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- -[li]Title: Adobe AIR
[li]Purpose: Software for the network
[li]Developer: Adobe
[li]Year: 2013
[li]Platform: PC
[li]Version: Final
[li]Interface language: Russian / Multilingual
[li]Tablet: Not required--[li]System requirements:
Adobe AIR - (Adobe Integrated Runtime) is a platform-independent environment for launching applications that allows you to use HTML/CSS, Ajax, Adobe Flash and Adobe Flex to transfer web programs to desktop computers.
Adobe AIR includes the ability to create an installation package that can be installed on a user's computer. Applications written using AIR can be run on several platforms for which Adobe or its partners supply a runtime environment, namely: Microsoft Windows NT (XP, Vista, Win7 and 8)--

Additional information:

Adobe AIR now includes support for the mobile version of Stage3D technology, introduced last October for desktop applications and now used in graphically rich projects such as Spaced Away or ApexVJ.
Adobe AIR applications can function without an Internet connection, sending data accumulated during operation at the moment of communication. Today, AIR supports a variety of desktop applications, including video players, enterprise applications, games, and productivity tools.
Take advantage of working in a consistent and flexible visual application development environment for various platforms and devices, such as TVs, smartphones, smartbooks, tablets, netbooks and desktops.
Increase the efficiency of development processes through code reuse and the use of an intuitive visual environment for various platforms.
Create consistent and dynamic interactive applications with multi-screen support.
Convenience of work.
Adobe AIR allows you to work with web applications without using a browser. To run AIR applications on a desktop computer or device, a web browser is not required, so you can take advantage of all the benefits of working with original applications.
Many companies, such as NASDAQ* and AOL*, use Adobe AIR to create spectacular applications to provide services directly on users' desktops.
Easy to install.
Adobe AIR installation is exceptionally simple. You may have already installed it. If not, you will be able to do this automatically when downloading the AIR-based application*. Just allow the installation to run, no additional actions are required. If necessary, you can install Adobe AIR manually.
Observe security measures when working on the Internet. Adobe AIR helps ensure installation security by requesting digital signatures for each AIR application. They will be used to identify the application and its developer before starting the installation.
Advantages of Adobe AIR:
Using AIR, you can easily transfer a ready-made HTML or Flex application to the user's computer.
Applications have access to the file system, clipboard, there is support for multiple windows, drag and drop technology.
Main features:
Launch of hybrid products using the capabilities of a desktop application and a web service.
Access of AIR applications to the file system, clipboard...
Support for the use of multiple windows.
Support for Drag & Drop technology.
Minimal use of computer resources.
Working in the sandbox (sandbox).
Small application size
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