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Name: GoodSync Enterprise
Developer: Siberian Systems
Year: 2013
Platform: PC
Interface language: Ml/ Russian
Tablet: Is present
System requirements:
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Description: GoodSync Enterprise is a universal program for data synchronization between a computer, laptop, USB disk and other devices. Good synchronization will provide fully bidirectional synchronization, which eliminates erasure and data loss. In addition to two-way synchronization, one-way synchronization can be performed for quick backup and/or recovery of old files. Good synchronization also allows you to perform several synchronization actions at once.
Automatic operation mode can synchronize data when files are changed or deleted, when a removable device is connected, when a certain period of time has elapsed, when the user has logged in or logged out, or according to a schedule. Synchronization is performed between any media, both connected directly to the computer, and via the local network and the Internet.

Main Features:

-Bidirectional synchronization, preventing data loss
-Unidirectional synchronization for Backup
-Synchronization of not only Windows folders, but also FTP, WebDAV, SFTP server.
-Synchronization with smartphones and PDAs on the Windows platform
-Selective File Synchronization
-Flexible and simple Synchronization automation

Other features:

-File system monitoring is not required
-Linked synchronization of multiple devices, providing maximum convenience
-Synchronization of file modification time by FTP server
-Broadcast of file modification time for file systems that do not save it
-Simple synchronization of only file modification time
-Real-time monitoring
-Visualization of changes
-Convenience and flexibility of display
-Task tabs that simplify working with multiple Tasks
-Size counters for each level
-Selection dialog to facilitate the selection of synchronized folders
-Determination of the required free space
-Reports on actions and changes
-Job labels on removable disks
-Backup over the network via an encrypted channel.

What's new:

- GS server: fixed missing log entries.
- Automatic Jobs: Parallel Jobs: Allow automatic jobs to run in parallel.
- Automatic tasks: Check that tasks can be started every 3 seconds (there were 10 seconds).
- Program parameters: Add the maximum number of automatic tasks that can be performed in parallel.
- Program parameters: Add an option to change the frequency of checking automatic startup tasks.
- Google Docs + Overview: Leave the user ID editable, then use the browser to log in to Google.
- SSL servers: Improve the handling of SSL contexts, allow multiple SSL contexts.
- SSL: Removed a bunch of revoked/bad certificates from our trusted root repository.
- Servers: Do not allow binary characters (code <32) in the user ID.
- Servers: Improved timeout handling.
- Explorer: The GSE fix does not wait for the drag and drop task to finish when exiting.
- View/Rename/Create Folder dialog box: Remove the start/end spaces from the user record.
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