically depending on the amount of free memory and the size of the Programs.wim file.
- After loading the disk, you can specify the network settings.
- By default, the LiveCD is loaded with a screen resolution of 800x600x32bit.
- Antivirus can react not only to viruses, but also to a lot of other programs.
- Network card support
- Supports ATA/SATA/SCSI/RAID, USB 3.0 controllers
- When installed on USB/HDD, Programs.wim is not searched.
- Installation on USB/HDD with WIM boot is possible only if there is a media and is carried out by launching the PEInstaller shortcut from the root of the media.
- Contains a PXE server, which makes it possible to boot computers over the network using only one disk.
- Allows you to install custom drivers, it is enough to put them in the PeDrivers root directory on any media.
- Custom drivers are installed automatically when wim-booting, normal booting and a memory capacity of more than 512Mb, as well as booting from a USB drive or hard disk.

The disk contains the following software products:

.Net Framework 2.0
exFAT File System Driver
AVZ 4.41 Antivirus Utility
Windows Server 2003 SP1 Recovery Console
7-zip 9.20
Acronis Disk Director Server 10.2288
Acronis TrueImage Enterprise Server Echo + UR + Tib Browser
Active@ Password Changer 3
Active@ Boot Disk Suite 7.5.3
Adaptec's ASPI v4.71.2
Aida64 Extreme Edition v.4.00.2736
Alcohol 120%
Ammyy Admin 3
Bad Cd Repair 3.05
Cain and Abel Network Sniffer 4.9.40
CMOS Manager
Datanumen Advanced Cab Repair
Datanumen Advanced Photoshop Repair
Datanumen Advanced Rar Repair
Datanumen Advanced Zip Repair
Dependency Walker 2.2.6000
DM Disk Editor and Data Recovery 2.2.3
Download Master
Driver Import PE
Elcomsoft Advanced Archive Password Recovery 4.50
Elcomsoft Advanced EFS Data Recovery 4.2
Elcomsoft Advanced IM Password Recovery 3.61
Elcomsoft Advanced Office Password Breaker 3.02
Elcomsoft Advanced PDF Password Recovery 5.05
Elcomsoft Advanced Registry Tracer 2.11
Enchanted Keyfinder v0.1 Beta
ESET Nod32 4.0.314 scanner
Event Log Explorer 3.3.1
Fab's Autobackup
Ffdshow Codec
FixBoot for Vista (Requires .NET Framework)
HDDScan 3.3
Hidden Administrator Viewer 3.1
HijackThis 2.04
FSD Driver for Linux Ext2/3/4 File Systems
IP Tools 2.50
Java 1.5.0_11
Jufsoft Doc Repair 3.10 build 0710
Kaspersky Antivirus Personal 7.0 Rus
Media Player Classic
Memtest 4.20
MHDD 4.6
Microsoft iSCSI Initiator
mst TotalAccess Disk Pro
msxml 4.0 sp2, 6.0 sp1
Nero Burning Rom
Nero CD/DVD Speed
NHT PassMaker
Nirsoft Bluescreen View 1.46
Nirsoft Dialupass 3.16
NirSoft Mail PassView 1.78
NirSoft Network Password Recovery 1.32
NirSoft Wireless KeyView 1.56
Nirsoft Remote Desktop PassView 1.01
Nmap Security Scanner
Norton Ghost32 v11.5.1.2269
Opera 9.62
Pale Moon 3.6.18-AthlonXP
Paragon Alignment Tool 4.0
Paragon HardDisk Manager 12.0
Partition Table Doctor 3.5
Password Pro
PENetCfg 2.40
Putty 0.60
R-Studio Network Edition 7.1.154569
Radmin Viewer 3.4
Registry Restore Wizard
RegistryCleaner Rus
Remote Office Manager Viewer 4.1
Resource Hacker Rus
Runtime Captain Nemo 5.13
Runtime Disk Digger 1.02
Runtime Disk Explorer(NTFS,FAT,Linux) 4.32
Runtime DriveImage XML 2.44
Runtime GetDataBack for FAT/NTFS 4.33
Runtime NAS Data Recovery 2.13
Runtime RAID Recovery 1.43
Runtime Raid Reconstructor 4.32
Sala's Password Renew 1.1
ServicesPE 1.0a
Smart Driver Backup 2.12
SpyBot S&D 1.62
SRWare Iron 11.0.700.3
Sumatra PDF Reader 2.4
Sysinternals Process Explorer 12.04
TestDisk 6.12 & PhotoRec 6.12
Total Commander 7.56a Rus
UFS Explorer 3.19 Rus
UltraISO Rus
UltraVNC Viewer
Universal Virus Sniffer 3.81.1
Victoria 4.46b
Video Memory stress Test for clear environment
Visual C++ 2005 Runtime
Visual C++ 2008 Runtime
Vopt 9.21
Wifi Hopper 1.2
WinDJView 2.0.1
WindowsGate 1.2
WinHex 12.2
WinImage 8.10 Rus
WinPatrol 27.0.2013.0
WinRar 4.20 Rus
WinSCP 4.37
Winternals ERD Commander 2005
Wireshark 0.99.5

