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Program name: REAPER
Program version: 4.40 Final
The address of the official website: Cockos REAPER
Interface language: English / Russian
Treatment: included
System requirements:
Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8
REAPER - software for creating music, (Rapid Environment for Audio Production, Engineering, and Recording) - DAW (Digital Audio Workstation - Digital Audio Workstation). The program has extensive functionality and is a developed professional working environment for creating, recording and mixing music. At the same time, the distribution has a relatively small size, due to the lack of a large amount of additional content, virtual instruments and samples in the composition and other demo garbage, as well as the desire of the developers themselves to keep a small size for easy downloads and updates.

Additional information:

REAPER has all the workspaces and elements characteristic of such programs, such as a transport panel, a track panel, a mixer, an area for building audio/midi clips, a piano roll, as well as features such as multi-channel audio recording, automation, color markup of the project and others.
At the current stage of development, the program has support for Kernel Streaming, ASIO, DirectSound, WaveOut, Core Audio, Rewire, VST, Audio Units technologies. The program reads MP3, WAV, OGG files, and also records in WAV, FLAC, AIFF, WavPack, OGG, MIDI, and Open Sound Control formats.
REAPER has 64-bit audio processing. It is possible to work with an unlimited number of audio and MIDI tracks. Also, the program allows you to freely use the track for both MIDI processing and audio processing.
The REAPER package already has several built-in effects - ReaComp, ReaDelay, ReaEQ, ReaTune, ReaVocode, ReaVerb. There is also a simple ReaSamplOmatic5000 sampler.
REAPER is able to convert the source material to MP3.
REAPER is positioned by developers as a project, the creation of which focuses more on the quality of the product than on its commercial component, which is confirmed by the relatively low cost of the license and the rich capabilities of the platform. When developing the program, the wishes of the musicians are taken into account first of all.
The program runs on Windows, OS X and Linux (Wine) operating systems.
Many musicians and studios use REAPER in their work, among them, for example, electronic musician and producer Scott Hansen, known under the pseudonym Tycho, the world-famous BBC broadcasting corporation and others.

Features and features of the program:

- 64-bit audio processing.
- Extremely wide and flexible routing functions. The audio signal can be sent in absolutely any order and direction.
- A unique opportunity to apply sidechain even to those plugins that do not support it. (Such functions and capabilities can usually be implemented only in expensive iron studios, and not in digital audio stations.)
- A universal type of tracks. One track can be used both for working with audio and midi clips.
- Unlimited number of audio/midi tracks.
- Midi editing.
- Multi-channel audio recording.
- Full support for midi devices (midi keyboards, synthesizers, etc.)
- Changes in tempo, size in different parts of the same project.
- Automation of parameters.
- Embedding tracks into one, combining them into a group.
- The ability to automatically create a backup project to protect it from damage and loss.
- Built-in sound processing effects.
- The ability to synchronize work with audio editors such as Adobe Audition, Sound Forge, Free Audio Editor, Wavosaur and others.
- Support for plugins VST(i) (Virtual Studio Technology), AU(i), DX(i), as well as native JS.
- Supports WAV, FLAC, AIFF, ACID, APE, MP3, WavePack, OGG audio formats, compatible with Surround files.
- Rewire function.
- Color markup of the project.
- Full SMP support (using multiprocessor architecture).
- Multiple cancellations and refunds of completed actions.
- Markers, regions.
- The ability to create and change themes.

What's new in version 4.40:

[li]change the timing of items using convenient Stretch Markers
[li]can create Stretch Markers via action/mouse map, or via dynamic split window
[li]better Soundtouch output quality near beginning of streams
[li]support for larger time expansion/compression values
[li]updated to elastique 2.28
[li]better overlapped sound when using a mix of click sounds and samples
[li]preserve pitch when using project playrate
[li]fixed memory leak in CoreText drawing introduced in 4.32
[li]improved .ini file performance/reliability
[li]API: added PCM_Source_GetSectionInfo
[li]Copy/paste: fixed paste of FX envelope points
[li]Locking: improved granularity for item locking, fixes
[li]MIDI recording: numerous improvements to overdub/replace recording (double notes, looped items, time selection autopunch)
[li]ReaMote: fixed some issues with high channel counts
[li]ReaSamplomatic5000: improved import media item from arrange to work better with section items
[li]ReaSurround: fixes when using more than 32 channels
[li]ReaTune: configurable detector input including sidechain support
[li]Tab transient: threshold is checked post-take/item gain
[li]Video: preserve rotation setting when duplicating/splitting items
[li]VST: improved bridging behavior with embedded windows
[li]Windows: topmost button tweaks to better work with embedded bridged plug-ins
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