QIP Infium 2.0.9036 Final (Grey Pack) v1.2 + Portable (2010) PC

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QIP Infium 2.0.9036 Final (Grey Pack) v1.2 + Portable

Year of release: 2010
Kernel Version: 2.0.9036 Final
Build Version: 1.2
Developers: Ilgam Zyulkorneyev,
Sergey Galezdinov (main developer)
Build author: Grey
[Assembly site] [Assembly forum] [VKontakte group]
Platform: Windows
Vista Compatibility: Yes
System requirements: Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Seven
37.5 Mb of free hard disk space
Interface language: Russian + English
Pill: Not needed (Freeware)
This build is designed for both beginners and advanced users who want to get the most opportunities when communicating, due to additional modules (plugins), utilities, emoticons, settings, etc. The main emphasis was placed on ridding the user of routine settings, both the program itself and protocol settings, modules (plugins) and other add-ons. When launching QIP Infium, you already have all accounts configured (it remains only to "enable"; and log in to it), as well as in the options, the settings of each item are optimally and competently selected, and in the "modules" tab, all additional plugins are fully and as detailed as possible! In fact, you only need to log in to the accounts you need and you can immediately start communicating!!! Another distinctive feature of this build is the launch of QIP Infium in [url=http://wiki.qip.ru/Isolated mode]"isolated mode"[/url] via the file "start.exe", i.e. at startup, you do not need to enter data from the account on qip.ru moreover, many users are not even registered there. Therefore, this startup mode not only significantly speeds up the authorization procedure, but also eliminates being tied to an account @qip.ru . And also this mode will be relevant for users who do not have access to QIP servers. For example, this mode of operation is suitable for corporate users who have access only to a specific IM network or only to the company's jabber server. The assembly is fully mobile (Portable), not tied to the registry! You can safely write to a USB flash drive and carry it with you!!!
IMPORTANT!!!! All detailed program settings and plug-in settings are contained in the ready-made profile "USER", which is selected by default and loaded automatically in [url=http://wiki.qip.ru/Isolated mode]isolated mode[/url] via the file "start.exe", read more below in the FAQ section. DO not create your new profile, otherwise you will not be able to fully use all the functionality of the build!!! When creating a new profile, absolutely ALL settings of both the program itself and the plug-in settings are RESET!!! Therefore, we leave everything as it is!

Description and features of QIP Infium:

QIP Infium is a free, closed-source instant messaging program designed to transmit instant messages through public servers running Microsoft Windows operating systems. QIP Infium is the direct successor to QIP 2005. Unlike its predecessor, QIP Infium is a multiprotocol client with support for external modules. At the moment, support for OSCAR (ICQ, AOL), XMPP (Jabber) protocols is implemented, Mail.ru Agent, Yandex Online, IRC and XIMSS (SIP), Twitter, FaceBook, LiveJournal. There is support for SkypeMate USB phones. The operation of voice transmission services is provided by Sipnet. Jabber plugin for QIP Infium is a modified plugin for Miranda IM and is distributed under the GPL license, for which permission was obtained from the authors of the original plugin. The interface is initially Russian/English, but it is possible to add some other languages. QIP Infium will make communication convenient and enjoyable. A lot of new emoticons, avatars in the contact list, Twitter and Facebook, and much more. Now it's enough to launch QIP Infium to communicate with all your friends. ICQ, Mail.ru Agent, I.online, GTalk, SIPNET, LJ Talk and other services - in one program. Do you have multiple contacts of the same person? Combine them into one meta-contact! In QIP Infium you can also call any phone anywhere in the world!
Key features and characteristics of QIP Infium:
* Huge functionality with minimal requirements
* Extensive customization of many elements
* Fast and easy
* Messages from different people in one window (tabs)
· Complete absence of advertising
* Full Unicode support (Unicode)
* A large set of skin installations
* Portable use (the program folder can be stored on a flash drive)
· Notification of new messages on Mail.ru Yandex, Google and other accounts
* The ability to transfer files both directly and via the QIP server
· History Converter
* Contact Manager
* Spam protection
* Language support
* Plugin support
* Support for multiple protocols at the same time
* Ability to make voice calls
· And much much more...

What's new in QIP Infium 2.0.9036 Final:

Among the most significant changes are the new metacontact mechanism, which we have been talking about for a long time and which appeared first in QIP 2010, as well as a new SDK for plugins. In addition, we have added a plugin for sending SMS to the main delivery. The service is provided by Megafon, for which we thank her very much While it is working in test mode in Moscow and the Moscow region, but it should soon work all over Russia. For the plugin to work correctly, an SMS contact is added, if you don't need it, then delete both the plugin and the contact. We really hope that you will like this service and you will actively use it. Suggestions for improving the plugin and the service are only welcome.
Full changelog:
a new mechanism for meta
a plugin to send SMS (only on phones in Moscow and the Moscow region and only for non-Insulated mode)
in skin added 2 new colors to bold online contact and font of the text dedicated strips Protocol
in skin added possibility to set your own font for contacts
a new, simplified profile creation wizard.
new dialogue management command line switches (available from the system menu, select profiles)
button file transfers now display through file.qip.ru transmitted file or directly
collapsible panel with buttons services
support quip processing xmpp links (need to register with the installer that only works @qip.ru uchetku)
highlighting links of the form http://яндекс.рф
redesigned the plugin tab. removing and adding plugins on the fly
updated languages and skins
updated Plugins SDK
significantly revised the history window for the new SDK
entering Unicode characters
incorrect entry of open tabs in the session.tabs
history opening in the history window has been accelerated
restoring a profile from a backup in some cases
, a drop if there was no WebWindow.dll
crash when checking running fullscreen applications in some cases
fixed an error in importing history from QIP2005
removed the functionality of the history archives, replaced with backups
removed the waiting cycle for page loading in WebWindow
drop from the tray in some cases
, lowering the IntegrityLevel of the quip (from High to Medium) when starting after installation with UAC enabled in vista and seven (it is necessary for switching statuses from Windows Start Menu to work correctly)
drop at the start
new version of the server survey about the new version
transfer of an empty meta-contact list
to the server search for a full-screen application for Windows 7
authorization errors in browsers when 0 cookies are received
correct cancellation of file transfer when quip goes offline (only for global status) and when it is completed
temporarily disabled the functionality of calls via Jingle
fix with the reception of offline messages in ICQ
, the registration form for a new ICQ account is hidden (until it works)
takes into account daylight saving time
authorization on Facebook has been corrected


QIP Infium 2.0.9036 Final (Grey Pack) v1.2
• Updated to QIP Infium 2.0.9036 Final version
* IRC Protocol updated to version
• Spell checker plugin "qipspeller" updated to version 4.1
* The online translator plugin "Google Translate" has been updated to version 1.6.4
• The plugin "Smailru" for sending/viewing animated flash cartoons and
smiles according to the MRA protocol (Mail.Ru Agent) updated to version 0.7.6
* Plugin "vk_inform" notifications about new events in the social network
VKontakte updated to version
* Plugin "Qip Music Status" replaced with a more functional "Exmusic 3.07.2810"
* Added a plugin for fast and convenient file upload to your FTP "sftp 0.9"
* Added a module for sending SMS "Smssend" (only for non-isolated mode)
• Removed the plugin "Alarm" due to incompatibility with some versions of Windows
* Added a new skin "Skinfium"
* Added the QIP skin (Grey Edit) from INFy 2, redone on version 9036
• In the settings, the standard Anti-spam question/answer has been changed to a unique author's
* The list of Internet radio stations for the FMtune plugin has been significantly updated and updated
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