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Title: Adobe Dreamweaver CC
Developer: Adobe
Year: 2013
Platform: PC
Version: 13.1 build 6443
Interface language: Russian / English
Tablet: Present
System requirements:

- Intel Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon 64 processor
- Microsoft Windows 7 or Windows 8
- 1 GB of RAM
- 1 GB of free hard disk space for installation; additional free space required for installation (not installed on removable flash storage devices)
- Monitor resolution 1280 x 1024 with 16-bit graphics card
Description: Adobe Dreamweaver CC is a new version of the program for creating professional websites. Adobe Dreamweaver CC web design software contains an intuitive visual interface for creating and editing websites and mobile applications. Use "rubber layouts" (Fluid Grid Layouts) with cross-platform support to create pages. View layouts in the multi-screen preview panel before publishing.

Advantages of Dreamweaver CC:

CSS Constructor
Intuitive visual editing tools help you create code that conforms to web standards and quickly apply CSS properties such as gradients and border shadows. You will be able to immediately see the applied effects in your design. You no longer need to painfully change the program settings. You no longer need to constantly switch to the code window. You immediately see everything on your screen.
"Rubber" layout
Create web designs and dynamic layouts in visual mode. The improved interface of the "rubber" layout allows you to quickly create design projects that support work on desktop and mobile device screens of different sizes.
Syncing settings
Log in to Creative Cloud from any computer and access your files, settings, and website definitions. Everything you need to work on web projects will always be at hand.
Edge Web Fonts
Create a bright text design. Use the large and ever-expanding Adobe Edge Web Fonts Library based on Adobe Typekit. Add web fonts directly from the Dreamweaver and Edge tools. Add high-precision, vibrant typography, creating pages that will load incredibly fast.
Support for modern platforms
Create projects using HTML, CSS and Java technologies. Develop dynamic pages in PHP. Create code more efficiently using improved code hints and highlighting syntactic constructions with color.
jQuery UI Mini-Apps
No more wasting time on boring buttons and basic icons creation. Just drag and drop the jQuery UI mini-applications you need into the project. Add sliding menus to display collapsible content panels. Update all button states to customize mobile apps and interfaces.
Accelerated workflow organization
The updated Dreamweaver CC interface has become simpler, workflows are more convenient. Context menus make it easy to apply settings, which increases the efficiency of the development process.
Edge Animate CC support
Import compositions from Edge Animate CC to your websites and mobile apps — and this is just one of the many ways to share Dreamweaver CC with other Creative Cloud tools.
CSS3 Transitions
Animate CSS property changes to create custom transitions. Create vibrant and dynamic interfaces. Use the possibilities of precise control over the development of web projects when configuring page elements and creating expressive effects.
Source Code Pro for code presentation
The Adobe Source Code Pro font makes it easier to distinguish between structurally similar characters, for example, "1" and "l" or "0" and "O", when working in code representation.
PhoneGap Build Support
Create and package original apps for Android and iOS. Thanks to the support of the Adobe PhoneGap Build service in Dreamweaver, you will be able to convert existing HTML pages into applications for mobile devices. Before syncing files on devices, test your layouts using emulators.
HTML5 Audio and Video Optimization
Create more vivid projects for desktop and mobile devices using various sounds and videos. Easily add HTML5 audio and video to your websites and apps. The intuitive interface and code hints make the process of inserting multimedia elements faster and more efficient.
jQuery and jQuery Mobile support
Use the familiar Dreamweaver workspace now to create designs for mobile devices. Use the built-in support of jQuery Mobile to create original mobile applications for iOS and Android platforms. Create projects for mobile devices using simple workflows.
Faster insertion of HTML5 elements
Use the improved Insert panel to quickly insert HTML5 tags and common page elements. The panel is divided into separate categories for more convenient selection of the necessary parameters. Now you will be able to find and add items very quickly using the convenient centralized interface of the Insert panel.
Built-in CMS support
Create dynamic, data-driven websites using content management systems such as WordPress, Joomla! and Drupal. Quickly find the code that needs to be updated using the "Dynamically linked files" function. The "Navigation in Interactive View mode" function provides an accurate preview of the pages and applications being created.
Integration with BusinessCatalyst
Connect and edit dynamic websites you create using Adobe Business Catalyst (part of Creative Cloud). Create online stores, blogs, feedback forms and other elements of websites using a server solution with a centralized database and a built-in reporting system.
W3C verification
Check the correctness of the creation of web pages using the online service W3C Markup Validation Service. Improve your websites based on the comments you receive.

List of changes made:

What has been changed by m0nkrus:
- All other language packs have been removed from the original ESD distribution containing Russian and English.
- An update for Adobe Dreamweaver to version 13.1.0 is integrated into the distribution
kit. - An update for Adobe CSXS Extensions to version 4.0.2 is integrated into the distribution kit.
- In the Crack folder inside the image there is a set of tools and detailed instructions that allow you to register Adobe Dreamweaver CC.
- A menu similar to the Box version has been added to the short installer of the ESD version. It is made in the image and likeness of a similar menu for Dreamweaver CS4.

Image size and CRC:

Image size: 389 MB (408,633,344 bytes)
MD5-sum of the image: aeb3b8eb8b00fa4a37b02ef2b5ac2d18
SHA1-sum of the image: ba98f81dd4694addef7e47355ab3d3199778ccb3

Treatment procedure:

Activation instructions:
1. Disconnect from the network. To do this, either disconnect the network cable from the computer, or programmatically terminate the connection. In Windows 7, for example, to programmatically disconnect the connection, find the network connection icon in the system tray next to the clock, click on it, in the pop-up window at the bottom, select "Network and Sharing Management Center", in the window that opens on the left, click on "Change Adapter settings", in the changed right part, select the icon responsible for your Internet connection, right-click on it and select "Disable".
2. Run the Check_Disable.cmd patch as administrator (right-click on the file and select "Run as Administrator" from the drop-down menu).
3. Run the Adobe Dreamweaver CC installation (file autoplay.exe ). In the welcome window, select "Install using a serial number" (Install with a serial number). Accept the license agreement and you will find yourself on the serial number entry page.
4. Run keygen Activation_Keygen.exe will generate with it the key for Adobe Dreamweaver CC, enter it in the appropriate field installer Adobe Dreamweaver CC, and click "Next" (Next).
ATTENTION: Either do not close the keygen window until the completion of the installation and activation, or save somewhere the key - he will still need!
5. After a few seconds, when the installer determines that it cannot connect to the network, and the corresponding check is stopped, an error about the inability to connect to the Internet to check the serial number will be displayed. Click the "Connect Later" (Connect Later) button and continue the installation of Adobe Dreamweaver CC normally, until it ends.
6. Immediately after the end of the product installation procedure, a separate installation of Adobe Application Manager will automatically start. Do not prevent this. Wait for it to finish.
7. Launch the installed Adobe Dreamweaver CC. The Serial number verification window opens. After a few seconds, when the program determines that it cannot connect to the network, the check will be stopped. In the resulting window, among other things, there will be a link "Can't connect to the Internet?" (Having trouble connecting to the internet?). Click on it! In the window that opens, click the "Offline Activation" button" (Offline Activation), and in the next window, click "Generate request code" (Generate Request Code).
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