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-- -- Program version:
Official website: Auslogics Software
Interface language: Russian, English
Treatment: ready serial number
Type of Medicine: (Comss promotion)
System requirements:

Win 10 (32 or 64 bit), Win 8/8.1 (32 or 64 bit), Win 7 (32 or 64 bit), Vista SP2 (32-bit only), XP SP3 (32-bit only)
Hard disk space: 60 MB
Memory: 512 MB
Recommended screen resolution: 1024x700
Auslogics BoostSpeed is a popular set of tools for optimizing and configuring your operating system. With this program, you can significantly optimize the operation of your system, easily configure various Windows settings, clean the hard disk and system registry from garbage and unnecessary entries, defragment disks and registry, as well as optimize the speed of the Internet connection and much more.--

New features:

Easy navigation. The brand new BoostSpeed 6 interface makes it easy to manage the program. All utilities and functions are quickly accessible. The main tasks - disk cleanup, registry error correction, and file defragmentation can be performed with just a few mouse clicks! The program displays the current state of the computer and, if necessary, offers to perform a system check.
File recovery. If you accidentally deleted the desired file, document or photo, use the new BoostSpeed 5 - File Recovery utility. This program recovers any type of files deleted from a hard drive, USB drive or digital camera memory card. Thanks to the file preview function, you can quickly find and restore exactly what you need.
Search for errors on the disk. With this utility, you can check your hard drive for errors in the file system. If an unreadable sector is detected, Disk Doctor restores the data in this sector and transfers it to the newly allocated cluster. Thus, with the help of this program, you can monitor the state of your hard drive, as well as prevent data loss.
Disk overview. Another new utility, Disk Explorer, will help you control the use of disk space on your hard drive. With this program, you will find out which folders, files and file types (videos, music, documents, etc.) take up the most space on your hard drive. A list of "Top-100 files" that displays the largest files on your disk will help you quickly free up disk space.

Basic utilities of Auslogics BoostSpeed:

* Disk Cleaner ("Disk Maintenance" - "Cleaning")
With this function, you can delete unnecessary files, files that slow down the computer. The Disk Cleaner tool scans the system for the presence of file garbage that lies on the disk. File garbage can include: temporary files, files of online chat programs, cache files, temporary media player files, temporary Java files and others. If you don't know which folders to scan, you can select "Mark only safe". This way you won't delete the necessary files for the system.
* Disk Defrag - ("Disk Maintenance" - "Defragmentation")
This tool defragments disks, speeds up the processes of reading, writing to disk, and optimizes the location of system files. As a result, the response time of applications, system loading is reduced, and the overall performance of the PC is increased.
* Disk Doctor - ("Disk maintenance" - "Error detection")
Using this utility included in Auslogics BoostSpeed, you can check the hard disk for errors in the file system. If the utility detects an unreadable sector, it will restore the data that is on this sector, transfer it to the newly allocated cluster. With this utility, you can monitor the state of the hard drive, prevent data loss.
* Duplicate File Finder ("Freeing up disk space" - "Deleting copies")
As a result of routine daily work, many duplicate files accumulate on the computer. It can be both photos and music, documents, various applications (installation files). The utility finds and removes unnecessary duplicates. It is recommended to run Duplicate File Finder first, and then only Disk Defrag, since cleaning the disk from unnecessary files speeds up the defragmentation process.
* Disk Explorer ("Freeing up disk space" - "Disk Overview")
This utility, included in Auslogics BoostSpeed, helps to exercise strict control over the use of disk space on the hard drive. Thanks to Disk Explorer, you can find out which folders, files, and file types take up the most space on your hard drive. You can use the list of "Top-100 files", thanks to which you can simplify and simplify the task of finding the largest files, freeing up space on your hard disk.
* Startup Manager ("Software Control" - "Autorun")
Allows you to manage programs that run with Windows, the utility shows all autorun programs on your system and allows you to disable rarely or almost unused programs.
* Uninstall Manager ("Software Control" - "Installed Software")
This utility allows you to easily uninstall any of the installed programs. There are three functions: "Uninstall" - standard removal of the program using the removal wizard; "Instant removal" - removes the program instantly without running the removal wizard; "Delete from the registry" - deletes program entries from the registry if this program was deleted incorrectly earlier.
* Tweak Manager ("System Setup" - "Parameters")
Allows you to adjust a lot of little-known Windows settings, which will speed up your computer. All settings have a detailed description, which makes their use simple and understandable.
• File Recovery. ("Emergency Recovery" - "File Recovery")
If you accidentally deleted a file, document or photo, then you can safely use the File Recovery utility, which is part of Auslogics BoostSpeed. You will be able to recover any types of files that have been deleted from the media. Using the quick view function, you can select exactly the file that you need to quickly find and restore.
* Rescue Center ("Emergency Recovery" - "Recovery Center")
All changes that were made by the program are saved in the Recovery Center. If you encounter any problems after the program is running, then you can easily undo the "improvements" made, bring the system to its initial state.
* Registry Cleaner - ("Registry Maintenance" - "Cleaning")
Errors in the registry can degrade system performance, cause the computer to freeze. The utility scans the registry, searches for incorrect or outdated data, and corrects errors found. The utility can be used safely, all changes can be easily undone by using the Recovery Center.
* Registry Defrag - ("Registry Maintenance" - "Defragmentation")
Auslogics BoostSpeed also includes a feature designed to defragment the registry, reduce RAM usage. The utility rewrites the registry, eliminates empty spaces, corrects structural defects. As a result, a compact, well-structured registry that uses less PC resources, requires less time to access. You can also read a detailed report on the work done.
* System Information ("System Status" - "Information")
Thanks to this utility, you can access detailed information about your computer, that is, learn about the hardware configuration, view information about the installed operating system, drivers used, programs. You can also generate and save a report in an easy-to-view format.
* Task Manager ("System Status" - "Task Manager")
With the help of this task manager, you can monitor CPU and memory usage. You can also set which of the processes can cause harm to your computer. Task Manager allows you to speed up any process or application by redistributing system resources.
* Services Manager ("System Status" - "Services")
Processes may be running on the computer that you don't know about, never use them. Each service uses memory, processor, and hard disk resources. If you disable unnecessary services, you can significantly improve the performance of your computer.
* File Shredder - ("Privacy" - "Destroy files")
Deleting files and folders in Windows removes links, but not the files themselves. With this utility, you can completely delete information from the hard drive, USB drive so that it cannot be restored. The utility is equipped with four removal algorithms - from fast to ultra-safe.
* Disk Wiper ("Privacy" - "Clean disks")
With this tool, you can erase previously deleted information in the usual way. Disk Wiper allows you to disable the System Recovery service, this is a guarantee that no new copies of files will be created during the erasure process. This utility can also clean up end clusters (slack area) and records in file system tables.
* Track Eraser ("Privacy" - "Clear history")
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