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Title: Duplicate & Same Files Searcher
Publication type: Free
Purpose: Finding and removing duplicates
Developer: Yuri Malich
Year: September 30, 2010
Platform: OS: Win 2000/XP/Vista/7
Interface language: Supported languages: English, Russian, Japanese, Italian.
Tablet: The Program Is Free
System requirements: OS: Win 2000/XP/Vista/7
Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0
Installation instructions: Off site: http://malich.ru
Page on Softpedia - http://www.softpedia.com/get/System/File-Management...s-Searcher.shtml
Description: I have tried a lot of programs for finding duplicates for my needs, this one is the best in my opinion. :)
The file type (document, picture, etc.) as well as its name do not matter -
a byte-to-byte comparison is used

User-friendly and intuitive interface - all duplicates are issued in groups - there you can tick what to delete and at the same time see the path to each duplicate
It runs on Windows 7, is Free and weighs only 440 KB!
Below the cut is a description from the off site:

Hidden Text

Duplicate & Same Files Searcher (Duplicate Searcher)- this is an application for finding duplicate files and NTFS hard links to the same file. Duplicate & Same Files Searcher searches for duplicate files without paying attention to the file name (byte-to-byte comparison is used), as well as NTFS links to the same file. This application allows you not only to delete duplicate files or move them to another location, as most other programs of this kind do, but also to replace duplicate files with NTFS hard links to the same file on disk (uniquely!).
NTFS hard links are entries in the NTFS file system through which multiple file paths can refer to the same file on disk. NTFS hard links allow multiple files to use the same disk space (the same file). For example, multiple applications may use hard links to the same library version, instead of using separate copies of library files. If several hard links point to the same file, then deleting any of these links will not delete the file and free up disk space until the last hard link to the file is deleted.
* Fast search engine (uses a byte-to-byte comparison algorithm, as well as a mechanism for determining hard links).
* Detailed visualization and grouping of duplicate files, as well as NTFS hard and symbolic links (unique!).
* File fragmentation display (unique!).
* Display of compressed NTFS files in color.
* Manual and filtered selection of files for deleting, moving or replacing files with NTFS hard links.
* Allows you to transfer and delete files.
* Allows you to replace files with hard links (unique!).*
* Allows you to compress files on NTFS disks.
* Allows you to select disks and folders to scan.
* Allows you to set the mask of files to scan.
* + Even more new features in future versions!
* Free.
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