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Program version:
Official website: RITLABS
Interface language: Russian, English and others
Treatment: Included / not required
System Requirements:
Windows XP | 7 | 8.1 | 10
The Bat! Voyager is a mobile email client that works with any portable media: flash drives, USB to IDE converters, and so on. The Bat! Voyager is designed to receive and send emails from any computer. The program will save your personal email templates, protect your mail from viruses, worms and other malware. The Bat! Voyager encrypts your email database with a password, that is, it makes your personal data really personal. The Bat! version of the program on a portable carrier - an ideal solution for users working remotely or traveling, helps to stay connected while out of the office. If the portable media is lost or stolen, the non-disclosure of your data is guaranteed. Having lost the "flash drive", you lose only an inexpensive storage medium, because all correspondence is stored in backup files that you make on desktop computers. Restoring data from a backup to a flash drive takes only a few minutes.

The main features of The Bat! Voyager:

Write and send emails from any computer
To search the database of emails at any time
Keep lists of recipients always at hand
Have access to the mail archive at any time
Save your templates;
Protect the mail database and address books with encryption;
Protect your mail from viruses and other malware and much more

What's new:

What's new in The Bat! version 9.1.18 starting from 9.1.6:
[+] On TLS connections The Bat! sends the Signals Cipher Suite (SCSV) cipher suite "TLS_EMPTY_RENEGOTIATION_INFO_SCSV" (described in RFC 5746) to indicate that it is not prone to unsafe revisions (see section 3.3 of the RFC). Some servers terminated the connection immediately when there was no SCSV in TLS "ClientHello" (as described in section 4.3 of the RFC)
[-] The Bat! I tried to change the associations from the settings dialog, even if the user did not change anything in this configuration
[-] The Bat! it did not start if the Windows interface language was set to Korean
[-] (# 0001982) Adding a shortcut to the customizer leads to an access violation error
[-] (# 0001991) The toolbar setting is not saved in the message list window (open email message window)
[-] (# 0001976) Labels on message list tabs don't work
[-] (# 0001996) Hidden Quick Search using custimization allows you to reappear as a field in the email header area
File type associations (default programs) cannot be changed from an application starting with Windows 8 or later. So if The Bat! it works under Windows 8 or Windows 10, the corresponding elements are not displayed on the "Applications" tab. Also, the dialog box for matching file types is no longer displayed when The Bat! begins.
In an ECDSA signature, if the hash function has a longer digest length (in bits) than the field size (which is not good practice), The Bat! I considered these signatures as invalid. This can lead to invalid ECC certificates, for example, signed with the "SHA512ECDSA" algorithm. It can also lead to the following error: "TLS Protocol error: Internal BuildClientKeyExchange error". For more information, see Section 6.4 of FIPS.186-4 "Generation and verification of the ECDSA digital signature": It is recommended that the security level associated with the length of the n bits and the security level of the hash function be the same, unless an agreement has been reached between the participating entities to use a stronger hash function. When the length of the hash function output is greater than the length of bit n, then the leftmost n bits of the hash function output block should be used in any calculation using the hash function output during digital signature generation or verification. A hash function that provides a lower level of security than the security level associated with the length of the n bits should usually not be used, since this will reduce the security level of the digital signature process to a level not exceeding the level provided by the hash function. ,
[+] Command line parameter / TLS_DISABLE_ECDSA to disable cipher suites with Ellipric Curve DSA server certificates
[+] The Bat! The QR code generator now includes an ECI block to indicate that the text is UTF-8 encoded for those texts that cannot be encoded using Kanji or ISO-8859-1 (Latin-1) encoding, such as Greek or Cyrillic characters separated by spaces or Unicode emojis.
Added a menu setting - the user can change the size, signature
Added the ability to change the style of viewing all icons at once in the main windows. You can right-click on the toolbar, select Customize from the pop-up menu, and go to the Options tab to view the available options with large or small icons.
Added the ability to change icons on toolbars (assign different images to toolbar buttons)
Changed the viewing style parameters in the menu settings form of the main window
Replaced menu, button and toolbar components with new ones in the Message Search window
The components of the pop-up menu have been replaced with new ones (from TBX to DevExpress) in the main window, the message search window and the folder view window.
When determining the connection parameters (host, port, encryption type) to an unknown mail server, TLS connection parameters did not take precedence over plain text
[-] The Bat! indeed, it required "key encryption" or "key agreement" in the certificate attribute "key usage" for TLS, even if the certificate was only used to sign ephemeral keys to ensure perfect secrecy of the transfer. If the server supports only TLS cipher suites with perfect forward secrecy, the certificate used by this server may not have an "Encryption Key" or "Key Agreement" in the "Key Usage" attribute.
[-] (# 0001785) Mouse wheel Ctrl + does not zoom in/out in the editor "
Plain Text" and "Windows Editor" [-] (# 0001972) The pop-up menu of the message does not contain the parameter ";
[-] Added display of secondary shortcuts (if the popup window or menu item has two shortcuts)
[-] Fixed the position of the toolbar after loading
[-] Fixed the order of items in pop-up menus
[-] Added the ability to place toolbars to the right of the Main Menu
[-] Fixed removal of custom submenus (tags, colors, etc.)
[-] The Bat! The QR code generator does not support the kanji character set
[-] There is no default mail server configuration data in The Bat. in all versions released after June 9, 2019.
[-] Fixed problems with menu images at 175% DPI

Portable features:

Portable version of the program, works without installation in the system.
Does not require registration (addhaloka patch).
[legend]Quote[/legend]Someone wrote:Does the program ask for a password at startup? - You enter any one and work.
ATTENTION! Crooked-armed Gifted developers for several years do not want to notice a bug in which the program remains hanging in the processes after the creation of the first account. Therefore, after the initial setup and exit from the program, complete the process through the task manager.
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