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-[li]Name: Microsoft .NET Framework
[li]Developer: Microsoft
[li]Platform PC (x86 /x64)
[li]Year: 2013
[li]Version: 4.5 from 18.10.13
[li]Interface language: Multilingual
[li]Tablet: No-[li] requiredSystem requirements:
Windows 7 SP1 (x86/x64)
512 MB RAM-[li]Description:
The latest version of the Microsoft package.NET Framework. This package installs the environment.NET Framework and related files required to run applications created to run in the runtime environment.NET Framework. .NET is a proprietary technology of Microsoft Corporation. Nevertheless, after concluding an agreement with Novell, Mono technology was recognized as an implementation.NET on Unix-like systems (GNU/Linux, Mac OS X). However, the agreement concerns Novell and Novell customers, as well as technology ASP.NET , ADO.NET and Windows.Forms have not been standardized by ECMA/ISO and their use in Mono is under threat of claims from Microsoft (claims are possible only in countries where software patents exist). Mono provides an implementation ASP.NET , ADO.NET and Windows.Forms, but at the same time recommends bypassing these APIs.-

Development environments .NET applications:

Microsoft Visual Studio (C#, Visual Basic .NET, Managed C++),
Borland Developer Studio (Delphi for .NET, C#),
PascalABC.NET etc.
Applications can also be developed in a text editor and use a console compiler.
Similar to Java technology, the development environment.NET creates a bytecode intended for execution by a virtual machine. The input language of this machine is in .NET is called MSIL (Microsoft Intermediate Language), or CIL (Common Intermediate Language, later version), or simply IL. The use of bytecode allows you to get cross-platform at the level of a compiled project (in terms of .NET: assembly), and not only at the source text level, as, for example, in C. Before starting the assembly in the CLR execution environment, the byte code is converted by the built-in JIT compiler (just in time, compilation on the fly) into machine codes of the target processor. It is also possible to compile the assembly into native code for the selected platform using the supplied with .NET Framework Utilities NGen.exe .
It should be noted that one of the first JIT compilers for Java was also developed by Microsoft. Modern dynamic compilation technology allows you to achieve a level of performance similar to traditional "static" compilers (for example, C++), and the question of performance often depends on the quality of a particular compiler.

About the build:

Set .Net FrameWork 4.5.1 Full for Windows 7 SP1
Contains both versions (x86x64). During installation, the system's bit depth is determined automatically and the desired version is installed.
When running without keys, two installation options are offered:
1 Installation with process display
2 Quiet installation *
Additional installation keys: SL NLP NF NR
SL quiet installation *
NLP installation without a language pack
NF installation without updates for .Net FrameWork 3.5.1
NR installation without a final reboot suggestion. In this case, the end message will only be in the installation process indicator, which itself disappears after a few seconds.
All keys are disabling. By default, the installation is performed:
- with process display
- with a language pack
- with a set of updates for .Net FrameWork 3.5.1 [KB958488] [KB2604115] [KB2656356] [KB2729452] [KB2736422] [KB2742599] [KB2756921] [KB2789645] [KB2832414] [KB2833946] [KB2836943-v2] [KB2840631] [KB2844286-v2] [KB2861191] [KB2861698] [KB2863240] [KB2836942**]
* The installation process indicator (in the lower left corner of the screen) is always present, the "native" windows of the are hidden.Net 4.5, its language pack and updates.
** Marked fixes are present only in the set with the plus suffix.
To suppress the BeginPrompt window, you can use the -y or -ai keys. The -ai key additionally performs the actions of the SL key and in this case it is not required to specify it.
Keys can be combined, for example, like this:
NetFx451_Win7_SP1_x86_x64_plus.exe ! NLP NF NR
NetFx451_Win7_SP1_x86_x64_plus.exe -y ! SL NLP NF NR
NetFx451_Win7_SP1_x86_x64_plus.exe -ai ! NLP NF NR
An exclamation mark before the keys, spaces before and after it, as well as spaces between the keys are required. The order of the keys themselves does not matter.
The kit CANNOT be installed on Win XP, because this system is a platform.Net FrameWork 4.5.1 is NOT supported.
The set with the plus suffix includes additional (recommended or deferred) fixes.
After installation, a reboot is required
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