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Title: ABBYY FineReader Corporate Edition RePack
Developer: ABBY
Platform: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Server 2003/Seven
Year of release: 2010
Interface language: Russian
Medicine: no longer required
ABBYY FineReader 10.0 Corporate Edition is an intelligent optical OCR recognition system that allows you to quickly and accurately translate paper documents, digital photos of documents and PDF files into electronic form. When recognizing ABBYY FineReader completely preserves the design of the document: illustrations, pictures, lists, etc. The results can be corrected in Microsoft Office programs, saved in different formats, sent by email and published on the Internet.
A version for working in a corporate network, ideal for you if you need:
*Effectively build the company's business processes focused on electronic document management;
*Effectively use the company's network resources: scanners and MFPs. Manage hardware loading by setting document processing time;
*Easily install and administer the product;
*Choose the optimal licensing scheme.

ABBYY FineReader 10 Corporate Edition Network Capabilities:

Automatic network installation. All major network installation methods are supported. ABBYY FineReader can be automatically installed from the server to workstations using Active Directory, Microsoft Systems Management Server, as well as from the command line.
Convenient administration tools. Using the license management utility, you can monitor the use of ABBYY FineReader Corporate Edition on workstations on a local network, reserve licenses for certain stations, and add new licenses.
Support for network multifunction devices. A network multifunctional device combining the functions of a scanner, printer, copier and fax machine can be used by all employees of the organization. Using special ABBYY FineReader settings, each employee will be able to make sure that the documents scanned by him are automatically opened and recognized on his workstation.
Automatic processing of documents from the selected folder at the appointed time (Hot Folder & Scheduling). ABBYY FineReader Corporate Edition supports automatic batch processing of images and PDF files. The source files can be sent to a folder on a local disk, on another machine accessible over the network, to an ftp server, or to a mailbox folder. All operations are performed according to the schedule. You can, for example, assign the recognition of all files received during the day to night, when the computer does not perform other tasks.
Automatic processing of documents from the mailbox folder. ABBYY FineReader Corporate Edition supports automatic batch processing of images arriving in the mailbox folder. It has become much more convenient to use network faxes and multifunctional devices for subsequent document editing. Usually all network devices have their own mailing address on the network (their own e-mail), so scanned documents or faxes come to you from these specific recipients as attachments in emails. Set up a network fax or MFP so that these emails with attached files are sent to a specific mailbox folder. Then ABBYY FineReader 10 will recognize faxes and scanned documents at a convenient time for you and save them to any designated folder on your computer.
Collaboration with documents. ABBYY FineReader Corporate Edition makes it possible to effectively organize collective work in a local network. For example, you can scan on one computer, recognize documents on another, and check the results on a third. In addition, it is possible to work together over the network with user languages and dictionaries.
Favorable terms of corporate licensing. Various corporate licensing schemes are provided for ABBYY FineReader Corporate Edition: you can take into account the number of concurrent users, or all computers on which the program is installed. This allows you to choose the optimal configuration taking into account a specific task. Discounts are provided depending on the number of licenses purchased.

The possibilities of using ABBYY FineReader 10

Image acquisition, recognition and export
The ABBYY FineReader 10 intelligent Optical Recognition System (OCR*) fully preserves the design of the document: illustrations, pictures, lists, etc. The results can be edited in Microsoft® Office programs, saved in various formats, sent by e-mail and published on the Internet.
Just scan the text or take a picture of it with a digital camera — the ABBYY FineReader recognition system will do the rest itself. In just a couple of minutes you will be able to edit the document!
*OCR (Optical Character Recognition).
Universality of sources
The ABBYY FineReader 10 Professional Edition recognition system works with all popular models of scanners and multifunction devices, and also correctly recognizes photos of texts taken with a digital camera or a mobile phone camera.
Wide range of input formats
ABBYY FineReader opens files of the following formats TIFF, JPEG, JBIG2, JPEG 2000, DJVU, GIF, BMP, DCX, PCX, PNG, , XPS, DIB, RLE, WDP.
Opening PDF and PDF/A files
ABBYY FineReader 10 Professional Edition opens and translates PDF and PDF/A* files into editable format. The program recognizes any type of PDF files, whether it is a PDF with a text layer or a PDF containing only an image.
When creating a PDF file, you can restrict access to the file, for example, protect it with a password, set a ban on opening the file or extracting text and graphics from it. When opening such files, ABBYY FineReader will ask for a password to ensure copyright protection.
*PDF/A is a promising archive format recommended as a standard (ISO 19005-1:2005) for long-term document storage. Unlike regular PDF, this format has a number of strict limitations.
The PDF/A document will be compatible with any versions of the programs that will be used to open it.
Working with text photos in ABBYY FineReader 10 Professional Edition
ABBYY FineReader recognition system allows you to recognize photos of documents taken with a digital camera or a mobile phone camera (the photographing device must be equipped with a matrix with a resolution of 2 megapixels or higher).
Special algorithms correct distortions typical of the photographed text, including perspective distortion and defects caused by uneven lighting.
Image preprocessing in ABBYY FineReader 10
For more accurate recognition, ABBYY FineReader makes it possible to pre-process low-quality photos of texts. ABBYY FineReader 10 Professional Edition includes features such as eliminating skew and distortion of lines, inverting, rotating or mirroring the image, splitting the image. To process photos taken with a mobile phone, the program provides functions such as correcting trapezoidal distortions, eliminating noise and image blurring.
ABBYY FineReader 10 Professional Edition Analysis and Recognition System
Defining the structure of the document
Thanks to the revolutionary adaptive recognition technology ADRT®2.0 (Adaptive Document Recognition Technology), the program accurately recognizes documents with complex formatting. ABBYY FineReader analyzes the document as a whole, while fully preserving its logical structure: table of contents and hyperlinks, multi-level headers, page numbers, footers and headers, captions to pictures, as well as font styles and headers.
Image Splitting Tools
The program provides the ability to split the image into several parts and save each of them as a separate page. Each of these pages can be processed separately. This feature is especially useful when recognizing book spreads, business cards, and printouts of Microsoft PowerPoint presentations.
Multi-column WYSIWYG editor
ABBYY FineReader's built-in WYSIWYG editor provides the most accurate reproduction of all the details of the document design: text columns, tables and pictures are displayed in the editor window exactly as they were located on the original image. The quality of recognition of the document structure can be checked immediately, without waiting for the document to be exported to Microsoft Word or a web browser.
Support for most world languages
The ABBYY FineReader recognition system detects 186 languages based on Cyrillic, Latin, Greek and Armenian alphabets, as well as languages based on hieroglyphic writing. Spelling check is provided for 39 languages. ABBYY FineReader system successfully recognizes documents combining texts in two or more languages, including documents containing a "mixture" of alphabetic and hieroglyphic languages.
Automatic recognition language detection in ABBYY FineReader 10
Using intelligent algorithms, ABBYY FineReader 10 automatically receives information about the languages in which the document is written and uses it for recognition.
Hyperlink recognition
ABBYY FineReader 10 Professional Edition is able to find links to websites, email addresses, files, ftp servers in the text and reproduce them in output documents.
When recognizing PDF files, in addition to external links, internal links are also restored (to other pages of the same document).
Barcode recognition
ABBYY FineReader supports barcode recognition, including two-dimensional PDF-417, Aztec Code and Data Matrix.
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