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Title: Parted Magic
Publication Type: Freeware
Purpose: Working with hard disk partitions
Developer: Parted Magic LLC
Year: 2020
Platform: PC
Version: 2020.05.20
Interface language: Multi+
Tablet: Not required
System requirements: PartedMagic requires at least a 586 processor with 1GB of RAM. 512MB in Live mode. Compatible with Secure Boot Windows 8 machines. Runs well on Intel Macs.
Installation instructions: Create a LiveUSB using UNetbootin
Description: Parted Magic is a ready-made solution for working with hard disk partitions based on a bootable LiveCD. The distribution package includes a full-fledged operating system. The latter, in turn, in addition to managing partitions, can also configure the installed system, work with the Internet, as well as perform any operations with data (deletion, recovery, transfer, etc.).
This is one of the best solutions for partition management in a Linux environment, based on GParted source codes, but has several differences for the better. So it has additional features, such as label management, as well as secure data deletion (more details). Third components are available that allow you to fully work with the file systems of Windows operating systems.
The distribution is based on the Linux kernel, as well as Parted, ntfsprogs and ntfs-3g components. In addition, Busybox is used to manage Unix systems, Dropbear SSH client-server, as well as the Firefox browser. The xorg graphics server supports most modern and not-so-modern graphics cards, which allows you to work on almost any system.
* Formatting of internal and external hard drives.
* Move, copy, create, delete, expand and shrink hard disk partitions.
* Clone hard drives to create a full backup.
* Checking hard drives and their diagnostics.
* Checking the memory for bad sectors.
* Benchmark your computer to assess its level of performance.
* Deleting all data on the hard disk, without the possibility of restoring them.
* Gives access to the hard disk when systems are not booting, allows you to save important data.
* It is loaded from CD/USB into memory, then it can work without CD/USB.
* Supports network connections.
Some of the programs included in Parted Magic:
* GParted - section editor
* Partition Image - working with disk images
* TestDisk - recovery of boot records
* fdisk, sfdisk - partition table editors
* dosfstools - creating and verifying the integrity of FAT partitions
* ntfsprogs - working with NTFS partitions
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