LinmacOS v.3.5 x86 (RAM до 64Gb) (MacOS Theme) 2xDVD (2013) PC

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Title: LinmacOS v.3.5 x86 (RAM up to 64Gb) (macOS Theme) 2xDVD
Purpose: Operating system
Developer: System based on Ubuntu 12.04.2 LTS
Year: 2013
Platform: PC
Interface language: Russian + localization packages Ukrainian, English, French, Spanish, German, Italian
System requirements: 32- or 64-bit Intel, AMD or analog processor with a clock speed of 1.5 GHz, RAM preferably from 1GB, free hard disk space of 17GB
Description: The build is based on the DVD release of Ubuntu 12.04.2 x86 LTS OS, which has 5 years of support, with a focus on Windows OS users who want to adapt quickly and comfortably and switch to free Linux software. All changes in the system were carried out within the framework of LTS support. The system uses a PAE core, which allows you to "see" up to 64GB of system memory (RAM) on the x86 architecture. The level of RAM usage has been optimized - up to 95%, without using SWAP (swap section), graphics settings have been optimized to speed up the system and network settings for correct operation with routers. The OS can be run as LiveDVD (LiveUSB) from a disk (flash drive), without installation on a computer and after familiarizing yourself with it, install the system under Live boot. In case of an iron-system conflict (white, black screen, etc.), you can boot from kernel 3.2 or 3.5 in Live with nomodeset mode. The assembly includes basic programs for home and office. The system is designed in the "apple" style of "Mac" with beautiful Compiza effects. Package updates for Ubuntu and programs are installed on 04/04/2013. There is only free and free software in the assembly.
Testing: wiktor2004
Poster: Leha342

A short list of programs:

1)To work with Windows applications:
- Wine
- PlayOnLinux
- VirtualBox
- Libre Office software package
- Krusader (file manager)
- Adobe Reader 9
- 7zip (without graph. shell)
- Peazip (analog WinRAR)
- Osmo (organizer)
- StarDict (translator) + english-Russian-English dictionaries
- gscan2pdf (OCR)
- ScanTailor
- FBReader (reading e-books)
- ChmSee (viewing .chm)
- CherryTree (notebook)
3)Audio and video:
- SMPlayer (multimedia player)
- QMMP (audio player)
- Tano IP TV Player
- vkaudiosaver
- VLC (multimedia player)
- Audacity (Audio editor)
- Avidemux (video editor)
- OpenShot (video editor)
- Format Junkie (multiconverter)
- Arista Transcoder
- gtkpod iPod Manager
- Kazam -recording from desktop
- Cheese
- Pinta (analog Paint)
- GIMP (graphics editor) + add. scripts
- Inkscape (vector graphics editor)
- Blender (analog 3DMax)
- Phatch - batch photo processor
- Avast!Antivirus 4 for Linux Workstation (antivirus scanner)for collaboration with Windows
"Why Avast?"
- Comodo Antivirus (option - proactive protection and mail filter, self-installation with .deb package)
- UFW Firewall
- TrueCrypt (disk partition encryption)
- R-Linux (recovery of deleted data in ext2/ext3/ext4 file systems) from R-Studio
- TestDisk- (recovery of deleted data in FAT/NTFS/ext2 file systems )
- Multisystem
- K3b (burning discs)
- simpleburn (record discs)
- AcetoneISO (work with images)
- ISO Master (working with images)
- Gparted (partition editor)
- Unetbootin (create bootable USB flash drives)
- USB Creator (create a boot disk-flash drives)
- WinUSB to create a bootable flash drive with Windows
- Firefox
- Google Chrome
- Opera
all browsers (except Tor) with Add Block filter plugins (anti-advertising),
WOT (site reliability indicator),Dr.Web Link Checker (checking downloaded information for viruses)
- Skype
- TeamSpeak3
- qutIM (icq)
- Transmission (torrent client)
- EiskaltDC++
- uGet and Jdownloader (download managers)
- Gnome PPP, KPPP (Dial-up dialers)
- Hamachi
- TeamViewer7 (non-commercial version for Linux)
- X11VNC Server (remote access)
- Remmina (remote desktop access)
- Thunderbird (mail)
- Evolution (mail, similar to Outlook)
- Wammu (mobile phone connection)
- Dropbox
- FileZilla
- MAC Changer (programmatically changing the MAC address of the network card in the OS)
- Google Earth
- Stellarium
9)Laptop programs:
- Prey (”anti-theft" of the laptop, inactive)
- Unison (synchronization of 2 pcs)
- Cuttlefish (rules of action, relationships)
- Jupiter (energy saving)
- Modem Manager (for USB modem)
- Wi-Fi driver installer for Windows on Linux
- CPU frequency controller
10)System programs, design, system cleaning:
- Conky Menu (calling the control menu of the program for system monitoring, by default in
auto-startup is disabled) or Right mouse button-Scripts - Conky Menu.
Instructions for Conky in the Start Settings.It turns on like this
- Ubuntu Tweak (setup, system cleanup)
- BleachBit (system cleanup)
- CompizConfig (system setup)
- Emerald Theme Manager
- dconf Editor (system setup)
- PC hardware temperature and load indicators (disabled by default in startup)
- SysInfo 4 Linux (system and computer information)
- Wallch (Wallpaper changer)
- Docky (Dock taskbar)
- Cairo-Dock 3.2 (Dock taskbar)
- Caffeine (disabling the screen saver)
- Tilda (terminal)
- Synaptic (Package Manager)
- Launchpad
- DeepinSoftware
- gdebi
- Samba
- Boot recovery
- Grub Customizer (creating Grub menu)
- Remastersys (creating OS)
- APTonCD (creating repository)
and other programs in the system.

