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µTorrent Pro Stable 3.5.5 (Build 45231) Portable by SanLex
Year of release: 2019
Version: 3.5.5 (Build 45231)
Official site address: link
The author of the assembly: by SanLex
Interface language: Russian, English, etc.
Treatment: not required (the installer has already been treated)
System requirements:
Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 32/64-bit- Description:
µTorrent is a fast, convenient and compact torrent client.
The Microtorrent client, today, is one of the most functional solutions for working with the BitTorrent network.
The program combines optimal functionality with a small size. Supports operation independently of the tracker,
allows you to download multiple files at once, has a configurable bandwidth, fast recovery of interrupted downloads and much more.

Program Features:

µTorrent supports parallel downloads;
Rationally uses the channel width and allows you to configure it;
The built-in uTorrent scheduler manages tasks;
µTorrent has the ability to set the priority of traffic and adjust the speed;
It has the functions of quickly stopping and resuming downloads;
µTorrent supports UPnP and NAT-PMP, as well as popular protocol extensions;
It has low RAM consumption and small program size;
Supports reading RSS feeds and downloading torrent announcements;
Interacts with other clients without the need for a primary tracker (DHT);
µTorrent supports protocol encryption;
The uTorrent interface has support for changing themes and the ability to translate into other languages;
Microtorrent has built-in remote control via the HTTP protocol, using the web interface (WebUI);
µTorrent works in all versions of Windows operating systems;
It is also possible to use uTorrent on Linux using Wine.

What's new:

New in the version of µTorrent Pro Stable 3.5.5 Stable (build 45231) (09.05.2019)
There is no information at the time of publication.

Differences from the official version:

µTorrent/apps Game Store (apps) - blocked
µTorrent/dlimagecache (ad cache) - blocked
µTorrent/helper - blocked
µTorrent/share - blocked
µTorrent/updates (updates) - blocked
µTorrent/directories (folders) - the default location of folders for downloading disk D: - can be changed
µTorrent/playback (playback) - by default uTorrent player - can be changed
µTorrent/resume.dat (active torrents) - save the resume.dat file from the previous version of the uTorrent program to be replaced with a new uTorrent program so that your distributions remain as before.
Instructions for creating a uTorrent / BitTorrent style for yourself
With regard to the title "PLAYBACK" in the Torrent program, which annoys some users: manipulation
Attached a folder with files to optimize the file cache:, reduces the priority of caching files when downloading or distributing, thereby preventing excessive consumption of physical memory.
System requirements for file cache optimization:
Microsoft Windows 7/8/8.1/10 32 and 64 bit
The procedure for optimizing the file cache: in order, double tap both files: first 1-utorrent_remove_performance_options when a pop-up window, click (YES, YES),
2-utorrent_set_low_page_priority when a pop-up window appears, click (YES, YES),
after restarting the torrent program, (preferably restart the computer).

For stable operation of the new uTorrent/BitTorrent program, without any glitches/brakes, first use this instruction:

In order to use the new uTorrent/BitTorrent program, you first need to delete the old uTorrent/BitTorrent program, if necessary, leave the resume.dat file - active torrents and save it to a temporary folder, then transfer it to a new torrent program, the same applies to the portable version.
In order to delete a torrent installation type program (setup), go to the START MENU / CONTROL PANEL / click on the PROGRAM icon / click PROGRAMS AND COMPONENTS, find in the BitTorrent section, delete.
After that, go to: %USERPROFILE%AppDataRoaming and delete the BitTorrent folder, if there is one (it will be if the installation type).
After we go to the Registry: Edit (Edit) / Find (Find), enter utorrent / bittorrent, click search, as soon as it finds a trace of utorrent / bittorrent - delete.
Repeat from the second to the third screenshots until a window appears, "NOTHING WAS FOUND".
Added a list of how everything should look approximately, that is, what to delete in the registry:
Registry Editor, (do everything exactly as described)
btapp - will delete
btinstall - delete
btkey - delete
btsearch - delete
btskin - delete
torrent - delete
BitTorrent - delete
Magnet - delete
application/x-bittorrent - delete
application/x-bittorrent-app - delete
application/x-bittorrent-appinst - delete
application/x-bittorrent-key - delete
application/x-bittorrentsearchdeion+xml - delete
application/x-bittorrent-skin - delete
And the rest of the tracks that are named uTorrent/BitTorrent - delete
After restarting the computer and launching a new uTorrent/BitTorrent program, do not forget the instructions for Optimizing the file cache.
In order for torrent downloads to go straight by default from any browser, from one or another torrent tracker, to do this, go to the uTorrent / BitTorrent program: Settings / Program Settings / Integration into Windows / Associate with torrent files, that is, by default - click.
You will do everything as planned, success is 100% guaranteed!
All procedures and manipulations have been tested/verified on Windows 7 Pro. sp1 (x64) original/license.
In no case do we remove anything from this assembly, we use it as it is, otherwise the consequences are inevitable.
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