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Name: Tor Browser Bundle
Publication Type: Portable
Purpose: Package for anonymous Internet surfing
Developer: The Tor Project
Year: 2020
Platform: PC
Version: 9.5.1
Interface language: Russian
Other languages and previous versions: HERE
Tablet: Not required
System Requirements: Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 (32/64- bit)
Installation Instructions: When the file extraction is finished, open the Tor Browser folder from the directory where you saved the files. Double-click on the "Start Tor" application Browser.exe ". The Vidalia window will appear soon. As soon as Tor starts, the Firefox window opens automatically. Only web pages visited using the Firefox browser included in the installation package will pass through Tor. Other web browsers, such as Internet Explorer, will not be affected by Tor. Before visiting any pages, make sure that the browser in the lower right corner says "Tor is enabled". To reduce the risk, do not run the standard Firefox while using the Browser Bundle, and also close all previously opened windows of the standard Firefox browser before starting. When you finish working on the Internet, close all open Firefox windows. For security reasons, the list of web pages you have visited and all cookies will be deleted. Together with the Tor Browser Bundle, Vidalia and Tor will be automatically closed. Remember that Tor anonymizes the source of your traffic and encrypts all traffic inside the Tor network, but it cannot encrypt traffic between the Tor network and the destination address. If you are transmitting valuable information, you should pay as much attention to security issues as when working over a standard Internet connection — use HTTPS or another method of final encryption and authentication.
Description: A package for anonymous Internet surfing by routing and encrypting traffic over a distributed network of servers. Tor Browser Bundle prevents monitoring of the user's Internet connection and obtaining information about which sites are visited, and also hides information about the visitor's physical location from all visited hosts. It includes Tor software and an appropriately configured Firefox browser. The package does not require installation and can be used from any media, including removable (flash drives, etc.).

Tor Project has introduced alternative ways to install its browser in countries with Internet censorship

Facebook has announced several ways to install your browser if the project site has been blocked by the authorities of the country where you currently reside:
"We strive to fight censorship, and if you want to download our browser to bypass it, but our site is blocked [in your country], we have alternatives for you."
The first way is to download Tor Browser & Orbot applications from the repository to Github.
The second way is to send a request to GetTor via e-mail, XMPP or Twitter.
Using it is simple:
Step 1. Send a request to gettor, specifying your operating system (and possibly your language).
Step 2: GetTor will send you a response with links to download Tor Browser from the services supporting the project.
Step 3: Download Tor Browser from one of the providers. Upon completion, check the integrity of the downloaded files.
Step 4: Get multiple bridges if necessary!
At the moment, Tor uses the services of the following services: Github, Dropbox, Google Drive.
At the moment, we advise you to stock up on as complete a list of means of restoring access to information as possible, until the bill banning them has become law and has not begun to be actively enforced.

Working with Tor in Chrome, Firefox, Opera-12 and uTorrent

Installing Tor
First we need to download [url= ]Tor[/url], Vidalia Standalone
Unpack them to any place convenient for you:
[img] [/img]
Starting Start Vidalia.exe
In the settings, specify the path to tor.exe
Select the Run Vidalia item when starting my system
Save and Run Tor
Remove the check mark from Show this window at startup
After all these manipulations, we should get this window:
[img] [/img]
Google Chrome Settings
Install the extension Proxy SwitchySharp
Click on the icon that appears and select Auto Switch Mode
Click again and go to Options
Create a new profile and the rules for it, as indicated in the screenshots:

Click Save
Now when switching to Rutor, tor will be used. But you will go to the other sites as usual, without Tor
In the same way, you can add any other blocked resource.
Mozilla Firefox Settings
Install the extension FoxyProxy
Go to the FoxyProxy settings by clicking on its icon
Click Add and enter the data as shown in the screenshots below:

Click Ok, and in the settings window, select Use a template-based proxy:

Setting Opera 12
Go to Tools -> General Settings
Go to the tab - Advanced -> Network
Select Proxy servers...
Select Socks enter the data specified in the screenshot:
[img] [/img]
Go to the List of exceptions
Add to the list

Setting up uTorrent
Open uTorrent
Go to Settings > Configuration
Select the Connection and specify the proxy settings as shown in the screenshot:

This completes the uTorrent setup.

Installing Tor as a Windows Service

If you want to install Tor as a service in Windows, then you need an Expert Bundle. It can be downloaded from the same page of the official website.
From the downloaded archive ) unzip the Tor folder to the root of the C drive.
To install the service, just run the command:
C:/Tor/tor.exe --service install
You can install the service using various Tor command line options.
We need a configuration file, so create it in the C:Tor directory, this file should have the name torrc:
echo( > C:/Tor/torrc
To check whether the service is started with the settings file (whether it contains errors), you can use this command:
C:/Tor/tor.exe -f "C:Tortorrc"
Now install the Tor service, which will read the settings from the file C:/Tor/torrc:
C:Tor/tor.exe --service install -options -f "C:Tor/torrc"
Remember that options can be specified after the -options flag, otherwise they will be ignored.
To start and stop the service, use the commands:
C:Tor/tor.exe --service start
C:Tor/tor.exe --service stop
To delete a service:
C:Tor/tor.exe --service stop
C:Tor/tor.exe --service remove
Note that you need to stop the service first and then delete it.
By default, the Tor service listens on port 9050, so you can check if it is started by a command that shows if port 9050 is being listened to:
netstat -aon | findstr ":9050"
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