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--[li]Name: Safari
[li]Developer: Apple
[li]Year: 2012
[li]Platform: PC
[li]Version: 5.1.7
[li]Interface language: [img] [/img]English
[li]Tablet: Not required
[li]System requirements: [/li]
--[li]Description: [/li]
[li]Safari is the browser of Apple, the most elegant and thoughtful among its peers. The browser differs from its counterparts in that its developers are more concerned with the convenience of browsing the Internet. The interface is designed in such a way that no extra block, button, or even scrolling elements interfere with the review, while it is as fast as Google Chrome.--

Single search string. From here - anywhere:

Now one convenient search field is used to search for words and web addresses. When you enter a web address, Safari opens the desired web page - even if you have not entered the address completely. Safari finds what you need faster and more accurately. This browser is always one step ahead. When you enter a query in the search box, Safari offers the best match — that is, the most accurate result for your query. Safari selects the best match in your bookmarks and browsing history, so the desired page will open instantly.

Tab view mode. A new point of view. MOUNTAIN LION:

In tab view mode, you can immediately view the pages you need. Just spread your fingers to see all the open tabs. To switch between them, simply swipe left or right. And to open a website, tap the desired tab. Thanks to the support of Multi-Touch gestures, working in tab view mode is convenient and exciting.

iCloud tabs. Internet from where you left off:

Websites that you have recently viewed on your Mac are saved in iCloud Tabs, after which they can be opened in Safari on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. You can switch from one device to another and continue reading from where you left off. There is no need to do synchronization for this. Just click the iCloud Tabs button on the Safari toolbar to open the web pages you have recently viewed on any of your devices. For security reasons, information about URLs is encrypted. If you don't want the pages you open on your Mac to be displayed on the rest of your devices, turn on the "Private Access" mode.

Embedded publication. Everything is included:

Now you can send links as soon as you find something interesting on the Web - without leaving Safari. Just click the "Send" button, and then choose the appropriate method. Send links to web pages via Mail and Messages. Post them on Facebook or Twitter. Add comments and links with location data. Just log in to Facebook or Twitter once and your account will be set up in Safari. If you want to send a link to a web page via Mail, Safari will offer four options: send the page in Reader format so that only the text is displayed without unnecessary details; send the entire web page in a message; send the web page as a PDF attachment - or just send the link.

Other new Safari features:

[li]Enhanced Security:Safari takes your personal information seriously. You can enable a new security mode called "Do Not Track". If you select this setting in the Privacy panel, the websites you visit will not track your online activities. In addition, Safari prohibits all websites from tracking your activities if "Private Access" mode is enabled.
[li]Offline Reading List:Now Safari saves the contents of web pages to a Reading List — read whenever you want, even if your computer is not connected to the Internet. If there is a multi-page article in the Reading List, Safari loads all the pages in advance, so you can read the entire article at any time.
[li]Developer Features:Launch the latest next-generation interactive web applications. Safari supports the latest version of the Java standard - version 5.1 of the ECMA 262 standard. With CSS filters, developers can create complex effects with filters and pixels (for example, blurring and applying gradients), adjust brightness, adjust hue, invert colors, or use elements in gray or sepia tones instead of a color image. Thanks to the Web Audio API, developers can create and customize sound effects in interactive web applications with multimedia content. In addition, Safari supports HTML5 media synchronization for web pages that need accurate synchronization of the playback time of several multimedia elements and text - for example, subtitles, titles, descriptions and chapters. Using notifications on websites, developers can inform users about changes on their site. To learn more about the new developer features in Safari, click here.
[li]Improvements for Chinese-speaking users:New features have been added to Safari for Chinese-speaking users. Baidu, China's leading search engine, is now embedded in the search box. In Mountain Lion, the popular Chinese microblogging service Sina Weibo is embedded in the "Send" menu. For users who speak Chinese, just click the "Send" button and select "Sina" to send links directly from Safari.[/li][/li][/li][/li]

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