Foobar 2000 - Сборка Black Glass v 3.0 Collector's Edition (2009) PC

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Foobar2000 Build Black Glass v 3.0 Collector's Edition

Foobar 2000 is a powerful media player created by one of the WinAmp developers.
Assembling:Black Glass v 3.0 Collector's Edition
Fubar 's version:0.9.5 b6
Main features of the program:

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Support for WAV, AIFF, VOC, AU, SND, Ogg Vorbis, MPC, MP2, MP3 formats,
support via official plugins (in normal and special versions) for MPEG-4 AAC, FLAC, OggFLAC, Monkey's Audio, WavPack, Speex, CDDA, TFMX, SPC, MOD formats.
Unpacking RAR and ZIP archives on the fly.
Low requirements for system resources and efficient work with large playlists.
Support for multiple playlists at the same time.
High sound quality is ensured thanks to high-quality audio decoders and sound processing with 64bit bit depth at all stages, unlike the usual 16 bits in other players. This guarantees the signal quality even after processing by many DSP plug-ins (10-band equalizer, limiter, etc.).
Support for ReplayGain technology, which makes files of different volume levels sound at the same level in this player, while, most importantly, the audio stream itself is not modified (unlike mp3gain and others like it, when a certain deterioration of the audio stream occurs), but only certain tags are added.
Advanced file and tag processing system - built-in masstager, renamer, full file information.
It can copy an audio stream from AudioCD and compress it on the fly into many formats, as well as put tags from, and not only to disks, but also to compressed files. And also with the program installed, Nero can record AudioCD.
The database of audio files, and plugins for working with it - Album List, dbSearch and others.
Full Unicode support under NT systems.
Support for plugins from third-party manufacturers.
The ABX-testing technology —in the special version) - the method of blind testing - allows you to reliably assess the sound quality of various formats.
The ability to customize the appearance of the playlist to your liking using simple scripts and functions.
Support for FreeForm (UI) technology, which is implemented through plugins and completely changes the interface
This assembly is the heir to the once popular Black Glass assembly branch. The assembly is primarily aimed at users with large (and therefore demanding) media libraries.

About the assembly:
as already mentioned, this build is primarily intended for people using a large media library (and in general, just for advanced users of Fubar).
Installation:Download and unpack the archives with the assembly and with the necessary fonts. Place the fonts in ..Windowsfonts and the assembly wherever you want.Launch the player.Go to the "Control Panel" and click "Get info about installed fonts"-make sure that all the necessary fonts are installed.All.Use it for your health.
If your build fell when starting or closing, throwing out an error, do the following:
1.Close the player and erase the file from the "Components" directory foo_uie_wsh_panel.dll
2.Rewrite the default.pui file from the "Emergency" directory to "panelsui".Restart the player-this will solve the problem.
About the main:more precisely about how this assembly helps to put the music library in order.
So where to start?If you have an impressive collection of music at your disposal, then you probably
have faced the problem of structuring it more than once.Problems of correct display and grouping
in a playlist and library are among the most common and unpleasant for a music lover.Therefore, in this assembly, special attention is paid to this.
Let's start in order:you have installed the build and scanned your library, now all you need
is a little enthusiasm.In the "Playlists" panel you will find two buttons: and -the first marks
the tracks selected in the playlist as tracks from collections (Various Artists), the second as singles (i.e. single files not belonging to albums).Set the playlist view to "Path", go through the playlist and mark
corresponding tracks respectively.It won't be hard to do because most likely all your VA and Singles files are already together in certain folders, i.e. it's enough to click on the title of this folder in the playlist and click on the corresponding tag button.After this short procedure, your playlist
will look perfect-no matter in which mode you use it.
Now about the library:switch the media library to the "Filter Panel" (In the "Control Panel"), go through your library using different criteria of the "Filter Panel" and you will most likely find a lot of inconsistencies. For example, if you open the "Genre" tab, you will see two adjacent bookmarks-"Metal" and "Metal" or "Punk" and "Punk Rock".It is clear that this is the same thing, but it is written differently.Just right-click on the wrong (in your opinion) header, select "Properties", and in the appropriate place write
the correct name.This way you will achieve much greater consistency of your library.
If suddenly after unpacking nothing happens even after clicking on the cherished Play button.
Then we do the following:
At the top above the button Play there is a button Preferences, click it and get into the settings there we look for Playback open + select below Output and in the right window select where Output Device, what do you have there, I have Primary Sound Driver.
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