Read BEFORE installation:

1) The Start Settings folder. On issues of optimizing the operation of laptops with hybrid video (2 video cards), optimization when installing on SSD drives, configuring Conky for your hardware configuration, etc. the issues that your attention is drawn to there.
2) When installing on VirtualBox, do not forget to enable PAE, it is recommended to install the proposed proprietary drivers
3) By default, Wallch, Conky, CPU Frequency Scaling Indicator are disabled in the startup, after installation it is recommended to tick them again.
”Start" Apple- Administration - Automatically launched applications, check the boxes here.


the system has language packs: Russian, Ukrainian, English, Spanish, German, French, Italian.
To change the system language, you need to go through the ”Start" apple - System Parameters - System language. In the language window of the system, "hook" your language with the mouse, it can be inactive (gray) and raise to the very top – the 1st place where it will become active (black).
Click the Apply for the whole system button below. Overload.
The Start menu is only in Russian, for self-localization into the desired language, press the right mouse button on the Apple “Start”, Edit the menu and in the window that opens, change the names of folders and applications at your discretion))
The icons are all here /usr/share/icons

Customized keyboard shortcuts:

Desktop effects are included in CompizConfig:
Ctrl+Win - water effect
Ctrl+Alt+Left mouse button - cube (flipping left mouse button. desktop mice)
Ctrl+Tab and Win+Tab - change windows
F3 - Tilda (open and close)
F2 - standard (open)
Ctrl-Alt-Backspace - restart the desktop" (X-sov)
Alt-Shift - language change

For Windows to see ext2/3/4 partitions:

for Windows to see a neighbor on the HDD" - Linux ext2/ext3/ext4 file system, you need to install a driver in Windows OS Ext2Fsd-0.51.exe (located in the Startup Settings folder)
Password for user: 123 (auto-entry is enabled, no password is requested when the system boots)
Password for root: 12345
Distribution time: from 17 to 22 Moscow time (please support the distribution)

md5 amount

79d7ddbbddb28f2c9198b1dc2cbe096c LinmacOS_v.3.5_k3.2.iso
2dcf7b9518d4ccc2a7c0ea5bd5dc4503 LinmacOS_v.3.5_k3.5.iso

Changes in version 3.5

2 images, differences - the core
1st core 3.2.0-40 (if the computer is 2 years old or more)
2nd core 3.5.0-27 (if the computer is 1 year old or less)
The main changes from version 3.4:
- system update to 12.04.2
- many programs have been updated
- as an AppStore - DeepinSoftware
- added Broadcom drivers
- the issue with blue faces in flashplayer
has been resolved - the launch of R-Linux (library conflict) has been fixed
- the launch of instructions for some programs has been redesigned
- Google Earth resolved the issue with the correctness of font display
- added vkaudiosaver
- adjustment of the design
- Teamviewer 8 was removed (the package was left in the Start settings for installation)
, etc.

OS Menu - Setting up Grub Customizer in case of Windows neighbor

The search for other operating systems can be disabled by default, in this case Windows is not visible in the menu.
Go to Start- Administration - Grub Customizer, in the first tab List you set the order of loading Operating systems, in the second tab, check the Show menu and Search for other operating systems, in the third tab you can put a background image for the Operating system selection menu. Then click Save. Overloaded. In the BIOS, there should be a 1m disk to boot on which Ubuntu-Linmacos is installed, then when reloading, the Grub menu opens - selecting Operating systems - Windows-Ubuntu-... choose ))

If it was not possible to install the system (white, black screen, etc.)

If you have not been able to install the system before, I suggest you boot into nomodeset mode and install the system from Live.
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