Video card support:

Intel 810-Q35 including their mobile counterparts
NVidia GeForce2-GeForce GTX 675 including their mobile counterparts
ATI RADEON 7000-Radeon HD 7600 including their mobile counterparts

Sound card support:

SIS 7012
SiS 7018
ALi AC'97
C-Media 8338/8738/9761
CMedia Oxygen HD
Realtek AC'97
Realtek HD Audio
nForce AC'97
ForteMedia 801
Conexant ACLink
Conexant HD
Crystal Audio
ESS Allegro and Maestro
Soundmax Ac'97
Soundmax HD Audio
Via AC'97
Via HD Audio
Yamaha AC-XG
Creative ES1371, ES1373
Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme SB0790
Creative Sound Blaster Live!Audigy LS 24bit
as well as standard drivers

Modem Support:

Ambient(Intel) Serial
Ambit Soft56k
Agere Toshiba SoftAMR
Conexant HCF USB (Creative Modem Blaster USB DE5771, Acorp Sprinter, etc.)
Conexant Serial
Conexant ACLink
Conexant HSFi V92
Rockwell Serial
Toshiba SoftwareAMR
U.S. Robotics
and standard drivers


+Ammyy Admin 3
+diskmod driver, in order for removable media to be defined as hard drives and vice versa
+WinPatrol 27.0.2013.0
*Paragon Partition Manager 11.0 on Paragon HardDisk Manager 12.0
*Antivirus databases
*Mounting of the program image has been moved from disk Z: to disk B:
*Mbrfix and mbrwiz
*Mountstorpe added to auto-upload
*SCSI/RAID driverpack from 2013.06.15
*USB 3.0 driverpack from 2013.05.28
*NIC_LAN driverpack from 2013.05.29 except Rtenicxp
*Windowsgate up to version 1.2
*R-Studio up to version 7.1.154569
*GetDataBack for NTFS up to version 4.33
*GetDataBack for FAT up to version 4.33
*AIDA64 Extreme Edition up to version 4.00.2736
*SumatraPDF up to version 2.4
*Paragon Alignment Tool up to version 4.0 and combined with Paragon HardDisk Manager 12.0
*Active Boot Disk Suite up to version 7.5.3
*Runtime Captain Nemo up to version 5.13
*Runtime NAS Data Recovery up to version 2.13
*Runtime RAID Recovery 1.43
*UltraISO up to version
*AVZ antivirus utility up to version 4.41
*Universal Virus Sniffer up to version 3.81.1
*Starting the Recovery Console
*menu.lst when starting from a USB flash drive and over the network
*Fixed OpenGL support in NVidia driver
*PEInstaller launch shortcut
*Incorrect paths in Office Viewer
*Duplicate USB drivers
*Download USB 3.0 Asmedia drivers
*Acronis TrueImage operation
*SoundMAX 8086 Driver:266e(subsys_0c23105b)
*Changed bootloader: Added auto-detection of HAL and kernel
*Work with old ACPI and without APIC
*Minor errors
-Documentation from msxml, wireshark
-Unnecessary loading points
-ntdetect since it is built into the boot loaders

FAQ for installing on a USB stick:

There are 3 ways to install:
1. After loading the disk. Start-Programs-Utilities-Installing PE on disk.
2. Run the peinst file from the root of the disk or image.bat
Now the method:
1. Press the UsbFormat button and format the USB flash drive in FAT16 (up to 4GB inclusive) or NTFS (8GB and more).
2. In the PEInstaller window in the middle of the screen, click the down arrow and select your USB flash drive, click Install and wait for completion.
3A. If you need a multi-boot, click grubinst in Grub4Dos Installer Disk, choose the down arrow, click the drive, install at the bottom, then close the black window.
3b. If multiboot is not needed, click mbrfix in UltimateMBRGUI choose Select Drive, in the tree MBRFIX->Repair Halka fixmbr down Run..
Paragraphs 3 (a, b) and 2 may be replaced.
How it is done in pictures.

Method 3:
The flash drive is formatted using the HP USB Format Tool in FAT16 (up to 4GB inclusive) or NTFS (8GB and more).
The contents of the image are copied to the flash drive except for the pxe folder.
Copied by:
Then it installs grub on a USB flash drive in any available way or performs fixmbr on a USB flash drive in any available way.

Known issues:

1. "There is no access to the comp name. You may not have the rights to use this network resource. Contact the administrator of this server to obtain the appropriate access rights. Access denied."
Decision: To solve the problem, you need to run on a computer with XPSP2:
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