Apple QuickTime Pro v7.71.80.42 Build 1680.42 (2011) PC

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-- --Apple QuickTime Pro-v7.71.80.42 Build 1680.42--Release Date: 2011
Developer: Apple
Interface language: Multi
Table: Present-Architecture: x86
System requirements:
A PC with an Intel or AMD processor with a power of 1 GHz or higher;
At least 512 MB of RAM;
Windows XP (Service Pack 2 or later), Windows Vista or Windows 7;
Note. A more powerful computer will provide better playback.-QuickTime is a powerful multimedia technology with a built-in media player. It allows you to watch videos on the Internet, movie trailers in HD format, personal videos in a variety of formats. And all this is reproduced in excellent quality.-

What is QuickTime?

[li]It is a platform for working with multimedia.
Video from a digital camera or mobile phone. Movie on Mac or PC. A media clip on the website. It doesn't matter what and where you look. QuickTime technology will provide playback.
[li]This is a multifunctional media player.
Simple design and intuitive operation. The QuickTime player will make watching even more enjoyable. The program interface is not cluttered with unnecessary buttons, so nothing prevents you from watching what you want. Would you like to fast-forward the video or watch it slower? A convenient controller allows you to set different playback speeds - from 1/2 of the normal speed to 3 times faster. It is also possible to quickly search for frames.
[li]This is an advanced technology for working with video.
QuickTime uses state-of-the-art video compression technology - H.264. It provides excellent HD video quality, while reducing the load on the data channel and saving disk space. This means that you will be able to enjoy a high-quality picture, no matter what video you watch.
[li]This is a variety of file formats.
QuickTime expands the possibilities of working with digital media. With QuickTime 7 Pro, you can convert files to different formats, as well as record and mount your own video. Various third-party plugins further expand the capabilities of QuickTime, and QuickTime streaming tools will allow you to organize a broadcast over the Internet.

QuickTime Functions

[li]Support for video in H format.264. Watch movies created in this format, which meets the modern technical level and provides exceptional quality even at very low speed of the video stream.
[li]Resizing during playback. Resizing the QuickTime player window during playback does not affect the playback quality.
[li]Zero configuration flow. Now QuickTime automatically detects the optimal Internet connection speed and adjusts it appropriately. If the connection is interrupted during data transfer, QuickTime automatically reconnects to the server.
[li]New improved playback controls. Use the new controls to set the settings that ensure optimal quality when watching videos. You can easily change settings, including the Jog-shuttle controller, playback speed, low and high sound frequencies, and balance.
[li]Floating controls. Pause, play, fast forward and rewind while watching movies in full-screen mode - all this is under your control.
[li]Redesigned content guide. The new QuickTime content guide provides access to the latest information in the world of entertainment on the Internet.

QuickTime Pro Features

[li]Creating H.264 video. Create incredible quality videos at any data transfer rate: from 3G (for portable devices) to HD (high definition video).
[li]Audio recording. Capture audio and easily create podcasts or text accompanying a slideshow.
[li]Create videos for iPhone, iPod and Apple TV. With QuickTime Pro, you can easily convert your existing movie collection or video podcast into a format that allows you to play them on iPhone, iPod and Apple TV.
[li]Creating audio with surround sound. You can become the creator of real masterpieces in the field of multimedia by adding multi-channel audio material to movies. QuickTime automatically mixes audio material to work with each user's speakers.
[li]Simultaneous export of multiple files. You have the ability to export multiple files simultaneously. There is no need to stop playback or edit the movie.
[li]Advanced authoring of films. Editing movies is now much easier thanks to new keyboard shortcuts for placing start and end points. In addition to this, the properties of QuickTime movies have been completely redesigned to provide simpler and more productive authoring.
[li]AAC constant quality mode. In addition to the existing constant bitrate mode, QuickTime 7 Pro allows you to create AAC audio files optimized to maintain consistently high listening quality.
[li]3G stream. Create 3G files for the RTSP stream (Real-time Streaming Protocol), which are supported by portable 3G stream devices and signal delivery technologies.
[li]Automation using VB . Automate the QuickTime workflow by using VB support in QuickTime 7. VB can also be used by developers to obtain the newly developed QuickTime Active X control to create custom multimedia programs.

treatment procedure

[li]Install the program, run it.
[li]Edit " Settings " Registration " Enter data from the keygen.
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