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-- [li]Program version: 10.14.1
[li]Official website: link
[li]Interface language: Russian, English and others
[li]Treatment: included
[li]Type of medicine: ready-made sriynik
[li]System requirements:

With this easy-to-use program, you will be able to edit graphic images quite simply, plus you will get a large number of additional features, perhaps you will like the development. Right away I would like to note this point, the editor is actually quite convenient to use, you will get all the necessary tools to perform various kinds of operations with your images.
For example, PhotoFiltre Studio will allow you to change the parameters of the image brightness, contrast and saturation of course, there is support for gamma correction. Additionally, the user will receive something like a hundred built-in filters, all of which are aimed at processing your snapshot. For example, you can apply the effect of watercolors, puzzles and other others, I think you will learn more about it yourself when working directly. PhotoFiltre Studio puts in a separate panel those filters that you most often use, which is of course convenient, because you don't have to look for the right one among a large number of others every time. Of course, the program allows you to use salts, there are advanced functions responsible for highlighting the desired area.
I liked this moment in the description of the developers , PhotoFiltre Studio turns out to be able to work with filters designed for the older brother of Adobe Photoshop - this way you can connect any number of plugins you need, do not forget to just throw them into the appropriate folder on the hard disk, that is, Plugin. In general, there is nothing to tell me about PhotoFiltre Studio in general, the program actually has a large number of functions, thanks to the built-in Russifier, it will be very easy to work with all the tools, you can immediately figure out what it is about. Images can be added simply by moving them with the mouse to the main window, which is also quite convenient. if there are any comments or just wishes or opinions about the program, do not forget to unsubscribe in the comments, have a nice image editing for everyone!--

Program features:

• Application of various filters
* Using two types of vector selection
* Creating and using layers
• Image cleaning tool
* A tool for automatically applying a transparent gradient
• Red-eye removal function
* Create animated GIF images using the built-in generator
* Integrated PhotOmask module
* Create and export 32x32, 48x48, 64x64 icons
* Integrated browser for viewing images
PhotoFiltre Studio X provides support for the filter of Adobe Photoshop that allows you to connect any number of sets of plugins, arranging them in an external, in relation to the main Plugins directory of the program directory (the path to this directory is specified in the "Settings -> 8BF") and, as necessary to switch them, though this will require restarting the program PhotoFiltre Studio.

New version:

Version 10.14.1 (July 2020)
- Fixed a bug in the font size in XP / DPI> 96
- Fixed a bug in manual selection settings (selection is hidden)
- Fixed a bug in the Line tool (line c)
- Fixed a bug in the text module (rotation parameter)
- Add 1 GB of memory in a 64-bit system (fix 4 GB ntcore)

Repack features:

1. Combined in one distribution package, installing the program or unpacking the portable (portable app format) version
2. Does not require registration (key + patch)
3. Multilingual interface (including Russian)*
4. The ability to install an additional package of plugins - PhotoFiltre Plugins Pack III
5. The ability to pick up and auto-copy user settings files of the program PhotoFiltre.ini and PhotoFiltreDialogs.ini
* There is no language selection setting in the program, it will use the first PLG (language file) found in its folder
- in alphabetical order. When installing or unpacking, you can choose the Russian or English interface.
- If another language is needed, you will need to delete the current PLG in its folder and copy the desired one from the Languages folder.
* "Silent" installation with the keys /SILENT or /VERYSILENT (or the file "Silent Install.cmd")
• For "Quiet" installation of the portable version additional key /PORTABLE=1 (or the file "Unpack Portable.cmd")
Note!!! During installation, you will be prompted to visit the repack author's website. Uncheck the box if desired.
-- --[/li][/li][/li][/li][/li][/li][/li]
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