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Title: Particle Illusion 3.02 (rus+crack)
Publication Type: License
Purpose: Graphics
Developer: Wondertouch
Year: 2010
Platform: PC
Version: 3.02
Interface language: English + Russifier
Tablet: Crack
System requirements: Win 98/NT 4/2000/XP
1.8 GHz CPU
256 MB RAM
1024x768 64MB video card
with OpenGL support
Installation instructions: Installation:
1. First install the program itself
2. Install update 3.0 -3.0.2
3. We put a crack
4. We put the Russifier
5.We throw special effects libraries into the Emitter Libraries folder
Description: A product for creating effects based on working with particles. With particleIllusion, you can easily recreate smoke, fire, water, sparks...OpenGL technology is used. With the help of this tool, even a novice amateur of video editing can turn the captured video into shots of a Hollywood action movie. For professionals, particleIllusion is an indispensable tool when you need to create an incredible effect in a short time.
Many effects in three-dimensional graphics are created using particles. These are splashes of water, sparklers, and flying fragments of an exploding car. With the help of particle systems, a large number of identical objects are created simultaneously, the behavior of which can be easily controlled. articleIllusion also works with particles, however, unlike professional packages for working with 3D, it already contains calculated algorithms for particle behavior. This explains the speed of the program.
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