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Program name: PureBasic
Year of release: 2013
Platform: PC
Program version: 5.11
Interface language: Rus
Tabletka: not required-
[li]Operating system: Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/Vista/7/8.
[li]Platform / Bit Depth: 32/64-bit-
PureBasic is a fairly simple programming language for which there is a cross-platform IDE and a library of functions. In the current version, you can create applications for platforms: Windows x86, Windows x64, Linux x86, Linux x64, macOS X x86, macOS X x64. The presence of a cross-platform library of functions makes it easy to transfer programs from one platform to another. PureBasic is a universal programming language and it can be used to develop various applications, services, application components, 2D and 3D games, kernel mode drivers (so far only for Windows), etc

Build Features:

This Portable build was created from the PureBasic 5.11 Windows x86 distribution. It leaves no traces of work in the system and can work from removable media, such as an external hard drive or USB flash drive.
Nothing has been cut from the distribution. The most frequently used function libraries have been added.
Several articles on programming have been added to the assembly, which can be found in the "Tutorials" folder.
The source texts (examples) of various programs were also added to the Examples folder. There you can find examples of both simple programs and relatively complex ones. For example, there is an example of a torrent client (you can see it in one of the screenshots), an example of an application component "PB_IO.dll", which together with the drivers embedded in it pbdriverio.sys and pbdriverio_x64.sys (they are also written in PureBasic), allows you to get direct access to computer ports (if someone does not know, direct access to ports is prohibited in NT systems for applications). Also, you will find examples of a simple installer, PDF file creation, PDF file converter, various examples of working with archives (including creating a self-extracting archive), measuring the temperature of the processor, chipset, video card and much more.

List of libraries:

Droopy Library - about 330 different functions.
PBOSL - many different functions.
HID_Lib - work with USB HID devices connected to a computer.
PB_IO - working with computer ports, for example, LPT port.
PureAES - encryption and decryption of data encoded using AES technology. In more detail.
PureCAB - working with CAB archives.
PureLZMA - working with 7z archives.
PureZIP - working with ZIP archives.
UnRAR_Lib - unpacking RAR archives, including password-protected ones.
PureColor - various functions for changing the color of the window and its components.
PureDispHelper - working with COM objects.
PureLPRINT - working with the printer.
PureLVSORT - various sorting functions in the ListIconGadget table.
PurePOP3 - reading e-mail (E-Mail).
PureSMTP - sending mail.
PurePROCS - working with computer processes. For example, you can get a list of processes as in "Windows Task Manager", terminate the process. You can also download an EXE program or DLL library from memory and run it.
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